Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


13. Jordan Rae's Birthday

"He doesn't have a girlfriend yet?" Jone asked Jane, wife of her older brother Leonard on Tuesday morning. It was the birthday Leonard and Jane's daughter Jordan Rae who was now three-years-old. The celebration was held at the Parker's family mansion as the grand parents insisted.

Jane shook her head, the two of them were preparing food for the visitors who were coming for lunch with their children. Most visitors were Jane and Leonard's friends, Jone's siblings and Mac was invited. It was a painting children's party where, kids get their own canvas, dip their hands and feet on flourescent neon paints and do whatever they want on their canvas. A huge tent was built at the back yard, and the canvases and paints were all ready for use later.

"Do you think he is gay?" Jone asked. The two of them were talking about Sean Whitmore, Nathan's friend and business partner whom Jone had dinner with two years ago.

"I don't think so," Jane answered. "He's just choosy, that's why  he doesn't have a girlfriend yet."

"Too bad he's handsome," Jone could still picture Sean's face. She almost thought they'd hit it right away but turned out both of them didn't have things in common.

"Hello ladies," it was Inna, wife of Nathan, Jone's eldest brother. She was carrying her youngest daughter Alexandra who was drinking milk from her baby bottle.

The women exchanged hugs, and Jone and Jane took turns planting a kiss on Alex's cheek who smiled at them happy at what they did.

"Where is Jordan?" Inna asked.

"She's at the game room with her grandparents." Jane replied.

"Aunty Jone!," Adrianna, the eldest daughter of Inna squealed happily as she barged into the kitchen holding a toy gun. She was wearing a camouflage pants, paired with a tan army combat boots and foliage green shirt.

"Look at you!" Jone exclaimed as she knelt down and embrace her niece. "You're going to war today sweetie?"

"Yes!" Adrianna replied with a smile. "Daddy and I will play that war games he and uncle Leonard play when we come visit grandparents."

Jone and Jane looked at Inna who shrugged.

"Hello aunty Jane!" Adrianna threw her arms open and Jane knelt to embrace her.

"Hello there little soldier," Jane said.

"Are you baking cakes?" Adrianna asked.

"Yes, because I know you love cakes a lot." Jane said with a smile.

"Thanks aunty Jane," Arianna kissed Jane on the cheek then turned to the door to leave. Turning to her mother she said, "Mom can I play now?"

"Go ahead honey," Inna nodded her head and Adrianna dashed out of the kitchen yelling for her father.

Jone went back slicing potatoes, while Jane went to check her cake in the oven.

"Who bought her that clothes?" Jane asked Inna who placed Alex on the floor and let her walk around the kitchen.

"Nathan," Inna answered. "That guy is making her daughter's a lesbian."

"I think it means he wants to have a son." Jone offered.

Inna took a glass and went to the fridge and poured herself some pineapple juice. "I want to have a son too, but what if we try once more and it's still a baby girl?"

"Well then you should try till you get a baby boy," Jane answered.

"Nice one Jane," Inna answered flatly. "Then it means I have to hire a nanny to help me watch my children."

"There's nothing wrong with that," Jone said. "At least you have someone to help you take care of the children and do the household chores."

"That's a lot of planning to do," Inna said. "I'll be back to help you guys prepare. I'm just gonna take Alex to her daddy."


***    ***     ***


At around ten, the women, Jone, Inna, Jane and Elizabeth had already packed the table in the huge tent at the back yard with food. The tent was especially made to be airconditioned since it was scorching hot outside. Visitors poured in with their children and gifts for Jordan and the gift table was almost full with presents.

"You have a lot of visitors," Elizabeth told Jane. The two of them were fixing all the gifts so none would fall.

Jone was lowering the temperature of the ac as people and kids poured in. "This should be fun," Jone said as she went near Jane and Elizabeth. "I didn't know you have lots of friends."

"I've only got a few close ones," Jane answered. "The other people who's here are colleagues of Leonard and Nathan."

"Wow," Elizabeth said wide eye. "Looks like it's a company party instead of children's party."

"I know," Jane said shaking her head. "I told Leonard not to invite people from office but he insisted. The guy's so proud of his daughter."

"Jane!" Inna called coming towards them. "Is the pool open to the kids now?"

"Yeah if they want to have a swim they can," Jane answered.

Jone's phone rang and she answered it. "Mac!"

"Hey gorgeous," Mac said.

She could tell that he was smiling. Just hearing his voice made her want to melt.

"Has the party started?" Mac asked.

"I guess it has. Lots of people are here now. What time are you coming?"

"I'm just parking my car outside the mansion now," Mac answered.

"You're here?! I thought you were coming around twelve."

"Well I missed you," he answered.

Jone quickly ran to the side of the house and walked towards the front. She saw Mac closing the door of his car his back to her.

"Where are you?" Mac asked.

"Behind you," she answered as she neared him.

Mac turned and smiled by the sight of her. He bent down and gave her a light kiss on her lips, just pressing his lips against her gently then  he embraced her. Eversince he told her he liked her, Jone had been waiting for him to kiss her, but he haven't done that yet. And now just pressing his lips against her made her head spin, thank goodness for the embrace she stood still on her feet.

"God, I never knew that I'd be missing you so bad everyday," he told her pulling away lightly.

"I feel the same way too," she answered.

