Thought he loved me

"I love you. P-please don't leave me"
"I love you too. More than anything. But you don't love me enough"


7. Chapter 6

Charae's POV

"Day 2"

I woke up by hearing cute little snores in my ear. Probably from Diana. Omg i had the best dream last night. I was Justin's girlfriend and we had such a good time. He's was adorable.

I grabbed my phone from my night stand and looked at the time and it was already 12:23 "Time to get out of bed" i said to myself.

I wanted to get out of bed but something was holding me back. "What the..." I looked down and saw two arms wrapped around my waist. My eyes grew wide as i saw the tattoo's. "I-It wasn't a dream. I'M LAYING IN THE ARMS OF JUSTIN FREAKING BIEBER!" I whisper/screamed to myself. 

"Don't leave babygirl" Justin mumbled while snuggling his face in my neck. "Why not?" I giggled before turning around to face him. "Because i wanna cuddle with you." He said in his sexy morning voice, with his eyes still closed. I cupped his face and his eyes immediately flutter open. "Well too bad, i'm going to take a shower" i said before giving him a quick kiss on the lips, while getting out of his grip. I grabbed a towel and walked to the bathroom.

"Get your cute little butt back in bed" He said smirking. "Make me Bieber. And stop staring at my butt!" P

"Can't help it babe" he said while walking over to me. "Justin w-what are you doing?" I said while taking a step back. "Didn't you just say make me?" he said while smirking.

Suddenly i felt the wall hitting my back. Shit, how am i going to get out of this. "Now you can't escape anymore princess" Justin said while leaning in to kiss me. Just when our lips where about to connect, i ran into the bathroom and locked the door. "GOT YOU!" I said while laughing. "You can't stay in there forever" he said. "Yes i can!" I said while striping out of my clothes. I turned the shower on and jumped into the hot water.


I got out of the shower and walked back to my room with my towel wrapped around me. I heard Justin sing as i opened the door carefully, not wanting to interrupt him. "If i could just die in your arms, i wouldn't mind. Cuz every time you touch me i just die in your arms. It feels so right. So baby baby please don't stop girl" He sang while doing stuff on his phone. "Aaaaawwwww"

"What?" He said blushing

"I just love hearing you sing" i said while walking over to him.

"Aww thanks cutie " he said while giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"So what are you doing?"

"Nothing, just scrolling trough twitter"

"You should follow some beliebers" i said while walking over to my closet. 

"Let's start with you, what's your twitter name?" He said while looking at me. "Uh i-i don't have twitter" i said while looking back at my closet.

"Why are you lying to me?" He asked.

"I'm not" i said obviously lying.

"Baby i can tell you're lying" he chuckled.

"I'm. Not. Lying!" I said while grabbing my clothes. "Whatever princess." He said while looking back at his phone.

"Uhm Justin can you..." I said while pointing at the door. "Why?" He smirked. "Because i don't want you to see me naked." I said while throwing a pillow at him. "Okay okay, i'm already going." He said while walking out of my room.

I grabbed my matching black bra and panties and put them on. I walked over to my mirror and looked at myself. "Why would Justin like me? I'm ugly and fat. He can get much better" i said to myself while looking down at my feet. Suddenly i felt hot air against my skin. I turned my head but no one was there. "Weird" As i was about to turn back to the mirror, i saw a shirtless Justin standing right in front of me, causing me to jump a little.

He licked his lips while looking at me from head to toe. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer to him. "You're so goddamn sexy" he whispered while kissing my neck.

Justin's POV

I lifted her up and held her by holding her butt and her legs wrapped around my waist. She grabbed my face and started kissing me slowly. I squeezed her butt a little causing her to giggle in between the kiss.

I walked over to her bed and laid her down gently without breaking the kiss. She pulled away and smiled. "Go get dressed baby girl, i'm going to take a shower alright?" I winked at her. She looked at me and nodded. I looked down and saw her little body underneath me. "You're so beautiful" i said.

I looked back at her and saw her blushing. "I'm not" she said while hiding her face. "Yes you are" i said while removing her hands from her face. I kissed her head and walked to the bathroom.

Charae's POV

I got dressed and did my hair. I walked over to my bed and sat down. Since Justin wasn't done showering, i decided to check my twitter. WHAT!?!

