Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.



Eleven months later, Mac was on the plane headed for Violetrock. Yesterday, he, Braylee and her husband were at the hospital for the child's DNA results. It turned out that he was not the father of Braylee's child, her husband was. Yes husband. When Braylee filed for a divorce, her husband didn't signed the papers. She told him the reason why she was divorcing him, because she caught him cheating on her. She made her revenge, slept with Mac for almost two years with out him knowing, and the reason why she was having the DNA test because she was not sure who the father really was.

Her husband had asked for her forgiveness and was really sorry and regretted what he had done. But despite all Braylee's confession he didn't want the divorce. He told Braylee that if whatever the result of the DNA was, he was the father or not, he was going to treat the child like his own.

Mac didn't like hearing the news from Braylee. By those time, the two of them had been good friends. Mac had told Braylee that if the child was his own, he was taking the child and raise him alone. He didn't want anything to do with her anymore, to his surprise she agreed. She said that when she gives birth and they find out he was the father, she was still divorcing her husband and will leave the country. She had asked for his forgiveness for what she did to him and Jone, Mac forgave her and asked forgiveness from her too after the way was rude at her.

So when the three of them met at the doctor's office yesterday, they were all filled with good news. The couples were happy for the result, that was what Mac had seen from Braylee and her husbands reaction when the test results matched her husbands and not Mac's. Mac had his copy of the result and as the three of them walked out of the hospital he overheard the couples talking about migrating to a different country to start anew. Mac was happy for them.

Now that everything was settled with Braylee, he's got his own life to fix. He was going back to Violetrock and ask Jone to marry him. If she was declining he was staying there till she says yes and comes home with him. Mac had already told his father and his siblings that he was on a long vacation but will be reachable by email and phone. If there was anything important from work, he will still be working but from Violetrock. His mother and father embraced him upon knowing that he will do his best to win Jone's heart. He was determined to do whatever it takes to have Jone back in his life. He knows he'd done a huge mistake for lying about the truth, but this time it was a good news and he was sure she will be happy to hear it. Well, that is if she still loves him.

It's been a really difficult eleven months without any communication with Jone. It was like dying each day, but he never lose hope. His love for her became stronger and was so sure of himself that Jone will one day forgive him and have him back.

He was delighted three months ago on Elizabeth and Evan's wedding which he got invited to. He bought an engagement ring when he came back home from Violetrock because he was planning to propose to Jone, but was in dismay when he found out that Jone didn't came. Weird and unusual as it seems, but Jone's family seemed to be okay about it. Elizabeth was fine with it. Mac asked the Parker's why Jone wasn't there but they said that she had something very important to attend to and it was impossible for her to take a flight to attend Elizabeth's wedding.

Henri, Jone's friend who was looking after Jone for Mac, had been in constant communication with him. Informing him Jone's activities, but he never told Mac what was Jone so busy of that she failed to attend her sister's wedding. Last week he received a call from an excited Henri. He told Mac to flight to Violetrock as soon as possible, Mac tried to ask what his excitement was all about but he wouldn't tell. So Mac told Henri to give him a week because the DNA will be out soon, and whatever the news he was flying to Violetrock.

So there he was, on the plane, ready to win back his one true love.


***     ***     ***


"Is everyone here?" Jone asked Elizabeth. They were all at the church for the christening of James Matthew Parker.

Elizabeth nodded her head. "Yes we all are here!" she answered excitedly.

"Where is Henri? Are the candles complete?" Jone asked worriedly.

"I don't know where Henri is, I haven't seen him since we arrive here." Elizabeth answered.

Jone groaned. She carefully handed baby James to her sister and said, "Be careful with him. I just have to call Henri! Dammit, the christening will start in thirty minutes!"

"Don't worry sis, we'll take good care of our nephew," Elizabeth said with a smile, and Evan her husband came to her side and smiled at the two month old baby boy.

"He looks just like his father," Jone heard Evan say as she walked to the side aisle and took her number from her dress pocket.

Yes, baby James looks a lot like his father.

She dialed Henri's number and he answered on the second ring. "Busy much?" she asked him.

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri was playing in the back ground. "Hey Jone! I forgot to buy a gift so I went to find something special!"