"I've got a present for Jordan," Mac said moving towards the back of his car. He opened the trunk and took a large box.

"What the hell's in there?" Jone asked him.

"A stuff toy," Mac answered and closed the trunk.

"As stuff toy bigger than my niece?" she asked in disbelief a smile emerging from the side of her lips.

Mac carried the gift on his left arm, and he took Jone's hand with his on the right side. The two of them walked towards the back of the house. "I'm sure Jordan wouldn't mind having a huge fluffy toy in her room."

"Sounds scary," Jone said grinning.

Mac rolled his eyes. "I bet Jordan isn't a scardy cat like you."

Jone squeezed his hand tightly. The backyard was a sight of parents watching their children play at the inflatable pool that could house fifty children all together. Jone pulled Mac into the tent.

"Look who's here!" Leonard boomed seeing the two of them coming in.

Mac placed his gift, which was the biggest, on the floor and shook Leonard and Jane's hands. Then he took Jordan from Leonard and greeted her happy birthday. Jordan was smiling and saying something pointing at the gifts.

After Mac had exchanged hi's and hello's to Jone's family, the two of them went to the buffet table to take some food. The two of them sat on a table with Elizabeth and Evan.

"So when did the two of you started dating?" Elizabeth whispered in Jone's ear as Mac and Evan talked about politics.

"He is just a friend Liz," Jone whispered back and couldn't help but smile.

"Liar," Elizabeth said and giggled.

After lunch, Jone and Mac watched the kids with their painting party. Children ranging from two year old to four were crawling on their canvas with only their diapers on. They looked so colorful with the paints that were scattered all around their body.

"We will have a paint party for our children too," Mac whispered in her ear then placed an arm around her shoulder.

She didn't look up at him because she knows he was staring at her.

When the kids were done with their painting, their canvas were then framed by the paint-party-crew and was then dried out.

"I think I have to go now," Mac told her.

Jone wanted him to stay but she stopped herself. "Are you sure?" she asked.

"Yes," Mac answered. "Where will I pick you up tonight?"

"Here I guess," she answered.

"Good," he kissed her on the forehead. "We're having dinner tonight."


***     ***     ***

"I could beat you all night Mac," Jone said grinning after sending ball 15 into the pocket of the pool table. After dinner, the two of them decided to play pool and they had been there for almost an hour, Mac loosing most games winning only two.

Mac rolled his eyes. "Hey, it doesn't mean that I'm losing the game then I'm not good. I'm just giving you the oportunity to win over me."

Jone laughed. Eversince high school, Mac and Kate always lose to her whenever they play pool. "Oh, sorry to be such a show off."

Mac winked at her as they started their fifth set. Jone sent one ball into the pocket at the beginning of the game, on her second attempt she did her best not to hit ball number 1 so Mac could take turn. Ball 1 was an easy hit.

"Come on Jone, don't make me feel like I'm really bad at this game," Mac grumbled when he took his turn but pocketed ball 1.

Jone winked at him. It was still his turn so she sat on the high chair and sipped her beer when Braylee breezed into the billiard house with another man laughing.

Mac stopped to check out who it was, Jone was sure that he was familiar with her laugh. "You wanna guess who she's with right now?" Mac asked concentrating his game.

"Another boyfriend?" she shrugged, just as Braylee and the guy walked past their table. Braylee stared at Jone in shock, then her eyes went to Mac who grinned at her. Jone could tell that Braylee was furious seeing her with Mac, because she quickly pulled the guys hand and walked faster looking for empty table.

"You wanna go now?" Mac asked her.

"Do you want to?" she asked. Maybe he wanted to talk to her.

"Of course," he answered.

Jone nodded her head and the two of them went to the counter to pay their bill. Mac took her hand as they headed out of the billiard house.

"Where do you want to go now?" he asked.

Jone checked the time in her phone, it said ten thirty. "Aren't you supposed to sleep early? You've got work tomorrow."

He shook his head as they walked towards the parking lot. "I forgot to tell you tomorrow is the start of my long vacation."

She was delighted by his news, his attention will all be on her and she's looking forward to spending all the time with him. Jone suddenly remembered her vacation ends three days after Kate's wedding. "How long exactly is your vacation?" she asked when Mac opened the passenger door for her.

Mac closed the door and leaned on the window that Jone had opened. "Two months, why?"

She frowned. "I'm going back after Kate's wedding."

He was silent for awhile then went to the driver's seat. "Do you really have to go back?" he asked in a sad voice.

"I work there Mac," she answered. Jone could actually come back home anytime and work at her father's company, but she wants to make sure that Mac says it himself that he wants her back in BlueSeas.

"Then I'll come with you to VioletRock." Mac told her with a smile.

It was not the reply she expected, but in fact it was a very nice suggestion. "Are you sure?" she asked.

He nodded his head. "Unless you don't want me to,"

"Of course I want you to spend vacation in Violetrock! You will love it there I promise."

"Great, so where do you wanna go now?" he asked her once more.

"At your place?" she asked. "In Riverbend."

"Are you sure?"

Jone nodded her head. "But I got to pack some clothes first."

They spent the night watching movies in Mac's room. For the first hour the two of them were sitting on the bed, on the second hour, Jone was already lying comfortably while Mac just sat watching. She didn't know what happened to that movie they were watching because she had fallen asleep.



















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