Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


21. The Break Up

Jone sat alone on the sand with a bonfire. It was a week night, and the doctor had adviced her last week to get a weeks off or a month so she could relax. Henri made plans about the two of them going out of the country to some place so she could clear her mind he just needs to file for another leave. She'd emptied three cans of beer while Henri said he was headed out to get them some food. She didn't know it took thirty minutes to get some food, she wondered what he was cooking but she turned her head towards their house and couldn't see Henri inside.

It's been a month since she last saw Mac. It's been a week since Braylee told her what happened. She didn't want to talk to Mac at all and he never called her to apologize or explain, this made her angrier. He's really got the nerve after all those things he told her and making her believe!

Henri had been so kind to take care of her, he cooked her breakfast, picked her up for lunch then drop her home again, then they would go out for dinner and have drinks. But Henri always made sure that she didn't drink too much. In all that happened that month, the first time she did that was the night she got out of the hospital, she got really drunk and went wild in the club. She danced with every men on the dance floor, including Henri, she'd been rubbing her body on him and on those men. Well that was what Henri said maybe he just added up those things but she couldn't remember at all.

So after that incident, Henri was very strict with her. She can drink all she wants as long as they stayed at their place. If they go to the bars, two drinks was enough for her and if she wants to drink more, they'd go back home.

It was a still night, the wind breeze was slow but constant making the warm night a little bit cooler. There were a few people in the area, mostly couples making out, Jone had to look away from them and try not to cry, but tears would successfully drop from her eyes.

Irritated that Henri has not arrived yet, she dialed his number.

"Hey Jone, sorry for taking so long." Henri appologize.

She could hear Deftones playing on the back ground. "Good you noticed how long it has been. Where the hell are you? I'm going on my fourth beer Henri and you're still out there God knows where!"

"I'll be there in five minutes okay? See you sweetheart."

Sighing Jone placed her phone on the sand, gulped down her beer and waited for Henri.


***     ***     ***


"Sweetheart?" Mac asked in disbelief. Henri had picked him up at the airport without Jone knowing. The situation became more complicated when Braylee called Jone weeks ago and told her that she was pregnant with Mac and that she was filing a divorce to be with him. How stupid of him for not knowing at all, worse he didn't bother calling Jone. When he tried calling her a few days ago, her number was already inactive, good thing he's got Henri's number.

Henri had explained to him everything. And Mac felt guilty. But it doesn't mean that Henri has to call his girlfriend sweetheart after the whole problem had spilled.

"Hey, I call her that ever since we dated and decided to become friends." Henri told him in a warning voice.

Mac looked at him from his seat. "You date her before?"

"Yeah," Henri answered. "Two months."


"And it didn't work out." Henri halted his black land cruiser infron of their apartment. "We're here."

Mac went out and studied the area, it was a swimming pool apartment, very nice and neat, pretty laid back. "You got a nice place out here."

"I know, Jone and I love this place so much," Henri said opening the back of his car.

Mac went to take his back pack and followed Henri into his house. "So why it didn't work out with you and Jone?"

"We really don't know," Henri answered closing the door behind him. His house was painted all white, white tile floor, white walls, the curtain was black and white and so was the sofa. "We both never felt that thing when two people like or are in love with each other. So we decided to just stay friends, and we became close to a point where she told me about you."

Mac nodded his head.

"Hey, leave your bag here. Jone's out at the beach, c'mon."

Heart pounding, Mac placed down his bag by the sofa and followed Henri outside. It was a warm night, but there was a wind breeze. They walked straight towards someone sitting by the bonfire. Jone! His heart skipped a beat, she was such a beautiful woman. She was staring at the fire and didn't notice when they got there.

"Jone," Henri spoke.

"Oh so you still plan to come back for me, nice," she said sarcastically.

"Please don't be mad?"

Mac had hid behind Henri's back, good thing the two of them were the same sizes.

"Some one is here to see you."

"Really?" her voice softened.

Henri stepped aside and Mac came forward.

Jone's mouth dropped open and tears started dropping from her eyes. She stood up and Mac thought she was going to embrace him. He was wrong.

"Jone," he spoke and went near her.

"You fuckin' bastard!" she shouted, came near him and slapped his face.

He deserved that, and it hurt! "Jone I'm sorry,"

Henri slowly exited the scene.

"Sorry?!" she shouted once more, tears still coming down. "You lied to me Mac!"

"I didn't lie to you." He explained coming closer to her.

She took her phone and ran away from him into her house. Nice, Mac thought silently as he went to follow his girlfriend. "Jone let me explain."

"You shut up!," she hissed turning back pointing a finger at him. "I don't want to hear any of your crap! I'm done with you!"

"You have to let me explain!" he shouted at her.


***     ***     ***


She glared at him angrily. "As far as I am concerned I don't have anything to do with you anymore. Don't drag me into your shitty life because I have no plans at all to be a part of it!" she pulled away from him. "How dare you let that bitch call me and inform me herself that the two of you are back together?! You have some nerve Mac! What have I done to you to be treated this way?!"

"I didn't tell her to call you!" Mac shouted back. "Braylee is insane! I would never do anything like that to you Jone. You know that I love you so much."

