Not Alone

When Sam (Samantha), discovers she's been cursed she's not the only one with these so called "Powers". Her mother sends her to a place called Arendelle where she meets a young girl named Elsa. Soon they find other teenage girl with powers too. But some of them want to use their powers for good and some for evil...
Elsa- Ice ;
Sam- Fire ;
Bree- Air ;
Lightning- Ashley ;
Earth- Charlie ;
Water- Ira ;
Death- Claire


1. Not Alone

       I hack underneath the humidity of the sack rapped around my head. "Let me out!" I cry. 

      "She's woken up ,Queen." a gruff voice speaks aloud. I hear the pad of footsteps start faint and then become more vibrant. "Do you want to see her?" the voice was now beside me and it wasn't guff anymore but effulgent than ever. 

     "Lift it up," I hear the rasp of my mothers voice speak up. With one smooth motion the bright light shown against my face and it went white for a moment and then the luminous castle scenery was once again visible. "Hi honey." my eyes wander to my mother that's now in sight and a smile creeps upon her face. "Are you ok?" she wonders.

    "Yea," I try to find myself again. "Let's see, except the fact that I'm tied to a chair!" I wiggle my wrists showing the evidence of it all. 

    Her smile sinks to a stern look. "Sam, you know why your tried up." she retorts no hesitation or pitch in her voice. 

    "Please," I beg intensely. "just let me go to a place called Arendelle! There's been news around the palace that there is a young girl like me that seem to have sorcery ,as you call it, in their veins!"

    She nods in disapproval, "Sam, this is a curse! Not a blessing!" 

     As much as I wanted to argue with her she was right, I was cursed. One day I'm dancing and they next day I'm shooting fire balls out of my hands. "Please..." a tear trickles down my face and the rest of them just want to spill out after that. Her eyes lingered into my deep now red eyes and she can't help but turn away from such a sight. 

     "Get her to this place she calls Arendelle!" she snaps her fingers and in the blink of an eye three guards heard around me and rush me onto a horse with a rider already amount. 

    "To Arendelle," one of the guards speaks to my rider and with a kick to the horses abdomen we're off through the dusted road.

     We galloped along the winded road when I felt the urge to only have the strength to start a conversation, "What's your name?" 

     "Hans," he speaks. 

    "Where are you from?" I question. 

    "Can we just get this over with?" he turns from the head of the horse to look at me. "I'm not fond of this place." I nod in approval. 

    Arendelle was beautiful and magnificent! I shuffled my way into the castle ,alone, and I was greeted by a princess who's name seemed to be Anna. "I'm looking for the Queen called Elsa..." I mentioned to the Princess. 

    "Come," she beamed and we go to a library in the left side of the palace. The decoration was neat, it was as slick as sheets of ice and as blue. 

    "Elsa?" Anna calls. A girl in a gorgeous blue dress with white hair that was in a french braid that fell to one side peeked from some books. 

    "Yes?" Elsa asks. 

   "You have a very important visitor here to see you." Anna explains. Elsa trudges over to us and examines me then freezes my shackles around my wrists. 

  "Pull." she orders and I do, and when I do the shackles split into millions of pieces. "So, what are you doing here?" Elsa shews Anna away and we are left alone ,not including the billions of books surrounding us. 

  "I came to see if it was true..." I look to her arms that had covered the shackles in ice. 

  "Oh yea?" she smiles and winks. 

   "I also came here because I'm like you." I smile back.

  "What?" this grabs her attention and she rushes over to me and examines my hands. "Do it." 

  I nod and step back not wanting to set her afire. With one thought upon my mind fire lights in my hands and she gasps in moth fear and amusement. She smiled in satisfaction. 

  "I'm not alone!" she screams in glee. 


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