Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


3. Slight Disappointment

Henri was holding a bottle of wine with two wine glasses as he and Jone's father walked out towards the Parker's backyard. Jone remained at the kitchen cleaning what was left from lunch. Her mother who was stacking all the plates in the cupboard suddenly asked if she and Henri were finally dating.

Jone laughed at her mother's question.

"What's so funny about my question?" her mother asked giving her daughter a stern look.

"We aren't dating like boyfriends and girlfriends do," she answered trying to compose herself. Mrs. Parker was a serious and strict type of parent, but other than that she was very caring and concerned about her children. She is a wonderful mother.

"Why not? You two are so perfect together." Mrs. Parker closed the cupboards and crossed her arms infront of her expecting an answer from Jone.

She felt really uncomfortable talking about men with her mother, she was not used to it. Kate was the only person she could talk seriously to about guys. "Because mom Henri and I tried to be more than just friends but it never worked out."

Her mother sighed. "Henri is a very nice man and I like him for you. You are the only one right now who don't have a relationship. Your brothers are happy with their family, Elizabeth is engaged and will be married before the end of this year, and you're single."

Wow, she felt like a loser hearing it from her mother. "Mother, if it is not my destiny to get married then we should accept that okay? Yes I know that I am getting older but it's not my fault if I don't have that special someone with me, we can't force it mom."

"I understand dear," Mrs. Parker went to embrace her tightly. It felt like it was the end of the world and she got no more chance of getting married and having a family. She dreaded that of course, being alone getting older but the guys she met were not meant to be for her.

Jone embraced her mother back then pulled away slightly from her. "I could always get pregnant mom. I'll try to ask Henri to have sex with me and get me pregnant just so you won't feel bad about me not getting married."

Mrs. Parker glared at her and slapped her head lightly.

"Mom!" she protested. But she knew she deserved that, her mother didn't want her and Elizabeth to get pregnant out of wedlock.

"Don't fool around with me Jone Hilary Parker," when her mother called out their complete names, it means she's serious and you have to listen what she has to say.

"I was kidding mom," she said smiling.

"Jone, being a single parent is difficult," Mrs. Parker spoke. "I am thankful to have your father. I am speaking based on what I see from my friends who had been single parent themselves. They have to work extra just to give their children good education and nice things. We parents only want what's best for our children. If you give me an excuse that you have enough money saved for your child, if you just wanna get pregnant, I am telling you now, money is not enough. When your child grows up he will have questions about where his father is, where did he came from and other questions you will find difficult to answer."

Jone was silent.

"You can be a mother and a father at the same time to your child. But it is different when you have a partner helping you with your child as he grow up."

Jone nodded her head. "I'll keep that in mind mom. And I seriously don't want to get myself pregnant. I've known women who are single parent and all I hear from them is complain most of the time how their situation was so difficult."

"I'm glad to know that," Mrs. Parker answered satisfied. "On the other hand, if you asked Henri to get you pregnant I am sure he's gonna ask you to marry him first."

She stared at her mother as she exited the kitchen. Shaking her head from that conversation, Jone went up to her room and dialed her sister's number.

"Jone!" Elizabeth answered excitedly. "Glad to have you back home!"

"Thanks sis," she answered. "What are you doing right now?"

"Watching some old movies with Evan. Are you coming over?"

"I'll try. We're at the mansion right now, dad and Henri are discussing something over wine."

"Henri is here?!" Liz asked excitedly.


"Wait let me talk to Evan,"

There was a three minutes pause, then her sister was back.

"We're coming over right now."

Jone laughed. "Okay, I'll wait."

As soon as they hanged up Jone went to the backyard to inform her parents that her sister was coming over. Her parents and Henri were sitting on a chair under a tent facing the blue green river. Henri took a chair for her and she sat beside him.

"I was talking to Henri here about the two of you," her father said.

Jone blushed embarrassed.

Henri had already met her family twice last year, during summer and winter holidays. She didn't went home to Blue Seas but she invited her family over to Violetrock. Henri became the tour guide and was soon close to them. Whenever she and her family, including her siblings and their family, went out they would always ask if Henri was joining them. Of course he was, he loves showing people around Violetrock.

"You're not getting younger Jone," her father went on.

She glanced at Henri who winked at her.

"I don't want you to grow old alone," Mr. Parker was saying. "So I told Henri here that he can marry you if you want. Besides he's like a son to me and like a brother to your siblings. I know you aren't in love with each other, but when you get married, that loving feeling will come next. Who knows, you both just don't know that you were meant to be unless you two get married."

"Dad you had a lot to drink-"

"I haven't had alcohol yet when Henri and I came to sit here, right Henri?"

"Yes sir," Henri asked, enjoying the moment.

"So what do you say?" Mr. Parker asked her.

Oh God! If she could only teleport right now!

"Dad, Henri and I are just friends," she glanced at her mom for help of turned her attention to the river.

"That's what Henri told me," her father replied. "Did both of you even tried harder to be a couple? I guess not."






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