Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


6. Williamson's



Ben & Brenda's Children

7 Cashmere Hannah Williamson

5 Ariannah Kendra Williamson

3 John Hayden Williamson



Alfred & Monica's Children

6 Arend Lucas Williamson

4 Pauline Jeneve Williamson



30 DARRELL GRAY - Ces' husband




2 Matthew Harwood


31 LESTER PATTERSON - Kate's fiance


*** *** ***


"Uncle Mac!" 6-yr-old Arend Lucas Williamson, son of Art one of Mac's brothers, runned towards him as he came into their villa which was around The Walk area where Mac lives, a good fifteen minutes walk from his condo.

"Hey big guy," Mac scooped his nephew who gave him an embrace.

"I thought you're never coming," Art said coming down from the stairs.

It's been a Williamson tradition that all of them spend the saturday at one of their siblings place, ever since Mac came back home.Even if one of the siblings won't be able to make it because they have their own businesses to attend to, yet they always have that family time. Their parents as well would come, they love being with their grand kids.

Still carrying Lucas, Mac followed his brother to their kitchen. Whenever the family day was spent at Art and Monica's villa, Mac was earliest because they were a-walk-away neighbors. Ben and Ces will arrive late in the morning.

Monica was feeding the four year old little girl Paulilne Jeneve Williamson. PJ, as what everyone calls her, was sitting on her pink tripp trapp pouting as she chewed her food. "You guys can eat ahead of me," Monica said when she saw Mac.

"Good morning you two," Mac greeted and placed Lucas down who wiggled free from him and ran back to the living room where he was watching television before Mac arrived.

"Good morning Mac," Monica greeted with a smile.

Art poured coffee on three cups, and placed them beside three plates. "What's wrong with my little girl?" Art asked kneeling beside PJ.

PJ didn't budge, she turned her head away from her father and was facing Mac. Mac leaned to kiss her on the cheek to which Mac recieved a smack.

"Pauline!" Monica's voice raised a pitch, shocked at what her daughter did.

"The first woman who ever slapped me," Mac said rubbing his now redding face.

"Seriously?" Art asked, then turning to PJ he said, "Don't do that again you understand? That was not good, you just hurt uncle Mac. Do you want uncle Mac to stop bringing you gifts?"

Monica rolled her eyes. "That's why she is so spoiled because you're teaching her Art,"

Mac laughed at them. "Hey it's really no big deal Monica,"

"See," Art said and winked at Monica kissed Pj on the forehead then went to sit in his usual spot during meals, which was on the other end of the table. "Breakfast Mac."

"Of course," Mac sat to Art's right side, the two began their meal.

Monica released PJ from her tripp trapp who went running back to the living room where her brother was. Monica sat to Art's right side and had herself some wheat bread and sunny side up. "We will have a huge problem with PJ whe she starts school this year Art."

"We can afford to buy her whatever she needs sweetheart," Art replied chewing his food.

Monica sipped her coffee and rolled her eyes. "That's not what I meant. Don't you noticed what she is?"

"She's a spoiled little girl?"

"Well aside from that she's a huge bully!" Monica said in disbelief. "I caught her twice just recently bullying her brother."

Art was silent then exchange glances with Mac. "Really?" Art asked.

"Yes. And not only Lucas, but she has attempted to bully me several times which she never pushes through because she knows I'm gonna get seriously angry with her." Monica went on.

Mac grinned, he couldn't help it dammit.

"It really isn't funny," she said irritated.

"Mac here got bullied by Ces when we were kids." Art spoke grinning.

"No one ever told me that," Monica looked at the two of them like they owe her an explanation.

"It wasn't really important," Art answered. "Even if Mac here got bullied from time to time they still carry on as siblings. Mac on the other hand seemed to be the most insensitive brother I've got, he didn't know he was bullied till he realizes it but then shruggs it off."

Art's wife shook her head in disbelief. "Alright, given that she bullies her brother, that's fine with me because Lucas is such a nice boy to walk away from his sister. But what I worry is when she goes to school Art! I don't want parents complaining about PJ."

Art squeezed Monica's hand and told her that everything will be okay and he doubt PJ would be a bully at school.

Mac didn't know what was in their food that Monica suddenly asked about Jone.

"I want to see her Mac," she said.

Mac finished his food ang gulped down his coffee, "You can see her if you want."

"Take her with us tomorrow." Art suggested.

"To my place?" he asked. Tomorrow, a sunday, was already planned that they were all going to spend the day at Mac's house in RIVERBEND. His sibblings loved his place the first time he brought them there, that was a year ago on his house warming. He had that house built because he was planning to have a family and will house them there. What was nice about is, his backyard was a hundred meters walk away from the river.

"You two haven't still been talking?" Art asked.

Mac stood up and poured himself more coffee. "Well we are," he answered and sat back on his chair. He lied. Truth was he haven't seen Jone for two weeks now. He never even bothered to call her, what for? She's got a boyfriend right, and it seemed like she's happy with him so he promised to himself never to bother her anymore because he does, he'll end up telling her what he truly feels for her.

"So invite her tomorrow," Monica said.

"Her boyfriend is with her," he answered stupidly.

"So what if she has a boyfriend now?" Art asked.

"Well, yeah sure I'll ask them to come-"

"Wait a minute," Monica studied him closely. "You're in love with you best friend?!"

Art's eyes widened. "You are?!"