Jone laughed instead of getting angry. Eversince she delivered baby James, Henri had been so fond of him. When the baby cries, Henri would get up to feed him. He was always on watch whenever he came home from work and on the weekened. Jone felt so blessed to have Henri in her life who had been very supportive, loving and caring. What more could she ask for?

"Do you really have to listen to Christina Perri?" she asked smiling.

"Well yes, because I'm in love." Henri announced.

Jone laughed. "Alright big guy, be here now! We aren't starting the christening without a father remember."

"I got that ma'am."

As soon as they hanged up, Kate and her husband Lester arrived in a cab. Jone waved at them and went to meet them at the steps of the church. "How was your sleep?" she asked the couples.

"Wonderful! Violetrock is such a lovely place!" Kate said.

"I know." Jone answered.

"I'm planning to buy us a vacation home here," Lester announced.

"You do?!" Jone asked in excitement.

"Yes," Kate replied. "It'll be nice to teach the kids how to surf, and the place is pretty laid back."

"You two will surely love it here!"

The three of them went inside the church. Jone's mother, who was talking with her father and daughter in laws, walked towards her when she saw her. Jone motioned Kate and Lester to walk ahead. Her family had been there for a week now. Her parents were shocked when they arrive and found out she have a child, but at the same time happy. What else could they do, she got pregnant out of wedlock, it's not like she's a little less of a person now right? Things happen uncontrollably.

"I want you to know Jone, that I am not angry to whatever happened to you," her mother said teary eyed.

Jone embraced her mother, a tear dropping down her cheek. "Thank you mom. I thought you'd disown me for what happened."

"That will never happen Jone. If we disown you it's also disowning our little angel." Her mother kissed her forehead and went back to join her husband.

Jone checked the time on her phone, ten minutes to to ten and Henri was not there yet! "Where the hell is Henri!" she groaned as she neared Kate, and Elizabeth who was sitting on the chair.

"Hey calm down," Kate said. "They will be here soon!"

"They?!" Joan asked with raised eyebrow. Before anyone could answer, noise start to build among her family. "What's going on?" Jone asked and took James from her sister.

"They're here!" Kate announced excitedly.

Jone followed where the crowd was looking. Henri came inside wearing a black pants paired with a white shirt. He was smiling widely when he saw Jone, and he's got this huge gift with him. Someone was following him behind, she couldn't figure out who because she was concentrated on the gift Henri was bringing and wondering what was in there.

Henri kissed her forehead as he got near her, and kissed little Jame's forehead too. "This is for him." he presented the gift.

Kate took it and placed it on the side. It was the only gift there because all their presents were at the reception.

"Thank you Henri," Jone smiled looking up at him. Why couldn't they ever fall in love. He was such a good man, but there was nothing they felt for each other.

"And I have a present for you,"

She looked at him closely.

Henri moved aside, standing in front of Jone was Mac, he's got a long hair now that was tied to the back of his head. He was wearing a tux. Jone was in mixed emotions. Confused, happy, sad.

"Jone," Mac whispered when he finally was near her. Tears swelled on his eyes and so was Jone. He looked down the baby. "Is it true?"

She couldn't say a word. "What is true?" she croaked.

"James is our son?" he asked in a soft voice.

Little James stirred from his sleep and opened his eyes to his father, like he knew he was coming.

"He is," she said in a low voice, as tears never endlessly poured down her eyes.

Mac smiled and kissed her forehead. "Can I carry him?" he asked her.

She nodded her head still unable to speak. She just couldn't believe that Mac was standing right in front of her now. She checked for his wedding ring but there wasn't any.

"Hello littly guy," Mac said nuzzling his sons nose with his. "Daddy's here. We will never be apart again."

This made Jone talk. "Wait Mac," she said. "Yes he is our son, but you aren't taking him away from me. You have a wife-"

Mac nodded to Elizabeth motioning her to take the baby from him.

Jone looked at Elizabeth. What was going on? Everyone was suddenly okay that Mac was there? He's got a family now right? Why isn't her siblings doing anything at all.

"Mac, if you want to stay for the christening of your son you can. Otherwise-"

Mac cut him off with a kiss that melted her knees and brought back memories of that last night they were together. "I told you I am coming back to take you home with me," he said pulling away from her. He extended his hand for something and Henri came to hand him a white A4 envelope. "This is the DNA result," he handed it to Jone.

She took it her hands trembling and took the paper inside. It read negative match. She looked up at him. "Are you sure?" she asked in a whisper.

