Age Is Just A Number

Holly Starr is a 14 year old girl with black hair with red streaks,chocolate brown eyes,and is also emo.She was born with a low self esteem,and also without parents.They gave her up for adoption at the age of two,they didn't want her.She's been adopted twice,once when she was seven,and once when she was ten.But none of them worked out.Nobody wants an emo daughter,she's different from the other kids at the agency.One day an eighteen year old guy named Kellin Quinn comes to the agency,looking for a kid.Holly doesn't think he'll pick more to find out.


4. What Is Love

"Y-You D-Do?"I stutter.

   He looks down at the tile floor and nods his head. A smile slowly spreads on my face and I hug him so tight that he stops breathing. When this happens I loosen my grip.

   Then something hits me. I don't know if I love him back, damn I don't even think I know what love is. I've never had parents, never been in a stable home, never been loved by anybody. So I have no idea.

   Wait a minute. Maybe this is love. I love him because he saw something good in me and took me in when nobody else did. I love him because he's the only one who has ever been nice to me, he's the only one who has ever told me he loves me.

"I love you too," I whisper.

   He looks down and smiles. I'm so much happier here with him, instead of being at that agency and being constantly bullied. I hope this adoption works out and doesn't end like the last ones did. He's such a great guardian.

   I look up and notice his smile has faded, a sense of worry is written all over his face. I have no idea why he would be worried.

"What's wrong?"I ask.

"I hate to break this to you...but you have school tomorrow,"he says with eyes averted.

   I have school! I'm gonna be such a freak, I've never been to a public school in my entire hellish lifetime. The other kids are gonna laugh at me.

   He clearly sees the fright on my face because he pulls me closer and runs his fingers through my hair.

"There's nothing to be afraid of Holly, you'll be fine I promise,"he whispers.

   I hesitantly nod my head and start to bite my nails, a habit of mine when I'm really nervous. I start to dread the next day that is slowly growing closer.

The Following Day...

"You're gonna be late!"I hear Kellin yell from the bottom of the stairs.

   I smooth my top down and run down the stairs, he tosses me my black book bag and I sling it carelessly over my shoulder.

"Do you wanna take the bus or do you want me to drive you?"he asks.

"Drive,"I answer.

   I want to avoid those kids as much as possible. Kellin grabs my wrist and leads me out to the car. Once I have my seatbelt on he starts to drive down the road. I glance down at my outfit, I want to get bullied as less as possible.

   I'm wearing a black Asking Alexandria t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and a pair of black converse boots with white shoe strings. My hair is straightened and hanging loosely over my shoulders, with my bangs hanging in my left eye a little.

   I have on silver eyeshadow, thick black eyeliner, black mascara, a bunch of foundation, and some black lipgloss. 

   I'm snapped out of my trance to see Kellin pulling up to the high school. He pulls over to the curb and slips a folded sheet of paper out of the back pocket of his red skinny jeans. He hands it to my and I unfold it, I then realize it's my class schedule.

"Have a great day,"he smiles.

   He kisses the top of my head and I smile. I jump out of the car and slowly make my way to the school doors. This is it. I bite my nails as I open the school doors.

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