Thought he loved me

"I love you. P-please don't leave me"
"I love you too. More than anything. But you don't love me enough"


6. Chapter 5

Charae's Pov

I woke up by Diana shaking me.



Diana: How was your date!


Diana: OkayOkay calm down. I'm sorry.... But how was it!!!

Me: It was okay.

Diana: IT WAS OKAY!?!?

Me: Okay it was nice. He's very sweet but i don't think he like... likes me.

Diana: OF COURSE HE LIKES YOU!! He wouldn't ask you on a date if he didn't.

Me: I hope you're right.

I smiled at her and gave her a quick hug.

Me: So what are we going to do today?

Diana: I don't know. Just stay home and do nothing.

Me: We can go to....

Suddenly my phone started to vibrate. I look at my phone and saw a text message.

Me: Guess who texted me?

Diana: Hmm let me think. I don't know. Maybe JUSTIN.

Justin<3: Hey pretty lady. How are you?

Me<3: Good. How are you pretty boy?

Justin<3: I'm fine. So what are you going to do today?

Me<3: I don't know. I think i'm going to sit on the couch all day with Diana, being bored. So what are you going to do today? Probably something really fun.

Justin<3: Yup because i'm going to swim with you and Diana. I'm bringing my friend Ryan with me alright.

Me<3: Yeah sure see you later.

Diana: What did he say?

Me: Do you wanna swim with Justin and Ryan?

Diana: Sounds good.

Me: Okay let's take a shower, and get ready.

As we were done showering, we grabbed our bikini's. I was wearing a white/light green bikini. And Diana was wearing a red bikini. We packed our stuff and went to the swimming pool.


When we arrived we put our stuff down and grabbed some chairs. I was looking for Justin and Ryan until i felt strong arms rapping around me. I turned around and saw Justin smiling at me.

Hey cutie, how are you. He said while he hugged me. I'm good i said while giving him a little kiss on his cheek. I wanna introduce you guys to someone, he said. He grabbed Diana's arm and placed her next to me. A guy appeared behind Justin. That must be Ryan.

Justin: Ryan this is Charae, the girl i've been telling you about. And this is her best friend Diana. We walked over to Ryan and shook his hand. I walked over to Justin. Diana walked over to Ryan and started a conversation with him. "So you told your friends about me" i whispered in his ear. He looked at me and started to blush. Awwwwww i said while giggling. Suddenly he picked me up bridal style and started walking to the pool.


Justin: Nope.


Justin: Like i said. No.


Anything? he said while smirking.

Me: Anything.

Justin: Okay. Be my g-girlfriend for a week. But we can't tell anybody that this was a deal. And if you still want be mine after this. week. Y-you c.....

Me: Than i can be your's like for real.

Justin: Yeah. But you don't have to.

Me: Okay. I'll be your girlfriend for a week. Now can you put me down?

Justin: No. I'm just gonna jump in the water.

Me: BUT YOU S.....

Before i knew it Justin jumped in the water with me in his arms.

He pushed me under water and kissed me softly while pulling me closer to his body. When we went up again i looked mad at him. He had a huge smile on his face.


Justin: What?


Justin: Aww baby. Do you want me to hold you.

Yes i said with a puppy face.

He came over to me and hugged me tight. The feeling of his warm body against mine felt so good.


Diana&Ryan: OK!

I let go of Justin and swam over to Diana.

Diana: So, are you and Justin together.

Me: Actually...... Yes.

WHAT!! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!?! She said shocked.

Me: Because he just asked me to be his girlfriend! Well how's it going between you and Ryan?

Diana: Ok. He's a nice guy.

Justin's POV

Ryan: Soooooooo.

Me: So what?

Ryan: Is she already your girlfriend?

Me: Yeah...

Ryan: What's wrong dude?

Me: It just doesn't feel good to do this.

Ryan: WHAT! Is the big player of Canada in love?!

No! Of course not. It-it's just another girl. I lied.

Ryan: Look you can also give up and admit that you can't keep a girl.

Me: No. I'm gonna proof to you that i'm still the big player of Canada!

Ryan: We will see.

I probably sound like a douche bag right now. But a few weeks ago i made a bet with Ryan. The deal was to make the next One Less lonely girl to fall in love with me, make her my girlfriend, have sex with her and then..... Dump her. I'm not proud of it. I never liked treating girls like this. Except for when i was younger. Back then i would do these things every day. Make girls fall in love with me, have sex with them and then dump them. That's why Ryan calls me the player of Canada. But i'm just sick of it. I can't do this to her.

Justin!! Charae screamed.

What's wrong? Is said while i was swimming over to Charae and Diana.

Charae: Can you proof to Diana that we are together.

Me: S-sure.

She looked at me like she was waiting for me to say something. Instead of that i gave her a passionated kiss. I couldn't stop smiling in between the kiss. As i pulled away. I hugged her from behind and placed my head on her shoulder. I looked at Diana. She had the biggest smile on her face.


