Nothing like us


10. and when you think it's over


*Sarah's POV* 
I woke up at 11 am , I spent the night rehearsing my role in the school play and skyping with my friends from my old high school , I miss them so much .
I took a shower , ate my breakfast and waited for Nesrine to come over. 
About an hour later she came in with a back full of clothes , she handed it Yo me while saying " I'm sure this will look good on you , go try it on"
- I only feel comfortable when I wear casual clothes 
- why do you like being in the shadow ? Come on wear it for me
I took the clothes out of the bag , there was an amazing short floral pink dress and a white converse , I tried them on 
- see how cool you look , you look like a real lady . Time for the finishing touches .
Nesrine brought a curling iron with her , to be honest I've never had one of those, she curled my hair then added a white leather bow on the back . 
I looked in the mirror and I didn't even recognize myself , clothes can really do wonders , I feel pretty for the first time of my life .
Nesrine : come on let's go , we're running late . I have a program of a life time . 
I hugged her out of joy , someone does really care about me , about my happiness and joy.
I grabbed my bag and went out.
We spent the whole drive to the mall giggling and laughing . When we got out of the taxi people were looking at us and this time it didn't really bother me , I was confident . 

*Rasha's POV* 
Mmm look who's here , the bitch's friend , and who's that girl next to her , she looks pretty , of course not as pretty as I am duuuuh . 
Nesrine and the girl came closer and closer , Omg I can't believe my eyes !! That's Sarah !!! Just forget it she looks ugly .
Where's Wadhah ? He's ruining my plan ugh !

*Sarah's POV*
we got into the mall , this place is so fun and people look so beautiful , guys are smiling at me and people who work in the stores aren't ignoring me , on the contrary they were do friendly . 
Time went by so fast , we've been here for 2 hours , it's about 7 pm now . We got out of the mall and here goes the surprise ..

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