I had like over a thousand notifications. They were all retweets and comments on Justin's post. I clicked on it and a picture appeared. It was a picture of him kissing my cheek while i was  asleep. (Caption): "With one of my biggest beliebers. Love you @CharaeBieber ;)" Aww it was so cute, but the comments weren't. Most of them were hate comments. "Please kill yourself already." "Probably one of Justin's side hoes" "She's literally the ugliest person i have ever seen" While i was reading them i could feel a tear rolling down my cheek. "Babe, i forgot to bring a towel. Can you bring me one?!" He yelled, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Uh... Yeah ofcourse" i said while quickly wiping my tears away. I grabbed a towel and walked to the bathroom. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door before i covered my eyes with my hand. "I'm gonna come in ok?" But before i knew Justin already pulled me inside. "Here you go" i said while i tried to hand him the towel. "Thank you" he said while removing my hand. As i looked at him, his smile turned into a concerned look.

I looked down knowing he probably saw my by now red and puffy eyes

"W-were you crying?" he said while coming closer to me. I just ignored him and looked down. "Look at me baby" he said before putting his hand under my chin. Forcing me to look at him. His face was only a few inches away from mine.

"What's wrong?" He asked while putting a piece of hair behind my ear "Nothing" i said while walking out of the bathroom, leaving him there speechless. I walked to Diana's room and opened the door carefully.

"Girly, are you awake?" I whispered. "Five more minutes" she mumbled. I chuckled and sat on the edge of her bed. "I'm gonna make pancakes, you want some?" I asked. After a few seconds her eyes shot open. "YES PLEASE!" She almost screamed. I chuckled at her reaction. "They'll be ready in 10. See you downstairs" i said while walking out of her room.

Oops, forgot to ask Justin if he wants some too.  "Justin, are you dressed yet?" I asked while slowly opening the door. Nothing "Justin?" I said while walking inside. I froze in my steps as i saw Justin on my phone. Shit i must have left it there unlocked.

"Is this why you were crying?" He said while looking at me sternly. I just ignored him and stood there. He stood up and walked over to me.

"I repeat. Is this why you were crying?" He said while raising an eyebrow.

I nodded while looking down at my feet.

Without any warning he crushed his lips on mine, making me feel all tingly inside. He pulled back and he had a huge grin on his face. "Look princess, we both know that these things aren't true. You're NOT a side hoe and you're definitely NOT ugly" he said causing me to blush. I tiptoed and quickly pecked his lips. "I'm gonna make pancakes. Do you want some too?"

He looked at me with a weird expression on his face. "Of course i want pancakes. What kind of question is that?" He grinned. Out of nowhere Justin picked me up bridal style and started walking downstairs.

Justin's POV

"Justin put me down!" She yelled while hitting my chest with her tiny fists.

"Ow! You're hurting me" i said while fake pouting. "Aww i'm sorry. Do you  want me to kiss it?" She said in a baby voice. I nodded while looking at her with puppy eyes. I chuckled as she left small kisses on my chest before resting her head on it. I walked inside the kitchen and saw Diana already sitting there. She looked at me and her eyes grew wide. Did i mention that i was only wearing sweats.

Charae's POV

I got out of Justin's arms and walked over to Diana who was drooling by now. I stood in front of her and clapped my hands, snapping her out of her thoughts. While i was turning around to look back at Justin i caught him staring... again. "Justin!" I yelled, making him look at me face instead of my butt. "W-what?" He stuttered while shaking his head a bit. "Do you mind putting a shirt on?" I said a little annoyed. "Why? Are you jealous?" He smirked at me while walking over to Diana as he wrapped his arms around her. "No" i said while anger was going through my body. "Oh really?" He said while snuggling his face in her hair. I glared at him before walking to the fridge. "Me jealous. Pff" i said before opening the fridge to grab some orange juice. I turned around and looked at them. Justin caught me staring and he glared back at me and he started kissing Diana's neck. I slammed the fridge door close. Making the both jump a little. I smiled at them and started to make my way upstairs.

Game on Bieber.


Hey guuuuys. Sorry for updating after a year. Love you guys and MERRY CHRISTMAS❤️🎄

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