Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


9. Secrets Spoken

Mac's family was so happy she joined them that day. She couldn't help but feel grateful that his parents and siblings treat her like family, just like her family treated Mac. The whole day was spent swimming at the river, the adults drinking, having barbecue for lunch then more swimming. Jone and Mac took the kids rowing around the waters then playing with them on the shore. At around four in the afternoon, his whole family was ready to go home. They were all exhausted couldn't wait to be on the road.

The last who left were Mac's parents.

"Are the two of you going back to the city?" Mr. Williamson asked sitting on the driver's seat.

Mrs. Williamson had her arms around Jone's shoulder and Mac's waist.

"Not yet dad," Mac answered. "Jone and I are going to hang out for a bit."

"He loves you," Mrs. Williamson whispered in Jone's ear.

Jone pulled a little sideways and looked at Mac's mother who nodded her head with a smile on her face. "I don't want him with Braylee, you should find a way to break them up."

"Come on love," Mr. Williamson called at his wife.

"Please take care of my son Jone," Mrs. Williamson said aloud and embraced her tightly. Turning to her son she said, "You take good care of Jone here okay?"

"Yes ma'am," Mac nodded his head and embraced his mother.

"You're still single Jone?" Mac's father asked.

"Yes sir," she answered.

"Mac's still single too," Mr. Williamson said with a smile. "It would be very nice to see the two of you finally together, what do you think love?"

Mrs. Williamson climbed into the front seat and looked at Jone and Mac. "Well, we've all been waiting for that right?"

"Goodbye mom! Goodbye dad!" Mac called to them and his parents pulled out of his driveway grinning at them. "Sorry about that," he said as they walked back into his house by a door in the driveway leading in.

"No worries at all," she said. There was something going on with Mac and his relationship with Braylee. Because if there wasn't, his parents would never say such things right?

"So what do you want to do now?" he asked her. They were sitting on a sofa in his main living room.

"I really don't know," she answered. She was actually sleepy and tipsy but she was shy to leave Mac awake while she went to sleep.

"Would you like Kate and Lester to come over?" he asked.

She lit up and smiled. "Sure try calling them."

"Okay," he stood up and went up to his room for his mobile phone.

Jone on the other hand lay herself on the sofa and closed her eyes. She could hear Mac's faint footsteps going back to the living room, she didn't bothered opening her eyes. She was just sleepy dammit! Jone felt the side of the sofa caved, and Mac took her legs as he settled himself then placed her legs on top of his lap. She could feel the warmth of his upper body against her bare legs, and this made her really conscious.

"Hey Lester..." Mac said.

She wants to sleep, but Mac was rubbing her legs with the palm of his hand and it was so troubling. It sent shivers to all parts of her body that made her tingle all over.

"Are you with Kate? I tried calling her but she won't answer my call," Mac spoke, this time he was making connected circles on one of her knees. "You guys going out tonight?... What about you two come to Riverbend? Jone's here with me, I think she's asleep," with that he tickled her on her side that brought Jone into a jolt and she sat up giggling hard. "Oh she's awake."

"Don't do that Mac!," she told him and tried to move to the other sofa but Mac's arms were quickly around her waist stopping her from moving away from him. Way back before she was so good in handling this close encounter situation with Mac, she would usually fight her way out from his embrce which was always successful but this time she didn't know why she stayed. Mac had pulled her so close to him that her breast rubbed against his bare chest, it was really disturbing and it was making her hot all over. She rested her elbow on Mac's shoulders when she noticed the tattoo.

"Alright I'll see you then," Mac said, then let go of his phone and began tickling her.

"Holy crap Mac! Stop it!" Jone yelled at the same time laughed while trying to get away from him. But it was impossible since he was bigger and stronger than she was!

"Did you know that I missed you so much and I missed tickling you," he said with a grin.

Jone did her best to tickle him on the sides, and this jolted him which made him stop tickling her. She took this moment to move away from him and ran away.

"You're not going away that fast Jonesie!" he called after her as she ran towards the second floor.

"Mac really, we don't have to tickle each other!" she complained shouting at him and running away when she saw him coming up the stairs. The upper floor of Mac's place was surrounded by a porch so that was a better place to play chase with him because she can get in and out of the rooms.

He was coming to her really quickly and she managed to open the door while shaking his head at Mac who winked at her. She ran out towards the back porch Mac on her tail.

"This is fun!" Mac called at her. He was nearing her now.

"Of all games, you so like tickling and tag!" she called at him and disappeared to the other side of the porch. She opened the hallway door and left it ajar while she went to the front porch silently. Good thing she was barefoot. She heard Mac went into the hallway and closed the door, Jone stiffled a laugh, as she breathed and sweated heavily.

"Jone where are you?!" she could hear him faintly calling.

She laughed to herself. She wasn't going back into the house, so she tried to check on the side of the railings if there was a ladder or something she could climb down to but there was nothing.

"Jone!" Mac was calling from the front of the house.

She quickly went back into the house and down the main hall. But the front door suddenly opened and Mac saw her. "Stop it already Mac," she begged but walked backwards towards the back door.

"I'm still having fun. And what else could we do in this house alone?" he asked slowly walking towards her.

"We can watch movie at your mini theater?" she suggested and dashed out to the backyard.

"Maybe later tonight, a horror movie what do you think?" he called at her as she walked to the opposite side of the pool shaking her head at Mac. "Come on Jone I just wanna tickle you."

"Not a chance Mac-" she trailed off and started to run into Mac's private living room when he moved quickly and chased her. Before she could even push open the glass door of his living room he was already near her. How the hell did he ran so fast?! Jone screamed finally letting herself in the room just in time Mac grabbed her by the waist pulling her into him. "Mac please no tickling..." she said turning to face him.

"No more tickling," he said in a husky voice, his hand rubbing her back, to her waist then to her nape.

A thrill of electricity shot through her making her warm all over and making every part of her body tingle. She stared into his eyes, she could feel the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. Jone's heart hammered wildly. This is really crazy, she couldn't just really fall in love with Mac right? Like totally fall in love? What if everything goes wrong, then they would lose their friendship? She didn't like that at all.

"Do you want to-"

"Wait," she cut him off and stood straight. She pulled him to the sofa, Mac got a questioning look on his face as she sat him down. She sat beside him and checked his shoulder blades. She gasped. "You tattooed my name?" she could hear bells in her ears and it was deafening. Her hands and feet went cold.

Mac sighed looking at her. "Yes I did Jone."

"But why?" she asked looking into his eyes.

He looked away and stood up. "Because..." he trailed off.

"Because what?" she demanded.

"Because I love you."






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