In a world where there is no colour, Marlie, a girl determined to bring colour back to the world, goes on an incredible adventure which will change not only her life, but others too.


1. Grey

I stood by the dank statues in the park, the dew covered, frayed lifeless grass tickled my feet.

I'd been sent out again.

Fran, was wicked, she would do anything to get me away from her. Yet she was supposed to be my carer. Her flat mousy hair sat tightly to her temples, brown eyes sullen and thin lips sharp. Poised into a position like she was sucking a lemon. It made me shudder, Fran was horrible.

A torch light flickered in the distance,


I rolled my eyes and sunk down into the grass, staying as quiet as a mouse.

"Marlie! Don't ignore me!"

Judging by the slurring of his words, it was Kyle, Fran's boyfriend. I crouched deeper in the flaky grass.


My breath wavered, Kyle scared me.

"Fine! Sleep out of here, we don't care! None of us care!"

Torch light clicked off.

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