Falling In Love With Jack Frost~ Frozen

Elsa is the Queen of Arendelle and she has powers. She notices that she's lonely and everyone has someone besides her. But Little does she know that there's someone just like her! Jack Frost...


2. ~Chapter 2: Reality? or not?

Chapter 2: Reality? Or not?

{Elsa's P.O.V}


I heard a noise and woke up immediately. I looked around and saw my window open. It had frost and the cold wind was blowing into my room. I got out of bed quickly and ran towards the window. I looked around and saw a trail of frost leading into the forest. I quickly put on my shoes and ran towards my door. I opened it and ran down the halls. I reached the front doors and opened them. I quietly closed them and followed the trail of frost that lead towards the forest.

Once i reached the end of the trail, I noticed that it was where Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and me had our snowball fight. I could hear the wind blowing on the trees, the stars where glowing in the dark sky, and the full moon was beautiful. I looked around me and saw nothing. I then saw more frost form in front of me. "What's going on?" I said to myself. It wasn't me so who is it? I then saw letters form on the frost. 'Hi'.

"Who are you?" I asked. More frost appeared and more writing too. 'I'm just like you but a bit different...'. "Who are you?" I asked again. 'You wished I was real yesterday, so here I am..' What? Wait... It can't be! "Wait... Are you Jack Frost?" I asked as I was looking around. "Indeed I am!" I heard someone say. All of a sudden a tall pale guy appeared right in front of me. He had mesmerizing blue eyes, his hair was white as snow, and he had a huge smile on his face. I gasped and backed up a bit. Suddenly I felt my legs get heavy and my eye lids too. All of a sudden I blacked out...

* * * * *

I opened my eyes and found myself in my room. I sat up on my bed and rubbed my head. I was dreaming? I then heard a knock on my door and looked at the door. "Elsa? Are you going to eat breakfast?" Anna asked as she opened the door. "Yes, I'll be right there in a bit, Anna can I tell you something?" I asked. "Sure? What is it?" She said as she sat at the edge of my bed. "Well, I had this weird dream" I said as I rubbed my head.

"It was real..." I heard someone whisper in my ear. "Did you hear something?" I asked Anna. "No, Elsa are you okay?" Anna asked. "Yeah I think, I'll go eat breakfast in a bit" I said as I hanged my feet at the edge of the bed. "Elsa I suggest you get more sleep.." Anna said. She left the room and left me alone... I think. "I've gone insane!" I said to myself. "Not really.." Someone said again. "Wait...You're the guy that was in the forest in my dream!" I said to him.

"Not a dream, it was real and I'm Jack Frost" He said as he sat on the edge of my bed. "Im pretty sure I'm imagining stuff!" I said. "Sorry but this is real!" He said as he touched my arm. "If I weren't real would I be able to touch you?" He said as he poked my arm. Maybe he's right..."Then how come Anna didn't see you..." I asked. "Only people who believe in me, can see me.." He said smiling.

"I'm not too sure if I can believe this!" I said as I tried to explain to myself everything that has happened. "Trust me this is real!" He said. "Look I'll show you!". "How?" I asked. "Stand up..." He said. I looked at him for a while not really knowing if I should trust him. "Please trust me! I'll show you.." He said. I sighed heavily and stood up. He stood up too and carried me bridal style.

"Woah! Woah! Woah!" I said getting a little scared. "Trust me, I won't let you fall" He said as he flew around my room. I gasped and closed my eyes. I held on to him tight and closed my eyes tighter. "Okay...Okay, I believe you!" I said as I opened my eyes a bit. He smiled and landed on the floor gently. He laid me on the bed and sat cross legged on my bed. "How did you know that I wished you were real?" I asked as I raised my eyebrow.

"Hehe... Let's just say that I was listening..." He said as he scratched the back of his head. "Wait, does that mean you saw us have a snowball fight yesterday?" I asked. "Yes... I was the one that threw the snowball at you..." He said smiling a bit. "Well that explains why nobody was there!" I said. "Hehe yeah, aren't you going to eat breakfast?" He asked. "Yes but I need to change, and of course I can't do that if you're here" I said.

"Oh right sorry, my Queen!" He said smiling as he headed out the door. He shut the door behind him and I walked towards my wardrobe. I picked out some clothes and laid them out. I bathed and changed into my clothes. Then I did my hair and put my shoes on. I walked towards the door and opened it. I closed it and walked down the hall towards the dining room.

"Hey Elsa! Are you feeling alright now?" I heard Anna ask. "Yes, I'm much better!" I said as I looked at her and smiled. "Let's go eat breakfast now!" Anna said smiling. I nodded and we both walked toward the table. I sat down and so did Anna. "Elsa?" Anna said. "Yes Anna?" I said looking at her. "If I tell you something promise not to get mad?" Anna said worriedly.

"Umm...sure?" I said confused. "Well I kind, accidentally of set you up on a date..." She said. My eyes widened and she smiled worriedly. "Anna, I told you I'm not into dating.." I said. "Well, you just looked so lonely yesterday that I decided to pair you up with someone!" She said. "At least give it a try..." She begged. I don't know... Always every time I date someone, something goes wrong or they don't like me! But I'll do this one for Anna. "Fine I'll date him!" I said. I looked behind Anna to see Jack standing there.


Hi guys hope you liked this chapter! What do you think? What's gonna happen next? Your gonna have to read the next chapter for that! Sorry if I made any mistakes, I'll keep an eye out for those! :) I'll try to update every week or so! So please comment what you think and please like it if you can!Thanks guys! :)

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