Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


8. Sunday

"Henri," she said almost in a whisper. "I really need to get back to sleep now. I'll call you once we've arrived okay?"

Mac glanced at his best friend sitting on his passenger seat. Riverbend was an hours drive from the city, and he went to pick up Jone at her apartment around five thirty that morning so he can have time to prepare before his family arrives at his place that day, and for Jone to continue her sleep if she wanted to. He knows Jone didn't meant to talk in a whisper, she was just too sleepy to be talking normal.

When she hanged up she placed her phone on top of his phone in the compartment between them. Turning to Mac with sleepy eyes she said in a whisper, "Mind if I sleep?"

"Not at all," he answered with a smile.

Smiling, Jone removed her seat belt and gave Mac an embrace. "Thanks," she said then sat back, replaced her seat belt, put on a cap leaned her head to the right and snored off.

It was really good to have her in his car. He missed hanging out with her, he haven't realized that until that morning when she opened the door to her apartment with her eyes still closed, crampled hair and her whole features in disarray. So she told him last night that Henri was not her boyfriend, which was good news to him. The bad news is, he still got Braylee but he will surely find a time to tell her that he wants to put an end to their relationship.

Mac's travel time was only forty five minutes. He drove towards the left side driveway of the house and moved further towards the back parking. His parking area could house six SUV's parked side by side, it was meant for his family and friends who would want to visit his place. From the main road going to his house was a hundred meter drive, beside the road half of the hundred meter was a thich forest which Mac and his friends had already checked and secured from snakes and whatever other dangerous animals or insects there was. The other half was matted  with a wide pathway made up of mixed polished pebbles two to three inches a size leading up to the house, and a garden landscape. The garden landscape was a ledge type going higher than the other making it look like a stairway of different types of colorful flowers. His house was a two storey contemporary craftsman design, with six bedrooms, five and a half baths and a huge swimming pool that goes into the indoor relaxing area at the back of the house. Surrounding the pool was a spacious lawn, to the left side is a storage house, to the right is close outdoor kitchen and above it is a terrace with hanging vines on the wooden shade.

Turning off the engine he sat sideways facing Jone, her head rested to her left shoulder now face covered with her cap and her long hair spread everywhere around her in soft natural waves. He cupped her chin slowly, her lips was as red as it was before, her long lashes curled upwards and turned-up shape nose made all that facial beauty. Mac was tempted to steal a kiss from her when she suddenly stirred from her sleep. Jone opened her eyes slowly and was shocked to see him smiling at her.

"Good morning angel," he told her.

"Good morning," she managed to say and sat up straight checking the place with her half opened eyes. "Are we here? What place is this?"

"Come," Mac said and went out his side of car, Jone followed him as he walked towards the front of the house.

"Wow, this is such a nice place," Jone observed her eyes wide awake this time. "The front garden is really neat, hey these are nice pebbles."

Mac laughed as Jone kept checking the pathway stairs that was made up of pebbles. They zig-zag onto the path leading towards the front door, then Mac inserted one of the keys he was holding and opened the door for Jone.

Jone's mouth dropped open. The hallway floor was made of cream colored marble tiles, on either side of the walls were huge framed pictures of the ocean waves. At the end of the hallway was the back yard which was visible from where the two of them stood because the hallway itself was spacious, a glass sliding door was at the very end of it.

"Is this your place?" she asked stepping into the house with Mac following behind her.

"Yes, welcome to my very own home," he said proudly.

They walked straight towards the sliding door at the end of the hallway, he knows Jone was very interested with the pool since she loves to swim ever since he knew her. Mac opened the door for her and her eyes widened.

"You have a really huge pool!" she exclaimed running out and kneel down to check the pool temperature. "Oh, and it goes into the house?!"


"When did you own this? Did you bought it or you had it built?"

"Had it built last year." he walked to her side and studied his property. "That' the river out there," he pointed outward.

Jone looked to where he was pointing and nodded her head eagerly. "Hell yeah it is."

"Are you staying here now?"

Mac shook his head. "I come here from time to time, to check. Sometimes my family and I would spend the weekends here like today."

"They will be here?" she asked surprised.

"Yes," he answered. "Do you want to get some rest?"

"No, I'm fine. But maybe you can tell me which room I could use if I need to take a nap or change my clothes or anything personal I can do?"

"Yes sure, come," He took her hand and they went back inside. Mac turned to the right hallway and they walked towards the end of it where his room was located. "You can use this room. This is actually my room, the other bedrooms in had already been designated to my siblings whenever they come here. I hope it is okay for you to use my room."

She was silent for a moment, she pulled her hands away from him and walked towards the sliding door leading to an porch. "You actually have your own living room below your bedroom that housed the swimming pool?!"

"Yeah," he answered and opened the door once more for her. The two of them stepped out of the porch and Jone leaned on the railings looking down at the owner's relaxing room. The flooring was an emperador dark marble tiles, with a huge medallion designed on the center. Dark blue sofa sets and rested in front of a huge plasma tv that rested by the brick wall. Thick white and royal blue curtains by the floor to ceiling window were neatly kept on the sides with a curtain holder. A glass door lead to the indoor swimming pool.

"You have such an amazing house!" she exclaimed looking at him. "Would it be okay if I spend a week here or days? I mean I'd buy the groceries and clean the place just so you'd let me stay. This is such a nice home you have."

"Hey, come on! No need to buy groceries or clean my house," Mac told her. "This house is for you- I mean you are always welcome to stay at my house Jone. And I have a caretaker and cleaners who lives just around here and checks the house everyday. So you don't have to worry about anything at all."

She threw her arms around his waist because he just can't reach his neck and gave him a tight hug. "Thank you so much Mac! You are such an awesome friend!"

Mac embraced her and kissed her forehead.

Because she was fully awake now, Mac allowed Jone to help him prepare food for brunch. They were done preparing at around eight and so Mac took the time to walk her out to the river. He was glad that the normal feeling of being friends was back compared to those awkward moments they had when they first saw each other.

She was wearing a gray cargo shorts paired with a thin black shirt and a black flip flops, the usual Jone get up and Mac loves that view of her. "Is Bryalee coming?"

Mac sighed. Her name just made his day partly gloomy. "No she isn't. She's on a business trip for a week."

"Nice, you got yourself a career oriented woman." She answered with a smile glancing at him.

The two of them stood meters away from the river.

"I don't want a career oriented woman," he spoke. "I don't mean in a negative way. What I mean is I don't need a career oriented woman if I want to start a family."

"Well then tell her to quit her job if you want her to be your full housewife." Jone said looking at him.

Mac placed both his hands at the back pockets of his pants and sighed. "She won't."

"How did you know?"

"I told her so," he lied.

"Well you can talk to her again about it, maybe she will change her mind if she loves you that much."

Mac looked at her. "What about you?"

"What about me?" she asked back.

"Will you stop your career if your husband tells you to because he wants you to stay in his home and be his wife."

She smiled at him. "I'm not being arrogant, but whoever that husband of mine will be, is surely lucky enough to have me. Because I myself will quit my job to be a wife to the man I love."

He suddenly wanted to kiss her. Henri was not her boyfriend, so he's got to make a move and be that husband she was saying. He know deep in his heart the two of them were meant to be because if they weren't then why would there be chances of the two of them single at the same time?

"You sure will have a lucky husband."






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