Thought he loved me

"I love you. P-please don't leave me"
"I love you too. More than anything. But you don't love me enough"


2. Chapter 2

Charae's POV


Diana and i were dancing to the music. I turned around and..... I can't believe who i'm seeing right now. I-i'm seeing Allison. My body froze. She was looking trough the crowd. Then she turned around and made straight eye contact with me. She came over to me and said....

Allison: Do you want to be the One Less Lonely Girl?

Me: M-m-me? are you serious!?

Allison: Yeah but if you don't want i can choose someone else?

Me: N-no i mean YES of course i want to be the One Less Lonely Girl!!!

Allison: Well let's go then.

Me: O-okay.


I was waiting backstage. I've met Alfredo, Scooter, Pattie, Jazzy and Jaxon.They were all so sweet to me. Without even noticing i've got pulled on stage by one of Justin's dancers

I looked at the crowd. Everybody was screaming. I turned my head and saw Justin smiling at me. My whole world stopped at that moment. He walked over to me and grabbed my hand. He sat me down on a chair and sang. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. I couldn't stop shaking. The whole song he stared at me. As i looked into his eyes it felt like he and i were the only one on earth. After the song he turned my back to the crowd and whispered in my ear...

Justin: Meet me backstage after the show beautiful.

He smirked at me, grabbed my hand and we ran backstage. He smiled at me one last time, and with that i left... What just happend?!?!?

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