"Then why all the lies?" she was looking hardly at him.

"I lied because I didn't know what to do. I lied because I was scared to let you know what Braylee called for that night I found out you got my name tattooed on your back. I didn't want to lose you again Jone so I kept it to myself first until everything is fixed and that's when I myself will tell you." He moved closer to her.

"Don't come near me Mac," tears began pouring down her eyes. "This is over between us."

"I am not marrying Braylee!" he was angry.

"She's got a child, your child." She sobbed and sat on the sofa. "Did you hear me? You can't just leave her just to be with me."

"I can do that Jone."

"And sacrifice your child?! Are you an idiot!?"

"Jone please," he said kneeling on the floor in front of her.

She didn't want to be near him because she would only remember the kisses they shared. His nearness started to make her knees shake how much more if he kissed her now? Then what everything will be okay? No way! She started to stand up but Mac got hold of her wrist, his other arm pulling her down to sit.

"Let me go!" she tried shaking herself. But he had pinned her down on the sofa with his hands and his body.

"I promised myself I'm not letting you go again," He said searching her eyes.

"Well I promise myself to cut you out of my life!"

The next thing she knew Mac was kissing her. She tried wriggling free but it was no use, he was a big man, and he easily leaned himself on top of her on the sofa pinning both her wrist on top of her head. The more she squirmed the harder and hungrier he kissed her.

Mac parted her mouth with his tongue and darted it inside, sliding it on her teeth as he gently tugged her lower lip. He thought she was going to fight back, but she responded as hungrily as he kissed her. She managed to free her hands from his grip and circled her arm on his neck, as she grazed her tongue on his teeth. Mac moaned. She tasted of beer, but that didn't matter as her soft lips was locked on his. Mac moved so his body was between her legs and Jone responsibly hooked both her legs on his hips, pushing herself against him. He could feel himself having a hard on. It was now or never. He had been wanting to sleep with her but had managed to restrain himself form doing so, only if Jone asked him to would he have sex with her. But that night was a night they have to settle things. Besides, he couldn't stop himself anymore.

Jone took off his shirt and he did the same with her. He trailed kisses down her neck and she moaned. Mac unhooked her bra and she helped him take it off and threw it on the floor. He stared into those lovely breast, how long had he waited to feel those in his hands. He looked at Jone who was staring back at him with sad eyes. He kissed her once more then went to suck her nipples as his hand kneaded them. He did this taking turns, sending Jone's body arching for more.

What he did drove her crazy. Mac knows how to satisfy a woman. No wonder Braylee was so bitchy on her, and no wonder why she didn't want to give up on Mac. Oh well, this will be the only night she will be having sex with him because she had already made a decision that she was never getting back with him. Mac trailed kisses down her belly as he took of her shorts and her undies. She knows it will be harder getting over Mac. She was her best friend and things aren't the same anymore, things will never be the same anymore. Jone decided she was not setting foot in BlueSeas not unless needed. She gasped when Mac went to lick her down there. She raised her head from the pillow to look at him. God he was so good! He licked her while his hands kneaded her breasts and both thumbs played with her nipples. 

After licking her sweet juices, Mac stood up and took off the remaining of his clothes, he was stone hard. The two of them stared at each other with out saying a word, slowly Mac bent down to kiss Jone once more. She run her hands on his hair, and spread her legs wide. Mac took this as a signal that she was ready, looking into her eyes, he inserted his manhood into her warm and wet center. He watched as she closed her eyes in pain, and he slowly slid himself little by little inside. God she was so warm and tight. When he was fully inside her, Jone gasped and opened her eyes.

"I love you," he said and started moving in and out her.

Jone let out a cry and threw her arms around Mac, clinging to him as she felt the pain and the pleasure of his huge thick manhood. She bit his shoulder and squeezed her eyes shut. God! She didn't know he was so huge! Was so good!

They had sex all through out the night only stopping for a drink or two, then decided to continue in Jone's room. Mac don't seem to be exhausted, but he stopped when she was sore. And because she was sore, he licked her center and made her came over and over again.

They both wished there will never be tomorrow so what they had at that moment wont end.


***     ***     ***


When Mac woke up the sun was setting in the sky. He looked to the side of the bed and found it empty. He quickly stood up and went to the bath looking for Jone. When he didn't see her he hurried down the stairs, took his boxer and pants then put them on.

"Jone!" he called walking towards the kitchen. It was empty. But there was food on the island at the center of her kitchen. A bowl of fruits, a plate of seafoods and a chicken soup. There was a white folded paper lying beside the chicken soup.

Mac's could feel needles pricking his hear when he read the note.


Dear Mac,

As much as I want to keep you but I can't. You and I both know that you have a responsibility to face now. I am not a monster of a person to take you away from your child, I cannot allow that for myself would want to have a father for my child too.

What we shared last night was wonderful, I may never forget that. It will take long before I finally get over you, but please don't worry, this is not the first time I got my heart broken right?

I want us to still be friends, but what we have before will never be back again. This is really hard for me to do, and I feel really sad about this, but this is what I have decided. Please respect that Mac.

I hope you and Braylee and your child will have wonderful and loving years to come.

Take care



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