Age Is Just A Number

Holly Starr is a 14 year old girl with black hair with red streaks,chocolate brown eyes,and is also emo.She was born with a low self esteem,and also without parents.They gave her up for adoption at the age of two,they didn't want her.She's been adopted twice,once when she was seven,and once when she was ten.But none of them worked out.Nobody wants an emo daughter,she's different from the other kids at the agency.One day an eighteen year old guy named Kellin Quinn comes to the agency,looking for a kid.Holly doesn't think he'll pick more to find out.


22. Hidden Secrets

"I want her dead Destinee," Katelynn, the mother of Kellin's daughter, grumbles.

I shift uncomfortably in my chair. I've never killed anyone. Yes, I used to work for this girl in faking deaths but that was a long time ago.

It runs in my blood. Kellin thinks that my father died of a heart attack. But what really happened was that he killed the wrong woman's husband.

My father was a professional hitman. He wanted me to join the business, but I was uncomfortable with taking human life. So he had me doing small work. Faking people's deaths.

That's when I met Katelynn. It was a while before my father had passed. He sent her to me. I can still hear his voice in my head. He may have been a monster, but he was my father, and I loved him.

"Destinee. This is Katelynn, the daughter of one of my best friend's. She wants your help," He said, exiting my bedroom and waving the girl inside.

Katelynn had walked inside. Staring at me silently, I shoved the Chemistry books I had been studying to the side and gave her my full attention. She sat down and explained her issue.

There was a boy named Kellin Quinn that she was in love with. But they had a daughter together, and Katelynn absolutely hated children. So she left. She still loves Kellin. But he wouldn't ever leave Copeland behind. She knew that. So she asked for my help.

It was one simple job that changed everything for me. Simple task. Get my uncle to smash into Kellin's car while Copeland was in the backseat, slip a syringe into her arm that would take her into a death-like sleep, then sell the girl to a couple in Canada that wanted a child but the husband had a record and couldn't adopt.

So we rented an ambulance for that day. Me and my two cousins would be the "doctor's". So it happened. My uncle smashed his truck into Kellin's car, as planned, and we rushed up to his car.

We all were disguised. I was wearing a ton of makeup, something I never wear, a black wig, and brown colored contacts. I grabbed the girl and placed her on a stretcher. And overheard one of my cousin's trying to get Kellin into a separate ambulance. But he objected, so I knew I had to slip the girl the syringe now.

We pushed her into the ambulance. And before Kellin arrived, I quickly stuck the syringe in her arm and squeezed. Then Kellin hopped on. He was staring at her, hoping she'd make it. But in only minutes she'd be pulled into a death like sleep for the next twenty four hours.

I stared at him, watching him cry when he thought his daughter was dead. He was beautiful, it was like love at first site. But for now, I had a job to do.

So I took the girl when Kellin left and met up with the couple a few towns over. It was a young couple, in their late twenties. And they loved Copeland at first sight. They quickly paid the five grand and drove back to Canada with her. She would end up waking up there, probably crying for Kellin.

I followed him. For a really long time. Watched him do simple things like go to the grocery store or to work. And when Katelynn announced the day she was finally going to try and seduce Kellin, I was shattered. I turned dark. That night she when she came back she was filled with joy, but the only problem was that Kellin had adopted another daughter. This one was only fourteen.

She wanted me to fake her death. And I was already way ahead of her. But I wouldn't be doing it for her, I'd be doing it for me. I was getting ready to go home but I got a call from my grandfather, the owner of the local hospital.

That hospital is totally corrupt. We use it to fake people's deaths all the time. He told me that Holly was there, she apparently tried to kill herself. And he knew I had a thing for Kellin, that's why he called and told me about it.

I immediately called up my distant cousin Marcus. He's a member of a really notorious gang, and I asked him to fake Holly's death. So they gave her choice in a way. She decided to go with them. Which was a good thing or else they would've had to kidnap and kill her instead.

I told Katelynn about it afterwards, and she started getting ready to go seduce him again, but I stopped her. I told her if she tried it I would tell the authorities what she did to Copeland. That's what made her stay away from him.

It wasn't a chance encounter that I "met" Kellin that day in the cemetery. I planned it. I wanted him. And years later I learned that one of Marcus' fellow gang members, Charlotte, got together with Holly and they fell in love.

Katelynn ended up not giving a shit about Kellin when she met this guy named Drake Stevens. She fell in love with him and they married. But now she's starting to get anxious.

If Holly is smart enough to start uncovering the truth about her parents, then who knows when she might uncover the truth about Kellin's daughter.

"I've never killed anyone," I mumble.

"Do it! She deserves it!" Katelynn shouts.

I shift anxiously. Still totally reluctant. Afterall, I just found out she's my sister. How could I kill anyone especially her?

"No she's doesn't Katelynn...she's my little sister," I mumble nervously.

"Oh really? Well I guess you didn't know that she's whoring herself out to your husband behind your back?" Katelynn smirks mockingly.

I shake my head. Out of all the lies she's told this is the most ridiculous. Kellin wouldn't every hurt me, he loves me.

"Kellin wouldn't do that," I object.

Katelynn whips out her phone. She shoves it in my face and what I see on the screen shatters my heart and world.

It's a ten second video of Kellin and Holly having sex in our bed. It looks like it was shot from a window in our bedroom. Katelynn would've had to climb a tree to shoot it.

"How could he?! How DARE she?!" I shriek out in tears.

"You gonna kill her now?" Katelynn smirks devilishly.

"Oh hell no! More than that! I'm gonna make her suffer!" I scream.

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