Abnegation *A short story about Beatrice Prior**Divergent competition*

*Divergent competition* what would happen if Tris Prior chose Abnegation? Well read this short story to find out!! Completed


3. The ceremony

Here I am, sitting on a square chair that looks out onto the stadium below. I was up in the Abnegation box with my Dad while mom and Caleb talked down bellow. I was getting quite tearful as I was talking because this maybe the last time I saw my council leader dad. He was very serious at work but a giant soffty at heart. 

"Um Father I need to go down stairs to say good bye to Caleb and Mom because who knows when I will next see them." I told my dad with tears sprouting in the corners of my eyes.

"Ok but remember, Faction before blood." And with a little push from Marcus I walked down stairs. Walking down the never ending wooden staircase I thought over all of the memory's that I have from Abnegation. They were the best memories I own, my choice I realise is whether to lov and leave my family or love and stay with my family. 


Once I have made it down the stairs everyone else from the other factions: Abnegation, Amity, Arudite, Dauntless and Candor were all lined up chatting. Making my way over to my mom and Caleb I started to really cry. I could be leaving my family forever. Suddenly a large male in gray clothes appeared on a platform.

"Line up for the ceremony!" Marcus boomed echoing around the room.

I lined up in name order with Caleb behind me. After about twenty minutes I heard Caleb being called, and to my astonishment he slit his hand and let his hand trail over to the Erudite cup and held his arm firmly over the cup. Gasps echoed all around the room.

"Beatrce Prior." Me, I was getting called. Walking up to the cup I took the knife of the stand and shook, my family would be ditrought if I chose something else as they had already lost their son. Cutting my hand I hovered my arm over the Abnegation cup. And let the blood fall, I was going home to my family to stay there forever.

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