The unexpected

(One shot)


1. 1/1

-hug him- "you know I love you right?"
"Yupp" -he leans chin on her head- "You know you're super short right?"
"Yupp! stop being so tall!" -slumps down to her eyelevel-
"Maybe" -he kisses her-
"what about now?"
-she blushes- "yes,"
"you know your beautiful right?"
-he pushes her hair back- "You always will be to me,"
"I have to tell you something, you might not like it."
"what is it?"

-she looks at the ground and bites her lip before looking him In the eyes again-

"You're going to be a daddy,"

-His breath gets caught in his throat as he smiles brightly-

"Are you 100 percent sure?"

-she nods as he gently picks her up by her waist and spins her around-

"Baby! We're gonna be parent's!"

-she smiles and giggles-

"Now that you say it, I feel old."

And the next few years, will be the best days of both of their lives. spending it happily with two twins- a boy and a girl, living in a beautiful house with another occupant- a fluffy golden brown pomsky named Finn. Upon growing old together, kids leaving to begin their own lives he picks up golfing. And even in old age, she thinks he's pretty sexy.

Together, they nurse their battle scars. Their still in love, from the moment they saw eachother. 

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