In a world where there is no colour, Marlie, a girl determined to bring colour back to the world, goes on an incredible adventure which will change not only her life, but others too.


3. Home

"Get in you stupid little girl!"


Fran tugged me into Bleak Avenue, the veins on her neck practically popped out of her skin.

"What do you think you were doing?! You should have come when we called you!"

"What if I don't want to?!"

Fran's eyes perked up to the sound of that.

"Then you can live on the street!"

Kyle downed a glass of beer, Fran scathed,

"Marlie Monroe! How dare you!"

She slapped me straight across the cheek, thousands of pins sunk deep into my flesh.

Rob looked surprised, Kyle choked on his beer.

"You piece of scum! Living on the street would suit you!"

"Well maybe I should!"



I slammed the door and walked calmly across the street.

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