Abnegation *A short story about Beatrice Prior**Divergent competition*

*Divergent competition* what would happen if Tris Prior chose Abnegation? Well read this short story to find out!! Completed


1. The Test


I followed you on Instagram my username on Instagram is saffy_bum, 


The Entry-

I sat on the cold hard Abnegation floor with my eyes wandering around the dull, quite room. My future was going to be laid out in front of me in less that half an hour.

"Beatrice Prior?" A stuck up looking woman called out. 

"Me!" I thought and shot up to the door.

"The tester will see you now." She said gravely. Have I done something wrong? All of those thoughts were zooming around my head at an incredible pace that I didn't notice the shut door and walked straight into it. Rubbing my head I opened the door, curtsied and said hello to the small woman(whom may I add looked a lot nicer that the other woman).

"Well Beatrice your result have come in and we have a problem."Charlotte went from happy to down in a blink of an eye, you could tell it in her voice.

"What problem?"I fretted was it that I was to stupid to test but surly that couldn't be right, I got A* on all of my tests.Charlotte lowered herself to my height and hissed:

"You are a Divergent and I have had to delete your footage and give you your report verbally. Do not tell anyone, you will have to decide whether you want to stay with your family or move somewhere else. And with that information, I collapsed. 

"Beatrice!" Someone shouted ruffle shaking me. 

”What?" I yelled before thinking over what I said, ”Sorry I ment......"I trailed off to see two grave faces staring down at me. It wasn't a dream. It was real, I was Divergent!

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