Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


10. Telling Her

After dinner that night, the four of them decided to take a night swim at the pool. Jone and Kate were talking while swimming while Mac and Lester fixed Mac's desktop in his living room so they could play musics.

"I told her," Mac said to Lester who was connecting wires from the speaker to the CPU.

Lester paused from what he was doing and looked up at Mac. "You did?" he asked with a smile.

Mac glanced at the girls outside who was laughing over something. "Yeah."

"You finally had the guts! Congratulations Mark!" Lester said and went to shake his hand.

"Well she noticed my tattoo that's why," he said embarrassed because he didn't have the balls to tell her what he truly felt until she noticed his tattoo.

Lester laughed. "I thought you finally had the guts to tell her!"

"I know, but at least I let it out."

"What did she say? How did she react?"

"She was teary eyed," Mac said remembering how stunned Jone looked when he told her he loves her. "She embraced me so tight and just began laughing. Then she said it was good to know that I love her, but it wouldn't be valid because of Braylee."

"That's easy Mac, you know what you have to do," Lester knows that Braylee was a married woman. "Does Jone know about Braylee?"

"I didn't told her. She doesn't have to know that Braylee is married."

"No wonder she didn't reciprocate." Lester sighed and went back fixing wires.

Mac raised an eyebrow. "You think?"

"Of course! Women who are undeserving to be treated in a nice way are those who manage to break up two couples because she badly wants to have the guy. But women who are to be respected and is respectful herself are those who never come in the way of a relationship even when the guy tells her about how he truly feels, because she doesn't want to be the cause of a break up. Even if you say Braylee is married and Jone knows it, she would never tell you how she truly feels for you."

"Wow, how did you become Mr. Love all of a sudden," Mac joked.

"Alright try to hit the music," Lester said standing up ang checking the desktop.

Mac who already had his RnB playlist ready hit on play, satisfied with the volume the two of them headed to their girls.

"You don't have to be Mr. Love to know the difference between a respectable woman and those who arent," Lester said and dived into the pool.

The girls were on the other side of the pool, Mac sprinted and jumped into the water causing a loud splash, the girls laughed. Mac paddled towards Jone who was standing on the stairs, the water was up to her neck.

"How are you?" he asked her taking her hand bringing them around his neck. He loved her inked body, it made her look fiercer once she only have her bikini's on. She got an arm length tattoo on her right which she covers with an arm cloth or sometimes just nothing at all. But surely when she goes to the office her tattoo is covered by her clothes.

"I'm fine thanks," she answered and arched both her legs on his hips.

Mac walked deeper so the water was up to his shoulders.

"You two look so perfect together," Kate called to them who was also clunged on Lester opposite them.

"I know," Mac answered.

"That's what everyone had been saying," Jone spoke.

"Then why not do what eveyone wants?" Lester asked them.

Mac, run his hand up and down Jone's back. He wants to kiss her, will she slap him?

"Yeah why not?" Kate agreed.

"It really is fine with me," Mac spoke. "I don't know with Jone."

Jone rolled her eyes and looked at Kate and Lester. "You guys are bullying me," turning to Mac she said, "Mac you're supposed to be my best friend you have to be on my side."

"Best friends can have a 'together forever'," Kate said giggling.

"I told you I love you Jone," Mac said in a voice only the two of them could hear.

"I know," she said looking into his eyes.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked sincerely.

Jone sighed and looked away. "Maybe if you were single, I'd probably say yes."

"Is Braylee the problem?" he asked.

"Mac, you know I don't want to be a reason for couples breaking up because I don't want that to happen to me in the future." She spoke searching his eyes.

Mac smiled, kissed her forehead and embraced her tightly. "I'll end things with Braylee when she gets back."

"I don't want you to do that Mac." she said. "You're breaking up with her because what? Because of me?"

"Well yes Jone," Mac answered. No way was he holding back anymore. He had loved her all his life in secret, and now that she knows what he feels for her it was best to end things with Braylee. She was technically still married, and he wasn't in love with Braylee at all. He only needed her for sex and so does Braylee. "I'm breaking up with her because all I ever wanted with her was sex. I love you and that's not gonna change."

Jone was silent.

"I want you to promise me one thing," he told her.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Never run away from me again?"

She pulled away slightly to look at him.

"If you ever run away from me again, I will come after you and drag you back home where you belong."

Jone laughed. "Wow, you will really drag me back home?" she asked.

"Well yeah," he shrugged. "We have been away from each other for a long time. And I don't want that to happen once more."

She nodded her head and embraced him. "I promise I won't run away again."


*** *** ***


Lester and Kate were on six months leave from their jobs, in preparation for their wedding next week and for their honeymoon. Which was not a problem at all because Lester manages his own business and Kate works for her father's business too. So the four of them were all huddled that night at Mac's mini theater on the second floor of his house. They were watching a horror movie, too bad Jone was the scardy cat among the four of them. So the whole time during the movie she either hid on Mac's arm or cover her face with her hands and shouted a lot. Everyone would laugh at her.

At around eleven after the movie, everyone went to their different rooms.

Lester and Kate went to their separate rooms, leaving Jone with Mac in his.

