In a world where there is no colour, Marlie, a girl determined to bring colour back to the world, goes on an incredible adventure which will change not only her life, but others too.


7. Room mates.

Scott started a fire outside the little cabin,

"So long have you lived here?"

I mean come on! Yeah, it was hard trying to spark up a conversation with a boy who doesn't want to talk. But I mean I was bored.

"A year, or two, I lose count anyway, I don't care how long I have been here, I just admire what I've got."

I sighed, we'd spent the whole day in the woods, occasionally ducking behind trees when Fran called and looked by the hutch. I wondered what went on in that blonde head of Scott's, did he just sit here, every day?"

"Why did you leave?"

Scott's Emerald eyes watered,

" Aunt, sh....she would, drink, a lot."

"Yeah, my carer's boyfriend Kyle was drunk a lot too!"

"Well, she would forget about me, stay out really late, and I just couldn't take it anymore, so I ran away!"

He threw another stick into the blazing fire, the flames danced in the reflection of his eyes.

I felt awful, like I was about to be sick.

I stood up, brushing myself off and walked into the cabin.


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