Thought he loved me

"I love you. P-please don't leave me"
"I love you too. More than anything. But you don't love me enough"


3. Chapter 3

Charae's POV 


After being the ollg i was going back to my seat. There were girls surrounding me and taking pictures of me.

Belieber: Can i take a picture with you?!

Me: Uhm yeah of course.

When i was done with taking pictures i was running to Diana.

Diana: OMG HOW WAS IT !?!?!?!

Me: It was terrible.

Diana: WHAT YOU SAY?!!!!!!!!!


Diana: Uh yeah.... BUT WHAT DID HE WHISPERED TO YOU?!?!!!!!!!




Me: Okay Diana are you ready to meet the Justin Bieber?

Diana: Y-y-yes i'm ready.

Me: Okay let's go.

Diana and i were walking until we heard people laugh. We walked to a door and opend it. We saw Justin, his dancers, his family and the rest of his crew. When we walked in everybody was looking at us. Then i saw a smile creeping on Justin's face. Pattie walked over to us.

Pattie: Hey i've met you backstage right?

Me: Yeah.

Pattie: Uhm i don't want to be rude but what are you guys doing here?

Me: Justin asked if i wanted to come backstage.

Pattie: Oh okay, come in.

We walked over to Justin. 

Me: Hey... uhm is it okay that i brought my friend Diana with me she is a huge Belieber to.

Justin: It's alright. Well can i meet her?

Me: Of course wait a sec. I'll go get her she's a little bit nervous.

I was walking to Diana and she was shaking.

Me: Diana are you coming.

Diana; Y-yes i-i'm coming.

She walked in with me, suddenly she walked straight to Justin.

Justin: Hey your must be her friend, Diana right.

Diana: Y-yes that's me. Uhm c-can i please take a picture with you.

Justin: of course you can.

Diana: Thank you.

Justin: No problem, and thank you for believing in me.


After a while Diana was talking to the dancers, she was going outside with them. She said to me that she was going to look how they were dancing on stage. Now i was alone with Justin in his room. He was changing his clothes..

Justin: Do you mind if i'm going to

Me: N-no not at all

He was taking his shirt of and my jaw dropped.

Justin: You know i can see you in the mirror right. He said smirking

Me: Uhm i'm sorry.

Justin: I'ts okay. Uhm what's your name.

Me: My name is Charae.

Justin: Well Charae can i have your number so we can hang out sometimes. Your not like one of those girls who would completely freak out when i talk to them.

Yeah you can have my number, i said while freaking out in my head.

Justin: Don't get me wrong. I love my Belieber's every single one of them. But sometimes it can be annoying.

Justin and i were talking and we have a lot in common. 

Justin: So what do you like to do?

Me: I like to watch movies and i like swimming.

Justin: Me too.

We both look up at each other. I looked in his beautiful brown eyes and he looked at mines. He slowly came closer to me.

Me: Jus-Justin what are you...

And before i new it he placed his lips on mine. He lifted me up and sat me on his lap. I wanted to stop but i couldn't. After a few secondes we pulled away. I probably looked shocked at him because he looked worried at me.

Me: I-i need to go.

Justin: No wait i'm sorry.

Me: It's okay i-i'm just confused. I talk to you later. b-bye.

I closed the door behind me and run to Diana.

Me: Diana are you coming.

Diana: O-okay. Bye guys!

Dancers: BYE!!

Diana: I'm gonna say goodbye to Justin are you coming with me.

Me: I'll just wait outside.

Diana: Okay.

When she walked out she looked at me and hugged me.

Diana: Tell me everything okay.

Me: I'm gonna tell it in the car.


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