Thought he loved me

"I love you. P-please don't leave me"
"I love you too. More than anything. But you don't love me enough"


8. Chapter 8

Charae's POV

"Okay so you know the plan?" I whispered trough the phone

"Yeah, i'll see you later.

"Ok, thanks Ryan"

"No problem gurl"

I hang up and walked downstairs to see Justin and Diana cuddling on the couch in the living room.

"Hey wanna hold a movie night?" I asked while smiling at them, acing like i didn't care. "Yeah sure. I'm calling Ryan maybe he wants to co-.." Justin said as i cut him off. "Don't worry, i already did" i said.  They both looked confused at me while i was making my way upstairs.


Justin's POV

The doorbell rang and quickly opened the door. "Hey Bro" Ryan said as we did our handshake. I was about say something back but got interrupted by a loud screech coming from Charae's room. She ran downstairs and jumped into his arms. "He Ryan!" she screamed while kissing his cheek. "Hey babe, how are you?" He said. Did he really just called her babe? I looked at them and rolled my eyes before walking back to the couch. We we're going to watch Paranormal Activity which means that Charae will get scared and then she will snuggle up against me like she always does.

Charae's POV

I dragged Ryan to the couch and sat on his lap. I looked at him and he winked at me. That's when he started leaving small kisses in my neck. I giggled making Justin to turn his head around to face me. I looked at him and he clenched his jaw before he slowly looked back at the tv.

"Ry i'm scared" i said while placing me head in the crook of his neck. "Don't worry princess. I'll protect you" he said while he held me tighter. I looked at Justin and he looked like he was about to explode. I looked at Ryan and he chuckled as he saw Justin's face.

Justin's POV

The movie was almost done and i tried to concentrate on the last part but i kept hearing groans. I turned around and i wish i didn't. My eyes grew wide as i saw MY girl grinding her butt against Ryan. I was about to say something when Diana spoke. "Okay guys, the movie is over. I think i'm going to bed" she said while walking upstairs. "Yeah i'm going too" he said while standing up while walking to the door.

Charae's POV

I was walking behind Ryan and gave him a quick hug. "Thanks Ryan" i whispered making sure only he heard it. "No problem" he whispered back before walking to his car.

Within seconds Justin lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Justin put me down!" I said while hitting him in the back. He just ignored me and started walking upstairs to my room. He opened the door on threw me on my bed. He walked back to door but locked it this time, causing me to get a little bit scared. He turned around and looked at me with an evil smirk.

He walked over to me while he pulled his shirt over his head, leaving him in his sweats. He got on top of me and pinned my hands above my head.

"What the fuck were you thinking?!" He said while his breath hit my face.

"What do you mean?" I said acting innocent. "Oh don't act stupid. Why were you all over fucking Ryan?!" He spat. "I did the same thing you did to me with Diana" i said while i pushed him off of me. "Well i didn't almost fuck her on the couch!" He yelled. I rolled my eyes and stood up. "Where do you think you're going?!" He said while walking behind me. "I'm just going to brush my teeth. Calm the fuck down" i said while closing the bathroom door in his face.


I walked back to my room and saw Justin sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at the floor. He noticed i came back and he slowly looked up. I walked over to him and sat on his lap while i wrapped my legs around his waist. I stared at him and he looked slightly hurt but angry at the same time. "I'm sorry princess" he said while putting his hands on my hips. "I'm sorry. I went way too far" i said while running my fingers trough his soft hair. He placed his hands on my back to pull me closer before he moved them down to my ass. I looked at him and he had had huge smirk on his face, like always.

I pushed him down playfully and started kissing him slowly. I pulled back and looked at his eyes. They weren't their natural hazel-brown color, they were much darker this time.

He flipped me over and pulled my shirt over my head before he started leaving wet kisses on my stomach. He crawled back to me and kissed me roughly. He grabbed my butt harshly causing me to gasp as he slipped his tongue into my mouth.

He pulled back and we were both catching our breath. "Don't ever do something like that to me again, you understand?" He said while looking at me sternly. I nodded quickly before he attacked my neck. I moaned as he traced his hands down to my thighs and squeezed them a little. "Mine" he growled against my neck as he started leaving love bites. "N-no Justin.

D-don't leave hickeys" i managed to choke out. "I know you don't want me to stop" he said teasing.

Before i could say something back, Diana opened the door. She was about to walk in, when she stopped dead in her tracks as she saw what was going on. Justin quickly got off of me and sat in front of me. "Oh... I uh... Just wanted to say goodnight. Sorry for interrupting" she said before closing the door again.

I looked over at Justin and we both bursted out laughing.

"Okay okay, let's just go to sleep" he chuckled before laying next to me. "Goodnight Justin" i said while i pecked his cheek. "Goodnight babygirl" he said before wrapping his arms around me.

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