Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


15. More Beer

They went to The Waterhole which was located at The Walk where Jone and Mac lives. It's called The Walk because the whole street is made up of cobblestone from the side walk to the main road, and in that area you will find botiques, restaurants, bars, houses, hotels, condominiums and a lot more. People, and tourists would walk to and fro the street to check out botiques and stores. It was a city by the beach and Jone loves it there.

Before they got to the bar, Mac called Kate so she and her fiance could join them. He was so energetic that night and very happy after breaking up with Braylee. Jone was happy too and at the same time terrified. Mac had just announced to their friends that the two of them are officially dating, it sounded weird that she was dating her best friend but it was what she wanted, what they both wanted. It may sound easier to have a relationship with Mac, because they had known each other for a long time, but at the same time she was scared. Scared that it may go wrong, scared that they would fight, scared about what's to come next. And if all fails, then what? Will they still be friends just like before? Of course not, everything will change. Nothing will be the same and Jone dreaded that.

"I am so happy for the two of you!" Kate told them. "Finally we will be cousins Jone and Liz too! We have a huge family now Mac don't you think?"

"You're right about that." Mac agreed. "I've wanted to be a part of the Parkers."

Jone looked at her bestfriend who was now her boyfriend. She still couldn't believe it. "Don't flatter me Mac,"

"What's to flatter?" he asked with a smile. "I'm telling the truth."

"So it means the wedding bells will happen soon?" Lester asked.

Lester, Evan, Kate and Elizabeth cheered.

"Of course it will."

"What are you talking about?" Jone asked laughing nervously. "We have just been officially girlfriend and boyfriend for what a few hours and you guys are talking about wedding bells?"

"Why not?" Elizabeth asked her. "Hey I am the youngest Jone, and I don't know about everyone here but you are supposed to get married ahead of me."

"She's right," Kate agreed.

"How old are you Jone?" Evan asked.

Jone looked at him. "Evan I'm almost your sister in law, can you please not ask me that, it's a bit insulting."

They laughed. The conversation was getting serious and Jone didn't like it.

"Yeah how old are you Jone?" Lester asked this time.

"Twenty nine," she answered.

"And Mac's twenty nine too," Kate said.

"You two should get married before you reach thirty," Elizabeth said.

"It's too early to discuss that, right Mac?" she looked at Mac and squeezed his knee under the table for help.

Mac understand her. He nodded his head and smiled. "Guys, Jone's right. For now we want to enjoy being together as boyfriend and girlfriend. The husband and wife will come next."

"Good to hear that," Elizabeth said. "I myself would just like to know that your relationship will move forward to getting married. Jone is my sister, she had been into lots of hardships and now that you two finally realized that you belong together, there's nothing in the world a family would want but the best for Jone."

Jone was touched by what Elizabeth said that she stood up and embraced her sister. "Thank you sis,"

"Anytime Jone," Elizabeth answered with a smile.

"Here's to Mac and Jone," Evan raised his glass.

"To Mac and Jone," everyone said and drank their beer.


***     ***     ***


Jone took a shower while Mac went to his place to change. It was already two in the morning and she was tipsy and so sleepy. After she finished her shower, she put on a boxer shorts and a large size shirt, her usual sleeping clothes. She was lying on her sofa, changing channels on the tv trying to stay awake or else Mac would never make it inside if she fell asleep.

Ten minutes later her doorbell rang. She quickly stood up to open the door. Mac smiled at her. He was wearing a faded blue shirt paired with a black pants. "Can I come in?" he asked.

"Of course," she opened the door wide and let him in, as she locked the door her heart pounded like crazy. Like he said, they were official, so it means that something was about to happen that night. She understood if Mac hadn't kissed her for the past days because she told him that she din't want anything to do with him unless it was over with him and Braylee. Now that it's over-

"Hey are you planning to stay there or are we going to sleep?" Mac asked.

Taken aback, she realized that she was still holding the door knob. She turned to look at him, the sight took her breath away, Mac was only wearing his  pants now. His shirt rested on the arm of the sofa.

"Come on," she took his hands with hers and guided him to her room. Once inside Mac closed the door behind them. Jone crawled to her bed and Mac turned off the lights, then went to open the bathroom light and joined her on the bed.

Mac pulled her into his arms, turning her so her back was against him. He pulled her closer and she could feel the heat of his upper body as her legs felt the roughness of his pants. Mac took her right hand with his right hand and entertwined his fingers with hers. Her head rested on his biceps, she was suddenly wide awake. Where did that sleepy moment go?

"I love you Jone," he whispered in her ear, as he rested his right hand with her right hand on her belly.

She didn't answer. Is it too soon? She didn't want to tell him she loves him too... she like what she's feeling now, loving him, but she's scared that if tells him that everything would go wrong. "Yes, you told me that."

Mac laughed softly, then took his hands from hers, she thought he got offended for her failure to reciprocate what he said but instead Mac cleared the back of her neck from her hair, and let her hair rest on the pillow. He then grazed his hands on her belly, to her legs to her arms, his fingers touching the side of her breast. Jone shut her eyes, what he was doing made her head spin and sent prickling sensation all over her body. Mac pressed his hard body against her and she could feel him having a hard on. He kissed her neck, Jone wanted to shout, his kisses was magical making her body scream for more. She tried to turn so she could face him, it was killing her but Mac pinned her with his arm. He went on kissing the back of her neck, this time he moved to her ear, his tongue playing the back of her ear, then going back to her nape as his hands went on caressing her body.

She was furious that he couldn't even run his hands on her breast, she badly needed him to touch him there! She was starting to get wet, but all Mac did was kiss her ear, her nape, torture her body with his touches. It went on for ten minutes, then he stopped.

"We will have all the time soon," he whispered on her ear. "Good night my love."

Jone smiled to herself. "Good night love," she replied and closed her eyes.

Mac circled his arms around her belly and she rested her arm on top of his. There was nothing more she could ask for.





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