Why are you so surprised? Char said while smiling.

Her smile is so damn cute.

Diana: Because i thought that you were lying.

Charae's POV

After swimming for a while i was getting really hungry.

Me: Guys shall we go eat something.

Diana&Justin&Ryan: YES!

We decided to go to my place, watch a movie and order some pizza.

We walked to our cars and drove away. I was sitting with Justin in his car. And Diana was sitting with Ryan in her car. I looked at Justin who was concentrating on the road. He looks so.... Perfect. I could stare at him for hours.

"Why are you staring at me." He said smiling

Me: Because your perfect.

He turned his head and looked at me.

Just then i realized what i said. I felt so stupid.

"You're perfect too." he said while winking at me.

Justin's POV

She's making this hard for me. I'm gonna lose this bet, and i don't even care. She's so damn cute.

When we arrived i saw Diana and Ryan already waiting for us. We stepped out of the car and walked to the front door. Diana opened the door and we all walked to the living room. Diana and Ryan ordered pizza and Char and i picked a movie. We chose Paranormal Activity. Diana and Ryan walked over to us and say on the couch. Just when the movie started the doorbell rang.


Me: I'll get it.

Charae: Oh wait. I'm gonna get some money.

Me: Nono i'll pay.

Charae: Jay you don't have to....

"Please let me pay." I said with a puppy face.

"Ugh ok but next time i'm paying" She said while walking back to the couch. I opened the door and paid the deliverer.

I took four plates out and walked back to the couch.


After we were done eating, I was cuddling on the couch with my girl.... I mean Charae. Ever time when something scary popped up, she would snuggle her face into my chest. I wrapped my arm around her and gave her a kiss on her for head. "Don't be scared baby girl" I whispered in her ear. She looked at me and said "As long as i'm with you... I'm not going to be scared" She smiled at me and gave me a kiss, before she turned her head back. Suddenly i felt really bad. I forgot that this was still a bet. I can't do this to her.

And maybe i'm actually falling for her.

"Is it ok if i.... sleep here tonight" i whispered. She looked at me, kind of shocked.

Char: You, want to sleep, here? Are you sure?

Me: If you don't want to, that's ok. I understand if this is going too fast for you.

Char: Nono of course you can stay.


When the movie was done we all went to sleep and Ryan went home.

Goodnight Bieber have fun! He said before closing the frontdoor.

"I don't want you to feel uncomfortable. So, i'm guessing i'm going to sleep on the couch" i said. "Ok. Well goodnight" she said before kissing me on the cheek and walking back upstairs. I laid on the couch and slowly drifted to sleep.



I woke up by someone screaming really loud. I stood up, ran upstairs and walked into Charae's room. She was sitting on her bed crying. I walked over to her and sat next to her.

"Baby what's wrong?" I said while wiping her tears away with my thumb. "I-i-i was dreaming about s-someone who was trying to r-r-rape me. And when i l-looked at the person it was....."

"Who was it baby?" I said

"It was...... Y-You" she said scared

I looked at her. And she looked like she was about to cry again. When i saw a tear rolling down her cheek i quickly hugged her.

"Baby please don't cry. I would never do something like that to you" i said while rubbing her back with my hand. She wrapped her arms around me and cried into my chest.

I let her go and lifted her chin up so she was looking at me. I looked at her eyes and they were all red and puffy

"Look baby girl, you know that i would never hurt you like that. And i don't want you to think about it anymore. I want you to take some rest and go back to sleep again ok?" She looked at me and nodded. I gave her a kiss on her for head and started to walk back to the living room. I was about to open the door until she said.

"WAIT! Please stay with me."

"Are you sure you want me stay?" I said

"I feel safer when i'm with you" she said while smiling weekly.

I walked back to her and laid next to her. I looked at her and started playing with her hair. She was just smiling at me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pushed her closer to me. I leaned my head against hers and looked at her eyes. They were still kind of red. She placed her hand on my cheek and said "I Love You Justin"

"I Love You too baby girl" i said.

I came closer to her and kissed her slowly. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me as close as possible. I could feel her breathing heavily in between the kiss. She was running her hand trough my hair and pulled it a bit causing me to groan. I made my way down and started to leave small kisses in her neck. When i heard her moan i knew that i was at her sweet spot. I started to suck on it and leave some hickeys. She started to moan louder and louder. God she was turning me on. Ugh i couldn't take it anymore. I flipped her over so i was laying on top of her, and started to kiss the living shit out of her. (*=kiss)

Justin*I think we*need to*Stop

"What, why? Didn't you like it?" I said looking down.

"Of course i did. I just don't want..... my moans to wake Diana up" she said blushing. "Aww don't blush baby, i think your moans are really sexy" i said while winking at her. "Can i get one last kiss" i said with a puppy face

She smiled at me and gave me one more kiss before she fell asleep in my arms.

"I love you baby girl." I said before falling asleep next to her.

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