Abnegation *A short story about Beatrice Prior**Divergent competition*

*Divergent competition* what would happen if Tris Prior chose Abnegation? Well read this short story to find out!! Completed


2. The going to the ceremony

My parents think I'm ill. Everyday they ask me, and everyday I lie to them. I wouldn't do well a Candor. My brother Caleb came as silent as a mouse down the stairs and before he passes my room he comes in. 

"Hey, what's the matter? You have been down a lot lately and that's not a bit like you. Your out with the Factionless finding them shelter or giving them food. This isn't the selfless Beatrice I know and love.” Caleb comforted.

"well I don't feel to good, I think I have a cold.” I lied to my brother once again.

" Oh ok well I hope you can make it through till the end of the day because it today, it time for you to chose your Faction." My brother pointed out with a worried look on his face.

“ I'm fine now let's go I need to get there early because I want to see them setting up, plus Dad will be there." Caleb said walst strolling out of my grey room.  I got up and put my best gray tee shirt on with a pair of grey skinny's. Showing more flesh that I would have liked but then again this is my best clothing. Slowly stepping  down the stairs as if walking to my own funeral I said good bye to my surroundings, not know right now whether I would or could come back and be an Abnegation for the rest of my life. Stepping outside into the fresh air I chocked back a sob, this may be the last time I saw the familiar gray limestone walls. Seeing my discomfort Caleb came over and engulfed me in a giant hug that lasted ( in my opinion) forever. With my mom locking the almost black door behind us we set off walking at a descent pace that kept us fast but not disrespectfully fast. 

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