Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


7. Unexpected

Jone, Kate and Lester were at the bars on saturday night in Easton Street. Henri went home to Violetrock for some urgent business matter which needed his full attention. He had appologize to Jone for leaving her behind but Jone assured him that it was okay. But he was sure to be back before Kate and Lester's wedding to attend Lester's stag party.

Meanwhile, Kate and Lester had been sleeping in separate homes for two months now. They both had agreed on it to make their honeymoon really exciting, Jone found out yesterday when she went to pick up Kate at her old apartment.

Jone had a few drinks before she and Kate went to dance, Lester stayed at their table just in case someone came to take over.

"How is Mac?" Jone shouted on Kate's ear as they danced.

"Haven't heard from him," Kate shouted back. "You haven't spoken to him?"

Jone shook his head.

Kate raised an eyebrow at her. They dropped the subject when their favorite musics played, they danced till they were exhausted and they went back to their table.

"Had fun?" Lester asked them.

"So much," Kate answered. "You wanna dance babes?"

Lester shook his head and smiled. "I'm fine with my beer."

Jone had a shot of jaeger and told them she was going back to dance, Kate stayed with her fiance his time.

The best part of the clubs, was either on the ledges if they had one and in the middle of the dance floor where bodies rub against each other because of too much people with little room. Jone took the ledge, it was nice to watch the crowd from up there and she didn't want men to come grabbing her which she always experienced whenever she went clubbing without a male partner. She danced for an hour, only resting to have a water then went back to the ledge and dance once more. When she was finally exhausted she told Kate and Lester she was going out to get some air. The good thing about that club they were in right now, was that they have tables and chairs outdoors, so Jone went to sit on a table for two at right end of the bar.

She was sweating too much and she needed air but there wasn't even a breeze right now! She checked her mobile and found two missed calls from Henri about two hours ago, but she can't call him now because it was 2 am in Violetrock. She will call him tomorrow anyway.

A familiar black car drove to the driveway of the building which was behind where she sat, she was sure it was Mac. The windows were heavily tinted so it was impossible to see who he was with in there. He was sure his girlfriend was with him, deciding that she didn't want to see Mac or his girlfriend, she quickly went back inside the bar and told Kate and Lester that she was leaving.

"Why? Is there something wrong?" Lester asked.

"Nothing wrong at all, I'm reall tired right now and sleepy."

"Then let's all leave, I want to get some rest too," Kate said.

Lester's car was parked at the basement, while Jone's car was parked at the front parking. Lucky for her she doesn't have to bump into Mac and Braylee. Jone kissed Kate on the cheek and gave Lester a hug then she went off as quickly as she can, working her way out of the crowded club. Finally reaching the door, she pushed it open just in time it swung out ward pulling her out and hit someone who was trying to come in.

"Hey, careful," a very familiar voice. His hands were around her as he helped her recover her balance.

Jone stood up straight and looked up at him. "Hey,"

"Jone?!" Mac was surprised. He pulled his arms away from her. "I'm sorry,"

"It's okay I'm fine," why did he have to pass at the front door when there was a lift in the bar leading down the basement.

"I thought I saw you when I drove by so I came to the front to check on you," he seemed to have read her thoughts. "Are you alone?"

"Uh, Kate and Lester are parked in the basement and are just leaving. Who's with you?"

"With the guys," he answered, and pulled her to the side because they were blocking the way. "Where is Henri?"

"He went back home," she answered.

There was a honk from a car and they turned both their heads to see Lester and kate waving at them. They waved back and the couples speeded away.

"Why did he left you here?" he was curious.

"Got some urgent business. But he will be back for the wedding."

Mac nodded his head. It was only now she noticed that he had his long hair cut short, but the curly waves was still visible. She didn't know that he looked handsome with a short hair, eversince she knew Mac, he always had his hair long. "I'll take you home," he said.

"What?" her heart went beating faster. "I brought my car with me, don't worry."

Mac sighed but smiled. "Okay. I'll pick you up tomorrow at six."

She raised an eyebrow. "Why? Where are we going?"

"You'll find out," he answered. "And I missed you so much, I couldn't find the time to hang out with you because I've been busy myself and I was thinking that your boyfriend doesn't want me to steal his girl from him."

"Or maybe you're scared your gorgeous girlfriend might find out you're haning out with me?"

He was silent. It wasn't that he was scared, it's just that he didn't need to fight with Braylee over something silly. And Braylee had warned him not to see Jone, it's not that he is so scared of her and he should follow her orders, but Jone got a boyfriend, so might as well get out of the way. "Yes she warned me not to see you or call you."

Jone's mouth dropped open. "So that's why you never called?! All this time I have been waiting for you to call me and I was thinking that you were just busy with work."

"Wait, you were waiting for my call?" he asked.

Jone was about to say yes but stopped herself. "I'll see you tomorrow," she tip toed and kissed him on the cheek then walked away. She jumped into her car and speeded home praying Mac wouldn't follow her. This was really insane! She thought she'll be over him after runing away, but it's only the second time she saw him since she got there, and that feeling of longingness towards Mac was so strong she's scared she can't handle herself. She didn't want to be the reason for Mac and his girlfriend to break up. If Henri was telling her the truth that Mac was obviously still in love with her then he should find a way himself to stop his relationship with Braylee and chose her. Because she was willing to get into that boat with Mac.

Mac just stared as Jone went away speechless. What she just said kept repeating in his head. So she had been waiting for him to call her, which means she possibly likes her too. No, that's not it. Of course she was waiting for him to call because they're best friends! What an idiot he was for thinking Jone feels the same way for him! She already has a boyfriend Mac, he reminded himself and went into the club to join his friends.





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