Age Is Just A Number

Holly Starr is a 14 year old girl with black hair with red streaks,chocolate brown eyes,and is also emo.She was born with a low self esteem,and also without parents.They gave her up for adoption at the age of two,they didn't want her.She's been adopted twice,once when she was seven,and once when she was ten.But none of them worked out.Nobody wants an emo daughter,she's different from the other kids at the agency.One day an eighteen year old guy named Kellin Quinn comes to the agency,looking for a kid.Holly doesn't think he'll pick more to find out.


20. Best Of Both Worlds

"She's a stubborn one Barb," Officer Callerman grumbles

I love pissing these assholes off. They storm out of the room. I sit there in silence and satisfaction for a moment. But then someone walks in my holding room. Kellin.

He looks almost dead. Hollow eyes, paler skin, like he's sick or something. I sit awkwardly for a moment but Kellin rushes over to me and yanks me up from my chair and into his arms.

"Baby I love you! I can't stand being without you and I'm gonna get you out of this!" He hisses in my ear.

I grasp him tightly, hoping I'm not dreaming. He just called me baby. And said he loves me. How is that possible?

"And I need to do least once," He whispers while grasping my face in his hands.

He kisses me. For the first time ever Kellin is kissing me. I absolutely love it. I wanna touch every inch of him but I'm too shy. He does it for me.

He pushes me on to the table and gets on top of me. He continues to kiss me roughly and grasps my breasts in his hands. I wrap my legs around him, feeling such an intimate need for him. He bites my shoulder and I groan, clawing at his back.

"I want you Kellin!" I scream as he starts tearing off my jeans.

It goes no further than this. I hear a door swing open and someone say "You guys can have sex later not now!". And we pull apart.

Xavier is there. Wearing a cop's uniform...Officer Callerman's. Judging by the bloody knife in his hand I assume he killed him. He grabs both of our arms and drags us as fast as he can out of the Police Station.

The van is there. Everyone is in it. I suddenly realize what I've done. I just made out with Kellin when I have a girlfriend.

I am ashamed that I don't feel any guilt. I want Kellin. But I want Charlotte as well. A cold but alluring thought comes to my mind. I can have them both.

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