In a world where there is no colour, Marlie, a girl determined to bring colour back to the world, goes on an incredible adventure which will change not only her life, but others too.


11. Scott's p.o.v

The crinkled lady, who I had now learnt her name was Fran, clutched my arm. She whispered in my ear,

"I came here to speak with my daughter!"

I tugged my arm away from her hold, and recoiled. Fran looked at me searchingly,

"Have you seen a small girl?! HAVE YOU?! Don't lie to me!"

"Y....yes why? I asked you the same question earlier!"

Fran's bleak eyes scanned the area, I sat down on the twiggy earth,

"She came yesterday, she stayed in the little hutch...."

Fran echoed,

"The little hutch...."

She kept staring down the rocky lane, and then she stared into me, lost.

"Take me to the hutch!"


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