Age Is Just A Number

Holly Starr is a 14 year old girl with black hair with red streaks,chocolate brown eyes,and is also emo.She was born with a low self esteem,and also without parents.They gave her up for adoption at the age of two,they didn't want her.She's been adopted twice,once when she was seven,and once when she was ten.But none of them worked out.Nobody wants an emo daughter,she's different from the other kids at the agency.One day an eighteen year old guy named Kellin Quinn comes to the agency,looking for a kid.Holly doesn't think he'll pick more to find out.


5. Rejected Once More

   I walk into my scheduled first period with a racing heart, I'm gonna be such a fucking freak. I've never been to a public school in my entire lifetime! The teacher who's apparently named Mrs. Renlynn smiles sweetly at me but the other kids have mixed reactions.

   The clearly looking popular people have hateful and disgusted expressions on their faces, the nerds look scared out of their pants, and the other outcasts have their heads lowered and look as if they feel bad for me for some reason.

"Hello students. This is Holly Quinn and she's our newest student," Mrs. Renlynn smiles.

   I give her a bewildered look and she raises her red eyebrows to ask what the problem is.

"My name is Holly Starr," I mumble to the floor.

"Not according to school records, it clearly says Holly Isabelle Quinn," she says while pointing at her computer screen on her desk.

   I suddenly realize why my last name on the school records says Quinn. Kellin must have went to the courthouse and changed it from my douche bag father's last name to his, I get a warm feeling. It feels so nice to have the same last name as a sweet and caring guardian rather than a alcoholic women abusing dead beat father.

"Never mind, you're right," I answer.

   The popular people laugh and the outcasts and nerds just remain quiet. I now figure out why the other outcasts looked like they had sympathy towards me, they knew the popular people were gonna be like this towards me.

"Hey suicidal, where did you get the T-shirt? Death Scary and Beyond?" a brunnette popular girl snarls.

   All the populars laugh their asses off while I stand there totally dazed and hurt. The teacher looks outraged and storms over to the brunnette girls' desk.

"Natalie. Principal's Office. Now." Mrs. Renlynn growls.

   The brunnette named Natalie rolls her blue eyes and slings her pink Tiger print book bag across her shoulder and walks out of the classroom.

   The teacher looks back at me with a sorry look while gesturing to a seat in the middle of the classroom. I walk over to it and sit while she talks about what I guess is Pythagorean Theorem while I sit there with an empty feeling. 

   At the end of first period I grab my things and quickly walk out of the classroom. Desperately praying I'll find Biology fast. Unfortunately I'm too late, because I suddenly turn the corner and see Natalie and three of her other friends standing there, two boys and a girl.

"Hey loser, thanks again for getting me detention," Natalie snarls.

   I stare at her dumbfounded and angry, who the hell does this slut think she is? Queen of America? Last time I checked we ran on a Democracy, and she has no right to talk like she rules the world. Besides, I didn't get her detention, her pink lipgloss coated lips did that for her.

"Get out of my way bitch," I glare.

   Her mouth drops to the floor and she narrows her eyes like a snake zeroing in on it's next victim. Oh lord what did I just get myself into?

"You DID NOT just say that," Natalie growls.

   I try to speed off down the hallway but before I have a chance Natalie's two guy friends have me by my arms while dragging me into a janitor's closet with Natalie and the other girl in tow. When the door is shut and the lights are on Natalie stomps over to me and takes her purple Stiletto heel and jams it on my foot. I wince and grab my foot and in that moment when my defense is down one of the guys pins my shoulders against the wall while the other grins devilishly.

"How bad Nat?" he asks.

"I'd say about as bad as you can," she smirks.

   The boy walks over to me and shoves the other off to the side. He takes his knee and shoves it in my lower stomach. I cry out and he grabs my hair and slams my head against the wall, causing everything to get dizzy. 

   The next five minutes are the most painful I've ever had. I feel the boy and all the others slapping me, kicking me, punching me, scratching me, and pulling my hair. By the time it's all over my mascara is streaking down my face, I'm crying like a baby, and I see blood everywhere.

   The bell rings and they all race out the door and slam it behind them. I look in a mirror and am horrified by what I see.

   My face is covered with black mascara, bruises, bloody scratches, and I have a black eye. My hair is a total mess with clumps of it on the floor, and my clothes have a little bit of blood on them. I hug my knees and cry and I suddenly hear a click of the door knob. I pick up a mop and use the wooden part to defend myself in case they've come back, but instead I see Mrs. Renlynn standing there with a shocked and outraged expression.

"Oh my gosh Holly are you okay?! I knew something bad would happen, I just had a horrible feeling. Your second period teacher called my class and I just had to go looking for you, come with me sweetheart we're calling your guardian," she says.

   She gently grabs me by my shoulder and pulls me to my feet. She leads me to the office and when the other staff members see me they look stunned, I can see why, I look like I was just attacked by a street gang.

   The principal comes out and asks for Kellin's phone number, I tell her and she walks back to her office.

   Ten minutes later I see Kellin walk in the office and I spring out of my seat. I run over to him and cling to him like a small child who just got scared on Halloween. I sob into his shirt while he holds me and runs his fingers through my hair comfortingly.

   He looks madder than hell, I don't know if they told him what happened or not but all I know is that I'm feeling terrified and I need him to hold onto.

"Who the fuck did this?!" He screams at the principal.

"Mr. Quinn we will take care of this. Just take Ms. Quinn home and try to calm her down," she says reassuringly.

"No! I'm either going to pound in every single one of their damn faces or I'm going to call the cops and throw them in jail! Look at her! She looks like she was just attacked by three vicious dogs, she's fourteen and looks like she's about to wet her pants! Something needs to be done!" he shrieks.

   Three office men usher us both out of the building while Kellin screams foul names and threats towards the people that attacked me.

   When we're outside Kellin picks me up and carries me to his car while I sob and cling to his neck. He sets me in the passengers seat and buckles my seatbelt for me while he gets in the drivers side and pulls away from this hellish school.

"I am so sorry baby, everything's gonna be okay I promise," he sighs.

   I nod my head slightly and lean my head against the car window with my eyes lowered, I feel so hopeless. I can't even find my own voice because of how shaken I am, I don't wanna do anything right now except slit my wrists and cry in the bathtub. But Kellin's already took all my blades and has the ones in the kitchen on close watch.

"How about I take you to the mall? I know you're favorite store is Hot Topic so we can blow some cash there if you want," he smiles half heartedly.

   I shrug my shoulders and still keep my eyes lowered. I so wish I could go shopping but I'm too depressed and too ugly looking to go out in public.

"Thanks but no thanks," I sigh.

   He looks hurt for a brief second but suddenly a look of sympathy and sadness covers his face. I want to look him in the eyes but I don't have the strength to turn my head.

"Why not sweetie?" He asks.

"I just look too ugly to be in public. And I just don't have the spirit right now," I mumble.

   He pulls the car over to a curb and I feel his disapproving eyes on me. But I still don't have the will power to look up. He places his fingers on my chin and turns my head to face him.

"Look at me. You are far from ugly and you need to have some fun, don't let them ass holes get to you," he says.

   I nod my head but at the same time still don't agree. So he turns the engine back on and continues driving down the road. I let the silent tears fall while trying to figure out what I did to make those kids want to hurt me.


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