He's the one

Davina and Katlyn start a new school. They're not the most perfect girls. Davina is a good girl who pays attention all the time. Katlyn is a rebel, she never does what she's told and always gets detentions. They are really good friends despite the difference in personality. They meet two guys who change their life. Their names are Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson


5. Skipping Class

Katlyns POV

"So..." Cody said whilst we were waiting for Austin.

"So...." I laughed. This is the most awkward situation I have ever been in. Austin walked up to us, breaking the awkwardness.

"Where should we go?" Austin smiled. Damn, cute smile.

"My sister's are out, so how about mine?" I laughed.

"Just your sister?" Austin said.

"Yeah, I just live with my sister."

"How'd you know she's out?" Cody asked.

"She's never home." We walked to my house and surprisingly, my sister wasn't in. My house is pretty big and we have too many cars. Like, we have 3 and I drive one of them. I literally love this house. I wish I could stay here all the time. 

"Whoa, nice house." Cody said, amazed.

"Thanks. If you think this is nice, wait until you see the garden." We walk out to the garden and there sat Zoe, my sister. Fuck.

"Katlyn, is that you?" She yelled from the bottom of the garden.


"And who are these boys?"

"Cody and Austin."

"We're just friends." Austin smiled. I don't think Zoe believes him.

"And what are you doing home from school?" She asks.

"Why would you care?" I say, quickly.

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