Mac nodded his head. "Yes I am sure," he answered wiping his eyes with his fingers.

That feeling of dying for the past months was suddenly replaced by a feeling of being alive. A completeness she had never felt before. "What can I say?" she sobbed. "I don't know what to say Mac."

He took her hands and suddenly knelt down. Jone's heart went thumping fast. Her family were watching them with a smile of happiness and contentment. "What are you doing Mac?" she asked.

Mac took something from his pocket, a little blue velvet box and opened it, exposing a diamond ring. She gasped.

"Jone Hillary Parker, will you come back home with me and our son to BlueSeas, be my wife, allow me to spoil you with my love for infinity?" he asked her, tears running down his cheek.

The song A Thousand Years suddenly played softly in the speakers of the church. Jone looked around. To her parents who nodded their heads, their eyes red with tears. Her brothers and their wifes smiling at her happily. She turned to Elizabeth and Kate who were tearful too, then to Henri who was nodding his head and wiping his eye.

"Are you serious?" she asked Mac in a whisper as she looked back at him. She sniffled.

"I am," Mac answered sincerely.

"Than yes Mac," she answered. "I will come back home with you with our son, be your wife and will allow you to spoil me with your love for infinity."

Everyone clapped their hands and cheered.

Smiling with all his heart Mac slipped the ring into her finger, stood up and kissed her liked he'd never kissed anyone before. It made him the happiest man ever. Having a son and finally having Jone was all he had dreamed of. But Jone was still in for another surprise, she just didn't know yet.

The priest then came out from a door behind the altar and spoke on the microphone. "Good morning everyone," he called to them.

Mac and Jone broke apart holding hands never letting go. Everyone went silent.

"We are all gathered here for the christening of a little angel who recently joined us here on earth," the priest said. "However, I was told of a lovely story by one of my resident parishoner Henri Forbes and had asked me to do a little favor. If I could perform a wedding ceremony before the christening."

Jone looked at Henri angrily. What the hell was he doing? Getting married before she was to christen her son?! "He is always an idiot!" Jone said in a harsh whisper at Mac.

"Why?" Mac asked looking down at her.

"He didn't told me that he was getting married today! And he told me that he's got a surprise on Jame's christening!" she said angrily.

"-today everyone we are all gathered for the union of Mark Aaron Cyrus Williamson and Jone Hillary Parker. Christening of their son will come next." the priest was saying.

Everyone clapped their hands once more and cheered.

"What?" she was confused.

"Priests never lie,"

"If you all could please prepare for the wedding ceremony which will start in thirty minutes?" the priest motioned to them.

"Shall we?" Mac asked her.

Jone nodded her head. There's no point of declining her own wedding right, but she was surely surprised at what happened that day! It was such a huge happening and everyone she loved was there to witness a wonderful moment in her life.

"I think you should go back to the door Jone because you will be walking down the aisle?" Elizabeth told her.

Jone nodded her head. "I need to talk to Mac for a minute." Looking up at her soon to be husband she smiled and said, "Answer me okay?"

"Yes ma'am." Mac nodded his head.

"When did you planned all this?"

"Two days ago. Henri, Kate, Elizabeth, Lester and Evan worked together to make this day happen. They only briefed me when I arrive which was two days ago as I said."

"So you proposed because they say so?"

Mac shook his head. "I bought this engagement ring the day you left me a note that it is over between us."

Tears started to fall down her cheek.

"You thought I'd give up on you Jone?" he asked.

She nodded her head.

"That will never happen." He embraced her tightly. "I love you so much, and that's not gonna change. No one will ever take that away from me."

"I love you so much too Mac."

The two of them kissed.

"Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" he asked wiping a tear with his thumb.

"I told you I didn't want to ruin a family Mac."

Mac sighed. "Next time when we have problems don't decide by yourself. We will talk about it and resolve it the same day, you understand?"

She nodded her head. "Yes,"

Mac went to Elizabeth and took his son from her. He kissed little James on the cheek and said, "He looks a lot like me."

"I thought you'd never notice," Jone smiled.

Whoever said bestfriends can never work out a relationship? Here they are now, minutes to their wedding, with more love for each other than they'd ever had before.



To Everyone who read my work I thank you all so much. And thanks for the like.

-Mihaela C.










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