Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


5. Parker's



Nathan & Inna's daughters

 6 Adrianna Nicole Parker

 4 Alexandra Natasha Parker




Leonard & Jane's daughter

 2 Jordan Rae Parker



29 EVAN BRANDON ARMSTRONG - Elizabeth's fiance


*** *** ***


On Sunday, the Parker's sibblings were all packed at their parent's mansion as early as seven in the morning. They were all happy to see Henri. The day's activity was breakfast in the morning, swimming at the river while the men had drinks, the women talking about Elizabeth's near wedding, Mrs. Parker played with her grand children on an inflatable kids pool not far away from the picnic table. At lunch, the men cooked barbecue: chicken, hotdog, burger patties, shrimp and porkchops. The women helped each other cooking spaghetti and some fish stew, this time Mr. Parker joined his wife playing with their grandchildren. After lunch they there was more swimming this time, Innah and Jane brought their children to their rooms for a nap. After dinner, the Parker's siblings kissed their parents goodbye and went back to their homes. They were not on leave yet so they have to get to work in the morning.

Jone and Henri went for a few drinks, went back to Jones apartment at around eleven and said their goodnights. Jone retreated in her room, Henri to the guestroom.


*** *** ***


The whole week was spent with Kate who was busy with her wedding preparations, and since Jone was her maid of honor, which she only found out last monday during the dress fitting, she has to assist Kate with whatever things she needed done. Henri was the best, Jone had suggest that he try and explore BlueSeas by himself but he was so sweet to tag along with the women. Jone kept buying him food, just so he won't get to his dark side, Henri enjoyed it. In the evenings, she and Henri had dinner at the house of her siblings depending who called first. Before going back to her apartment, they'd drop by a bar and have some drinks. That week had somehow made her forget about Mac for just a little. But she couldn't ignore that feeling of wanting to talk to Mac, she missed him so much and he was five buildings away from her but she coudn't have the courage to go visit him. He haven't even called her.


On friday night, Jone, Henri, Elizabeth and Evan went to Leonard's place. Leonard had invited them for dinner and drinks and he insisted that they sleep over at his place to which everyone agreed. Little Rae, Leonard and Jane's 2-yr-old daughter, was tucked to sleep early so the adults was free to have beer. The men were discussing about the basketball game again, while the women were focused watching some horror films. At twelve, they all said their goodnights and went to their designated rooms.

Leonard got four extra rooms in his house, so Elizabeth and Evan took one room together, Jone and Henri had different rooms.

Jone was lying wide awake in her bed. She couldn't sleep, she was itching to call Mac and took her mobile by the night stand. She scrolled her phonebook and stopped at Mac's number, she bit her lip. Should she call him?

Groaning she stood up, went out of her room. The hallway was dark, the only light turned on was the one at the living room which gave a faint glow to the second floor. She knocked on Henri's door across her's.

"Henri," she whispered and knocked once more this time a little louder.

The door opened. Henri peered, he was wearing only his black pajamas, exposing that gorgeous body he got. "What's up?"

She pushed the door and let her into his dark room. The light in the bathroom was on. "I can't sleep."

"Why not?" he asked closing the door behind him and went to sit on the bed.

"I want to call Mac." she said pouting.

"No drunk calls Jone," Henri warned and lay on the bed. "If you want to sleep beside me go ahead. I'm really sleepy and I think I'm drunk too so goodnight okay?"

Once Henri says he's sleepy, he really is going to sleep. She went near him and spoke to his ear, "I'm leaving my phone in your room okay? No drunk calls like you said."

Henri opened one eye at her. "Poor Jone," he said smiling at her then pulled her into his arms. "Sleep here with me. But your mobile on the night stand, I'll keep you from calling him I promise."

Jone wriggled free from him. "Okay, just let me hide my phone in the closet."

Henri didn't say a word.

She hid her phone in the closet and crawled beside Henri, who gladly embraced her back into his arms. Jone threw her arms across his chest and closed her eyes.


*** *** ***

"Where were you?" Elizabeth asked pulling Jone to the front porch of their brother's house on saturday morning.

"Sleeping," she answered rubbing her eyes.

"I came to your room thirty minutes ago and you were not there!" her sister said.

Jone furrowed her eyebrows. "Oh," she said remembering. "I slept with Henri."

Elizabeth's mouth dropped open. "Just like that?! And you have been denying that nothing's going on with the two of you."

She slapped her sister's arm jokingly. "Hey! I didn't have sex with Henri! I slept in his room that's all. Nothing happened okay? And that won't happen, me and Henri having sex?!"

Elizabeth stared at her. "So why did you ran away that night?" she asked.

Jone sat on the wooden railings of the porch, "I didn't want to complicate my friendship with Mac."

"Do you know that he loves you?"

She nodded her head.

"Then why run away? If you ask me, the best relationship is with your best friend. Look, both of you had known each other for a very long time. There is no need for courtship or getting to 'getting-to-know-you's', what you both have to work out is the relationship itself."

"So easy for you to say Liz. That's not gonna happen, he's got a girlfriend and he just annonced last week that he was marrying her when things are in place."

Elizabeth's mouth dropped open once more. "You gotta be kidding me!"

"Not," Jone jumped down and walked into the house when she saw Henri looking for her. "Hey big guy! You hungry?"

Henri embraced her and nodded his head.

"Do you want me to cook or are you on for breakfast by the beach?" she asked.

Elizabeth came in and pinched Jone's ass.

"Hey!" Jone yelled and gave her sister a warning glare.

"Breakfast at the beach sounds nice," Henri said. "I'm going up to change."

"Go ahead," she pushed him away. Henri took the steps three at a time, when he was out of earshots Jone looked at her sister who was now surfing tv channels. This was a good time for revenge, she jumped to her sister's back and started tickling her, which made Elizabeth laugh too loud, and dropped to the floor Jone sitting on top of her and went on tickling.

"Hey, hey girls!" it was Leonard coming out from their room. "Some people are asleep keep your voice low."

"Sorry bro," Jone said and stood up then reached out to pull Elizabeth up. "Henri and I are going ahead."

"Don't you wanna have breakfast?" Leonard asked putting on his shirt.

"I'm taking him to Bacon's and Pancakes," Jone answered.

"Okay, what about you Liz? Are you staying?"

"Yeah," Elizabeth answered still out of breath.

"Good, come help me prepare breakfast." Leonard headed for the kitchen.

Elizabeth swatted Jone's ass then quickly followed her brother before her sister could do something.

Laughing Jone went up to her room and get dressed. She packed her clothes from last night, washed her face, brushed her teeth which took her about ten minutes. She went down and walked to the kitchen where she found Henri chewing, Leonard was cooking bacons, Elizabeth was making fresh orange juice.

"Shall we go now?" Henri asked.

"Yes," Jone answered. She went to Leonard's side, tiptoed and kissed him on the cheek.

Her brother kissed her forehead. "You two take care,"

"We will bro," Jone said. "See you sis,"

The two of them embraced each other.

"Let me know whatever activities you two got for today okay?" Elizabeth said.

Jone nodded her head, Henri said his goodbye and thank you then they speeded away in Jone's car, with Henri driving. He's good in directions for just a week, and Jone was so relaxed because she's got a driver with her.







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