Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


20. The Birds & The Bees

"Joseph, she's five months pregnant! Do you expect me to believe its not mine?!" Mac was having beer in one of the pub near their office with Joseph on a friday night. It's been three weeks since he last saw Jone, an a week since he hadn't talked to her and he missed her a lot. But he couldn't concentrate on Jone, when he's got problems to solve with Braylee.

Joseph was sure that he was not the father because he had been using contraceptives when he had been dating her. That night Mac broke up with Braylee Joseph broke up with her too. So now, Mac was more comfortable discussing the issue with Joseph because Braylee was something in common they had. "She's still with her husband right?"

"Yeah," Mac took a sip of his beer.

"It's probably her husbands child." Joseph said. "Do you have sex with her when she's safe or when she's ovulating?"

"I am not sure Joseph," he answered. He had never been worried all his life. What would his family say when they find out about it? On the pregnancy test Mac asked the doctor if they can get the baby a DNA test but the doctor strongly refused. He said it was too dangerous and rather they have the test when the baby is born.

"She's still staying with her husband and she's pregnant," Jospeh spoke almost to himself. "It's weird how her tummy was really small in the past weeks and how you said it bulged yesterday when you saw her."

Mac explained to him that his sister in law had told him before that when a woman doesn't know that she's pregnant and no one suspects she will carry on with the pregnancy like a normal woman who isn't pregnant at all. But if the mother acknowledges her pregnancy and everyone knows, that's when the baby grows to the size at what month it is exactly.

"What did her husband say?" Joseph asked.

"Her husbands happy,"

"So she's still having sex with her husband."

"Of course."

The two of them was silent.

"But why is she insisting that it's your child?"

"Because I always cum inside her everytime in almost two years!"

Joseph shook his head. "Now you learned your lesson."

Mac looked at him warningly and Joseph raised his hand and shrugged. Yes now he learned his lesson but it was too late.

"What did your girlfriend say?"

"She doesn't know," Mac sighed, still he haven't decided if he was telling Jone about his situation or no.

Joseph whistled. "You have to tell her before everything goes out of hand. What if it's really your child? At least now you've made your girlfriend aware about what's to come, than give her a full blast news after the baby is born."

Mac shook his head. For the first time in his life he was unsure and was confused of what to do or what to decide. The child will have the DNA test after it is born and he can't wait for five months before he sees Jone again. He should tell her, and bring her back to BlueSeas.

"What if she breaks up with me?" Mac asked Joseph.

"Of course she will, but if she loves you she will accept whatever you have in your past."

It was not a good idea, Mac decided. But he's got to travel to Violetrock to be with Jone. He needs her!


***     ***     ***


"Is it easy having kids?" Mac asked his brother Art that night. After an hour having beer with Joseph, he drove up to his brother's house. Monica was tucking the kids to sleep, so he and his brother were having beer at their backyard.

Art looked at him with raised eyebrows. "I heard you and Jone are finally together. And she's pregnant right away?"

"No she's not," he answered. "I am just curious. I mean I could always ask for your advice right especially when I'm asking Jone to marry me."

Art's eyes widened. "Congratulations! When are you proposing?"

"This year, maybe when I get to go visit her."

"And why are you still here? I thought you were off with Jone for vacation?"

And so he spilled everything out to his brother, not leaving any details so Art would understand and he could give him some advice. It's what Mac needed now because he don't know which direction to go.

"And what if it's yours?" Art asked instead.

"Aren't you supposed to give me an advice now that I told you everything?"

"Tell me what you want to do and that's when my advice comes."

So Mac told his brother that he can't have a child with someone else because it will ruin his relationship with Jone that had just started. Worse he hadn't told Jone about anything yet, that's another problem he should face. But after the DNA test and he finds out that the child is his, then he's taking the child himself. The child is a Williamson and he needs to be with the Williamsons.

His brother nodded his head. "Not a bad idea at all. In fact I like it that you're taking care of the child if ever. So what advice exactly do you want me to tell you?"

Mac sighed. It was more about Jone because the matter about Braylee have to wait until after she gives birth and he has to wait seven to eight months more before the DNA results arrive. "What should I tell Jone?"

Art chuckled. "Best thing you need to do is tell her, and you make a move based on what she decides."

"What if she decides to break up with me? All my life I have loved her, and now that I have her this thing with me and Braylee became more complicated. Do you think I could stand it if she decides to break up with me?"

"If she breaks up with you then win her back. Because what ever she does, she will never change the fact that you have a child, if ever."

It was even more comlicated. So it's either tell Jone and take the risk of a break up, or tell her later and still have her break up with him? "Dammit! How did I drag myself into this mess."

"We never failed to warn you Mac, as much as I remembered. And you arent a kid anymore that needs intervention, so stop complaining and go tell Jone what's happening to you now."

It was true, his family didn't like the idea of him dating a married woman. They had all sighted their concern about the relationship and Kate had never failed to shove it up his face that she doesn't like Braylee at all.

All he's got to do is book the flight for Violetrock and tell Jone so he'd be sane once more.







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