Thought he loved me

"I love you. P-please don't leave me"
"I love you too. More than anything. But you don't love me enough"


5. Chapter 5

Justin's POV


I woke up with a happy feeling. I was thinking to take Charae on a date.


Justin<3: Good morning beauty.

Charae<3: Hihi good morning Justin.

Justin<3: I was thinking... Do you want to go on a date with me? If you don't want to it's okay. I totally understand.

I was nervous for her reaction. What if she says no.

Charae<3: Yeah of course. I would love to. When and where?

Justin<3: Are you serious?! I mean do you want to go out  tonight? I'll pick you up.

Charae<3: Okay but where are we going?

Justin<3: That's a suprise, just wear something you like.

Charae<3: Okay see you later.

Justin<3: See you later ;)

Charae's POV

Since it already was 10:00AM i stood up from my bed, and walked to the living room. As walked to the kitchen i saw Diana already sitting on the couch. I grabbed some cereals and asked if she wanted some too.

Me: You want some cereals Diana!!!

Diana: Yeah!!!

As i sat down next to her, we were watching Tv and eating our cereals. When i was done eating i walked upstairs to take a shower. As soon as i stepped in the shower i could feel the warm water slide down my body. When i was done showering, i wrapped a towel around me and walked to my room.

I was looking in my closet for something to wear for tonight. After a few minutes i finally found something. I was wearing a white crop top and skinny jeans. I was watching ridiculousness with Diana until the doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw flashes everywhere, then Justin ran inside.

Justin: Hey Cha...

Me: W-what's wrong?

Justin: Nothing i'm just admiring my view.

My cheeks were turning like 'really really' red.

Justin: Aww your blushing.

No i'm not i said playfully hitting him.

Me: But can you please tell me where we're going.

No 'babe'. He said the last part whispering.

Me: What did you just call me?

Justin: N-nothing....  Okay are you ready

Me: Yeah sure.

Oh hey Justin. I didn't knew you would come over. Diana said while looking shocked at me.

Justin: Hey Diana. How are you?

Diana: I'm fine and you?

Justin: I'm great. Thanks for asking

Diana: So.... What are you guys going to do?

Me: Well we are...

Justin: Were having a date.

Diana: Oh. Well then i won't bother you anymore. I hope you'll have fun.

Justin&Me: Thanks Diana.

We walked to door. Justin opened it and everywhere where i looked i saw camera flashes. There they were, the freaking paparazzi. They were asking weird ass questions.



Paparazzi 1: IS SHE PREGNANT?!?!?!

Justin: That's none of your damn business!!!

We walked past all of them to get in the car. We were driving somewhere but i didn't know where we were.

Me: Justin where are we?

Justin: Shh babe. You will see when we are there.

The whole ride it was quit. But for some reason i knew where we were going. The Movies. When we arrived everyone was looking at us. Justin didn't said wich movie we were going to watch but i bet it was a romantic one. We bought some popcorn, candy and drinks. When we were sitting in our seats i saw wich movie we were going to watch. 'The Fault In Our Stars'. In the middle of the movie i laid my head on his shoulder. It felt like i know this boy whole my life. I was watching the movie but it felt like someone was looking at me all the time. I turned my head and there was a boy smirking at me. He looked familiar to me, but i don't know from what i should know him. After a while i needed to pee really bad. So i stood up.

Justin: Hey, where are you going?

Me: I'm just going to the bathroom. Be back in a sec.

Justin: Ok.

I walked to the bathroom, but suddenly i heard footsteps behind me. As soon as i turned around someone pushed me roughly againt the wall

Hey baby missed me? He said kissing my neck.


Whats wrong? Don't you like me anymore he said grabbing my butt.


I pushed him away and ran to Justin.

Justin: Your fast.

Yeah i said a little bit sad knowing that he will come back.

Justin: Hey. What's wrong? 

Me: There's nothing. Don't worry about me.

Justin: You sure? You know you can tell me everything right.

Me: It's okay Justin there's nothing.

When the movie was done we walked out of the cinema. And there he was. Dean (Diana's ex). I held Justin's hand and we walked out if the cinema.

Justin's POV

After the movie we walked out of the cinema. Charae held my hand, but really tight. As if there was something she was afraid of. She was also acting a little bit weird. Anyways after the movie i was going to take her to a restaurant i know. When we arrived there were paparazzi everywhere of course. We walked in and asked where our table was. As we sat we ordered. We ordered some spaghetti.

Me: So do you live by yourself?

Charae: Yeah. Well not really, Diana lives with me. But she's mostly at her own home. 

Me: So... Do you got other family here?

As i asked her that question she looked down. I saw a tear rolling down her cheek. She quickly wipes it away.

Charae: Um... m-my mother past away about two years ago and my father...Uhm c-can we please talk about something else.

Me: Yeah of course... I'm sorry Charae.

Charae: It's okay it's just that..  i really miss her. But i got Diana and some other friend and now i got you to.

When she said that, there was creeping a smile on my face. I liked being with her. When we were finished eating i brought her home. While we were on our way to her house we were listening to the radio one of my songs came on. Confident. I started singing along with the song. She was just smiling at me, but suddenly she sang with me. She sounded actually pretty good. 

"Then she started dancing, sexual romancing. Nasty but she's fancy, lipstick on my satin sheets." While i was singing this part i looked at her, and her whole face turned red. I thought it was kind of cute.

After a few minutes we arrived at her place. I was getting out the car and walked over to her side to open her door. We walked to her frontdoor.

Charae: Well...

Me: So....

Charae: I want to thank you for this amazing date. I really appreciate it. Thanks Justin.

Me: It's okay.

I looked at her and kissed her slowly.

Me: Goodnight Charae.

Charae: Goodnight Justin.

She looked at me one more time then she turned around and closed the door.

Me: Damn what a night.

I walked to my car and drove home.



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