Mac sighed. "Guys no-"

"You don't know how to lie!" Art interrupted him.

"Since when Mac?" Monica asked softly.

"It's been pretty ancient." He answered.

"Is it serious between her and the guy?" Art wants to know. He was still eating.

Mac shrugged. "Jone and I had only hanged out once since she arrived. I haven't seen her again or talked to her for two weeks now."

"So that's how seriously you feel for her?" Art asked.

"Should be," Monica answered when Mac didn't say anything. "He wouldn't be avoiding her if it won't hurt him to see Jone with her boyfriend."

"What about your married woman?" Art turned to face him his face serious.

Mac's siblings know about Braylee and they all are against the relationship. "Situation's the same between me and Braylee."

"Hey it really is up to you if you want Jone and her boyfriend to come with us tomorrow." Monica suddenly changed her mind.

"I'll try to ask her tonight."


*** *** ***


Two hours later, their brother Ben and his family arrived. His three children from eldest to youngest, Hannah, Kendra and John jumped to their favorite uncle who was sitting on the sofa watching cartoons with Lucas and PJ. Mac gave his nephew and neices a kiss on their forehead then went out to his car and took the toys he bouht for them. He buys them toys once a month on family gatherings, he loves kids so much sometimes his brothers would tell him to get married so he can have kids of his own. The children were happy with their presents, except for PJ who tried to take all toys from her cousins, but Monica came warning her. PJ behaved and played with her cousins.

Ces and her husband arrived a little later. Her stomach was already huge for seven months, and Mac couldn't imagine how heavy Ces was carrying. He'd seen Monica and Brenda get pregnant but it was as huge as Ces tummy! Their parents arrived and of course had candies for their grand childrens.

The Williamson's had lunch by the poolside of Art's place. The children had their own picnic table just beside the adults and seemed to be having fun with their food. The adults discussed about the family business. Their father wants to retire because he was really tired and wanted to take his wife on a tour around world. He told Ben that he should be ready because he will be announcing soon that he will be the next CEO. Ben was hesitant. His reason was, their employees had respect for their father which he knew he will never earn. Yes he was the President, but doubt management would be happy to have him as CEO. But everyone knows that Ben was a really good boss, strict and sincere in his work. Art was the Financial Director of the company, and Mac was Managing Director, positions the two of them didn't want to leave because they were more than familiar with work responsibility and they are contented with their jobs.

After lunch, Monica and Brenda put the kids for a nap, the men had beer, their mother went to assist Ces who wanted to sleep at one of her brother's room. Mr. Parker had a brilliant idea, he told his sons and son in law about opening up a recording studio. Amusingly, their father used to be a member of a band way back when he was a teen, their mother was a fan and fell in love with the rockstar. But he stopped from the band and pursued a carrier because he didn't want to stay on the limelight all his life. Plus his father, great grandfather Williamson, wants his only son to manage the business he established. Mr. Williamson is only 58-yrs-old, and he was still good in playing the instruments and still got a complete set at their family mansion. His children never have that musician side in them, but their grandchildren were showing signs and interests. Both Hannah and Kendra were interested with the drums, they'd have each of the drum stick and start hitting the drums and snare the best they can. Mr. Williamson always took turns teaching the girls whenever they visited. Arend was interested with guitars, and Pauline with the piano. They were unsure with John, all they know is he was more interested in gaming consuls than music instruments.

"Maybe a music school and music studio in one, what do you guys say?" Mr. Williamson asked his sons.

"It should be fun dad. But if you want to open a music school you need to hire teachers," Ben said. "I wonder if there are interested people."

"Of course there are," their father answered. "Don't under estimate the musician in a person."

"We will need someone who knows how to play all the instruments," Mac said.

"Kate and Jone," Art answered quickly.

"Hey we should discuss where we want to put up a music school and studio," Mac said quickly, as much as possible he didn't want his father to ask him about Jone. His parents wants Jone so much to be his girlfriend, and he didn't want them bugging him about it now.

"I'll do the scouting of places," Darrell, Ces' husband offered. He works at his family's real estate company, so surely have contacts with buildings or establishments for rent. "Do you want to buy the place or rent it?"

"Buying the place is much better," Ben sipped his beer.

"Leave that to me," Darrell said nodding his head.

Their father said he wants to take a nap, so he excused from the pack and Mac was so relieved for it. Mac's phone ranged, it was one of his male close friend back in high school Philip Timms, also 30-yrs-old and single with a girlfriend though.

"What's up?" Mac asked and stood up from where he sat.

"Wanna go to the bars tonight?" Philip asked.

"Sure, the guys coming?"

"Yeah, meet you at ten?"

"Which bar?"

"We will know when we get to Easton Street." Philip answered.

"Oh right,"

Yes, Mac still got his close male friends with but Jone was always his best friend. Easton Street is a street in Blue Seas, where bars lined up the whole two hundred meters.

After dinner at Art's place each of the Williamsons left and headed home. Mac couldn't wait to get a shower and change. He hadn't been clubbing for three months since all his weekends was spent with Braylee in his place. When he reached his condo, he made a mental note to call Jone and invite her tomorrow.

Braylee, on the other hand was out of the country for a business meeting for a week which means she will be back next week saturday, she left yesterday morning, he offered to drop her to the airport but she said her husband was dropping her off. Anyway she was going home straight to his condo when she came back and promised they'd have great sex together.




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