Jone sat on the bed not saying anything as Mac went to brush his teeth. He was not sleeping in his room with her, not that they hadn't been sleeping in the same bed before, but this time was different. She knows he loves her, and usually when Mac tells a girl what he truly feels, he manages to make love with her right away. He didn't want that to happen with him and Jone. He loves her, and would only kiss her or make love to her when she asks.

When he came back to his room Jone was rummaging in her bag. She found her toothbrush and smiled at him then went to his bathroom.

"Hey Jone," he called at her.

"Yeah," she called back.

"If you need me I'm in the second floor room, the very first door when you get to the stairs!" he called.

No answer.

Mac went to open the door of his room when Jone emerged from the bath. "Good night Jone,"

"Wait?" she said alarmed.

"What is it?"

"You're leaving me to sleep here alone?" she asked in disbelief.

"Well yes because I offered you my room earlier today remember?"

She raised an eyebrow. "After that horror movie? You're leaving me here alone? Is this a practical joke Mac?"

Mac grinned, he knows that Jone would never want to be left alone after watching horror movies. They had been on that same road a thousand times before. "Well you can ask me to sleep here if you want to, you don't have to make the horror movie an excuse."

Jone rolled her eyes. "It isn't an excuse! I can't sleep here by myself, you know that!"

Closing the door and clicking the lock, Mac sighed and nodded her head. "Alright, I will sleep here on the floor."

"No!" she protested. "Sleep on the bed with me. Like we haven't done this before."

Mac didn't say anything.

Jone crawled into the bed and lay down. Mac turned off the lights, the only light turned on was the one in his bath. He went to pull the door of his bath half closed then went to his bed beside Jone. The two of them lay flat back. Mac's heart pounded crazily. She didn't know what she was putting herself into, he prayed to have that will to stop himself from making love to her now which he had been dying to do at the pool!

"Good night Mac," she said in a whisper.

"Good night Jone," he replied.


It was impossible for him to sleep with her beside him. It was not like him to be so behaved with a woman he had just announced his love with.

"Mac," Jone spoke.

"Yeah," he turned to his side so he was watching her.

Jone was looking up the ceiling. "When did you start feeling the way you feel for me?"

Good that she asked, because he was willing to tell her everything. "High school," he replied.

She smiled then turned to her side so she was looking at him too. "Really?"


"What was it like? Was it the same with the way you feel for your girlfriends?"

"No. I needed a girlfriend before because I wanted to have sex."

"You never loved them?"

"I did love them, but I never had a broken heart... until that day you ran away on stage and never wanted to talk to me."

She was silent. "I'm sorry about that," she finally spoke. "I never knew you felt the same way-"

"What?" he interrupted her.

"I said I'm sorry," she spoke.

"What did you say after that?"

"I never knew you felt... the same way..."

Mac couldn't understand what he was feeling from Jone's confession. "You felt the same way I do?" he asked a smile slowly forming on the side of his lips.

Jone gulped. "I never meant to tell you now-"

"Why not?" he asked moving closer to her.


Mac sighed and pulled her into his arms. "Forget about Braylee, what is important is that we both know that we had been feeling the same way for each other." He extended an arm so she could lay her head there.

"It will be unfair for her,"

"When did you felt this way for me?" he asked.

"High school,"

"What?!" his heart beat went summersault. How could they not know?! "And you never say anything?"

She pinched his side. "Like you even said anything? You were so busy with your girlfriends even in college. And I don't seem to be the girl of your type."

Mac laughed. "Is it because I date mostly the models and the popular girls?"


"Well they all have the guts to tell they wanted to sleep with me or have a relationship with me."

"Good for them," she spoke.

Mac locked a hair strand at the back of her ear and traced her jaw line with a finger. "So tell me, were you really in love with me in high school?"

"You can say, attracted, infatuated, crushing," she answered. "My feelings for you was no way denying but then I have to accept the fact that you have a different taste for girls. Plus I was busy with the band, then I fell in love with someone in college."

"Yeah the guy who had your virginity and broke your heart," remembering Jone crying in his university room that night when she found out that her boyfriend cheated on her with Kate worried and don't know what to do, he wanted to break that guys neck, if Kate hadn't stopped him. Jone was a wreck for almost a year. But after that she had moved on and became different. She played with guys, going into a relationship with them and leaving them broken. She was different in relationships then, but she was still a nice friend to him and Kate.

"He's happily married," she told him.

"I never knew you'd like me," he said. "But I was honestly in love with you already. You are just so cool and we have a lot of things in common. You sing my favorite songs, we thought of the same things..."

"But we're scared things might change if we get into a relationship," Jone said.

"And lose our friendship in the end," he added. "It was only when I saw you the first time I came back home from Japan, that I decided I want you in my life. But I could not make a move because you were heart broken again, and I didn't want you to think I was taking advantage of your depression."

She smiled at him. "I left because the feelings I had for you was starting up again. I didn't want to be unfair, I didn't want you to be the rebound guy, so I left."

"It was really okay for me if I was Mr. Rebound," he told her softly.

"It was not for me," she said truthfully.

"I want us to be official Jone," he decided.

She paused. "What about Braylee?"

"Leave that to me,"

"We can only be official if Braylee is out of your life."

And he promised her that night that he was breaking up with Braylee.








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