In a world where there is no colour, Marlie, a girl determined to bring colour back to the world, goes on an incredible adventure which will change not only her life, but others too.


8. Fran


I stirred and blinked, it was eight in the morning, I squished my head into the hard ground.


I got up, slowly but surely and unlatched the door.


Fran was searching for me, her flat hair sticking to her head.

She saw me.


She pelted over to me, I scrambled in the other direction.

"Get away from me!"

I shot through the woods, Fran streaming after me.

"Just come home Marlie!"


I panted across the many acres of the twiggy landscape,

I tripped.

My head knocked against a massive tree, Fran's cold hands snatched my arm.

"Get off!"

She smirked, and pulled me up, I grabbed my arm back, and ran for it.

The edge of the cliff was getting closer.

I kicked Fran hard in the leg, she buckled, I was practically crying.


The edge of the cliff.

Fran stuck her leg out, I tripped and fell.

Over the edge of the cliff.

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