He's the one

Davina and Katlyn start a new school. They're not the most perfect girls. Davina is a good girl who pays attention all the time. Katlyn is a rebel, she never does what she's told and always gets detentions. They are really good friends despite the difference in personality. They meet two guys who change their life. Their names are Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson


2. New school. New life.

Katlyn's P.O.V:

New school. Urgh. I hope there's more people like me there than there was at my old school. I was the only rebel. My piercings, my hair and basically my attitude.


"Um, hello. I'm Katlyn Brown. I'm new." I say to the woman at the front desk.

"Oh Hello. Here's your schedule and here's your map. Someone will be here to show you around." She smiles. I've only been here 2 minutes and I already hate her. I turn my head to a girl, stood in a skin tight dress.

"Hi! I'm Davina. I'm your guide for today!" She smiles.

"Hey." I shrug. We walk into the corridor and two guys catch my eye. "Who are they?" I point to them.

"Them?" Davina asks, also pointing to them. I nod. "Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson. The ultimate bad boys." The blonde one looks over at me and checks me out.

"Nice." I say, loud enough for him to hear. "Only been here a few minutes and I'm already being checked out by the school bad boy."

"Who wouldn't?" He says back.


"I mean. You're hardly like any of the girls here. You're different."


"Yeah. And you'd think people would stop staring." I look around and see loads of people staring at us.

"Yeah. If they don't stop, they're getting beaten up." I joke.

"Well, see you around." Blondie says.

"See ya." I laugh. I look at Davina and she has a shocked expression on her face. "What?"

"No-one ever speaks to them. You must be special if he didn't beat you up when you spoke to him."

"Ah, well. So what!" I laugh and walk away, heading to my class. I'm seriously hoping that the bad boys are in my class.



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