Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


2. Mac Get's A Good News

"Babes," someone whispered.

Mac stirred from his sleep.

"Babes, I have to go. I'll see you later tonight okay?"

He rubbed his eyes and slowly opened to look at his girlfriend 35-yr-old Braylee Hannah Saling. "Do you have to go to soon?" he asked groggily.

Braylee smiled at him. "I know. But I have to go home, you know that right?"

He sat up and kissed her then walked her to the door. Braylee kissed him once more, smiled then went away. Mac locked the door behind him and went to the kitchen. He took a box of orange juice and walked to his balcony. It was a beautiful saturday morning, the sun was shining down the ocean making the water glitter. The beach was crowded with people playing or sun bathing, and the wind was doing it's job to keep the people comfortable from the scorching sun.

Mac had been dating Braylee for a year. He can't go on and move things to the next level like asking her to stay with him at his place because she was married. Yes they both know that what they were doing is against the law, but her husband had started it. She caught him sleeping with someone else in their bed, and instead of getting a divorce she herself went to sleep with someone else, and that was him - Mark Aaron Cyrus Williamson. Braylee's reason was to get even but Mac didn't liked it at all. He didn't want to convince her to get a divorce, he needs her to do it herself, with her own freewill. That's why he never gave her a spare key, he didn't totally have her and she seemed to like their situation which was okay with him.

Walking back into his place he turned of the television then went to his room to check his mobile. There was a message from Kate, he opened it and went back to his living room sat down on the couch and held his breath. The message read:

Stop by the house tonight, Jone's back home. We're having food and drinks, and you can bring your girlfriend tonight if you want to.

Kate never really liked Braylee because she is a married woman and whenever they have gatherings  she would always tell him before hand that she didn't want Braylee around, except now. He started to type a message reply but decided to call his cousin.

Five rings before she answered.

"Hey how are you?" he asked.

"I'm great," she sounded really happy. As if reading his thoughts she said, "Yes Jone is here, she's in her condo if you wanna ask-"

"She is?!" he asked excited.

"Yeah but-"

"I'll call you back!" he interrupted turned off his phone and took a quick shower. It would be nice to have breakfast with her. After his shower, he wiped himself dry with his blue towel and put on a blue faded jeans and a faded blue shirt. He took his keys, his wallet his phone and went straight to Jone's apartment at Crystal Building that was a five buildings away from his place. He took the lift and pressed 10. The lift seemed to take longer, it seems like the nearer he was to her place everything suddenly was slow motion. And that sudden drum beat of his heart he felt whenever he was gonna see her was there once more. 

Almost two years since he last saw her and it was during that stupid dating game. He was the searcher and she was the searchee he had chosen. When they found out who they were, Jone ran away from the stage. He tried to keep up with her but he has to accept the prizes he won for the supposed summer dates they were entitled to. He went to her apartment late that night but she was not there, he called her at their family mansion but her parents said she was not there. Everyone was worried about her and they didn't have a clue where she was. Six months later, she called Kate to let her know that she was okay but she didn't want to talk to him. He was hurt when Kate told him that, he needed an explanation as to why she didn't want to talk to him. After forcing Kate to give him Jone's number he tried calling her and sending her messages but she never answered at all. But he was willing to leave that all behind now, it was not important at all. What is important was Jone was back home, this time he was going to tell her about what he really felt. He may be selfish because he's got Braylee, but their relationship was nothing but sexual. Jone was the one he truly love.

Finally on the tenth floor, he went to apartment number 1010 and pressed on the doorbell. He waited for five minutes no one came to open, then he pressed the doorbell again. Three minutes later the door opened.

"Get a shower already! You promised we're visiting your parents today!" a golden blonde hair guy, who was almost as tall as he was hollered to someone in the apartment before he checked who was outside the door.

Mac was now confused. He was sure Jone's apartment was 1010.

"Yes?" the guy asked. He was wearing only his pinstriped pajama. "Can I help you?"

"Oh I think I got the wrong apartment-" Mac began but stopped when he heard her voice.

"Who is it Henri?" Jone came to the door and opened it wider. 

The two of them locked eyes. Her hair was so long it reached her elbows, it was messy but she was still gorgeous. She was wearing a men's boxer shorts which was her usual night attire, paired with a huge black shirt.

"Jone," he said almost in a whisper. He didn't want to imagine the possibilities but it sure looks like this guy was her boyfriend.

"Mac," she spoke. "This is Henri, Henri Mac."

"Hey," Henri nodded and they shook hands.

"Hey," Mac managed to say.

"I'll be inside preparing breakfast okay," he spoke to Jone looking down at her.

She looked up at him and nodded, kissed her head and left the two of them. "Do you wanna come in?" she asked.

Mac shook his head. "I just dropped by to check if Kate was really telling the truth. And yes you really are here."

Jone smiled at him. "Yeah, for Kate's wedding."

They were silent for a while. Without a word he took her into his arms and embraced her tightly. He thought she wasn't going to return the gesture but she did, Jone embraced him tightly too. "I missed you Jone."

"I missed you too Mac," she answered in a low voice.

Pulling away he looked down at her and smiled. "I'll see you and your boyfriend tonight at Kate's?"

She smiled for the first time and nodded her head. "Yeah, see you there."

One last embrace and Mac left. He wanted to strangle that guy Henri! Such a lucky bastard he was for having Jone! What now? Will he just give her up again?! Was it time to forget what he feels for his best friend and accept that a relationship will never happen between them?



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