He's the one

Davina and Katlyn start a new school. They're not the most perfect girls. Davina is a good girl who pays attention all the time. Katlyn is a rebel, she never does what she's told and always gets detentions. They are really good friends despite the difference in personality. They meet two guys who change their life. Their names are Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson


6. Caught

Katlyn's P.O.V:

"Girl. The teachers are all crazy because you, Austin and Cody aren't at school. Where are you guys?" Davina yells down the phone. I gave her my number just in case she needed me.

"Haha, really? I'm just out with Austin and Cody."

"Hiiiiiiii!" Austin and Cody scream.

"Guys, you need to get back to school now. You'll get a detention!"

"Who gives?" I laugh. Detention doesn't bother me.

"Well, better go. Bye!"

"See ya!"

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