Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


14. End

Jone stayed with Mac at his home in Riverbend for the rest of the week, making him the happiest guy. They'd go out to spend time with either of their siblings and parents, Mac's father had congratulated him for finally having Jone but Mac explained that it was not official yet. Jone was waiting till everything was over between him and Braylee. Which leads to that day, Friday.

Earlier that day he and Jone spent their time going to malls to choose a gift for Kate's bridal shower and wedding gift but Jone couldn't decide what to buy and was irritated that Mac wouldn't help her. Mac told her that she was the decision maker between the two of them and he was the financier, Jone just rolled her eyes at his reply.

At around five in the afternoon, Mac dropped Jone at her sister Elizabeth's place and he set off to meet Braylee at a restaurant down the border of BlueSeas where the places aren't crowded. Joseph was with him in the restaurant while they waited for Braylee who of course is always thirty minutes late. She has to make up some alibis from her husband just so she could get out of the house.

"Do you think this is a good idea Mark?" Joseph asked him.

"Are you scared she's breaking up with you?" Mac asked. "Because she herself had admitted to me that she's still married and wants revenge before she gets a divorce."

Joseph stared daggers at him. "You're joking right?"

Mac shrugged. Well he and Joseph aren't close, and this is the first time the two of them socialized with each other for Mac to break up with Braylee, other than that he doesn't know what's running in Joseph's head right now.

"I wanted to end things with her too," said Joseph.

"Hey, we didn't plan that. I am the one who's breaking up not you."

"Well she lied to me," Joseph said looking away.

Mac furrowed his eyebrows. "Lied to you? Do you think that matters to her?"

Joseph was silent.

Mac's mouth dropped open. "Oh! You are in love with her!"

Joseph sighed and took a sip of the beer from his mug.

Was it the first time this guy had fallen in love? Or was he really stupid not to notice the way Braylee was. Good thing when Mac met her, she had told him the story about her husband. So Mac never fell in love with her at all, it was the physical needs that mattered to him.

Minutes later Braylee came into the restaurant. She waved when she saw him, Joseph's back was to her and didn't bother to look up. Braylee was shocked when she arrived at the table.

"Oh, I think I have the wrong table," she quickly said her face flushed.

"Yes, you do have the right table," Mac stood up and pulled the chair for her to sit. She sat down nervously, Mac was to her left and Joseph to her right.

"Hello Braylee," Joseph said with a grin.

"Hello Joseph," she choked. "What is this all about?"

"Listen," Mac began. "I don't want to take too long spending this night as a threesome since I have other important matters to attend to for the rest of the night."

Braylee looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"So I'm telling you now, Braylee," Mac paused. "I'm ending my relationship with you as we both know we only want to have sex."

Braylee's mouth dropped open. "I-"

Mac raised a finger to silence her. "I don't need your explanation," he showed her the printed pictures of her and Joseph so she would shut her mouth. "This is enough evidence and reason. Actually I don't need evidence at all. But I wanted to end this and I don't want anything to do with you so I provided this."

Braylee's face was more flushed than it was earlier. Her eyes watered, mac didn't know if it was of shame, hatred or hurt.

Joseph just sat silently watching her.

"I admit it was such wonderful nights with you Braylee," Mac said then stood up from his chair. "Joseph, thank you."

Joseph nodded his head curtly at Mac. "Anytime pal."

"I have to go, Jone's waiting for me,"

Tears poured out of Braylee's eyes, he felt sorry for her but it was enough.

Smiling to himself, Mac walked towards the parking lot and jumped into his car. He started the engine and drove away and dialed Jone's number.

She answered on the third ring. "Hey, what's up?"

"You still at Liz?" he asked.

"Yes I am," she answered.

"You wanna go out tonight?"

"Aren't you supposed to be with Braylee now?"

"I ended things with her," he answered. "Officially separated."

Jone was silent.

"Hey are you there?"

"Yeah, yes I'm here. How did it went?"

"I'll come pick you up okay?"

"Okay, see you."


***     ***     ***


Fifteen minutes later Mac honked his horn outside Elizabeth's place. He didn't turn off the engine but he went out and walked towards the front door. He was about to knock when it opened and there stood Jone. She was as beautiful as ever even with that tattered black jeans and white shirt, her hair this time was tied into a messy bun at the back of her head.

Before she could say anything and before he knew it, he took Jone into his arms and embraced her tightly. Having her in his arms was the best feeling of all.

Jone embraced him back and said, "You don't want to break me right?"

"Oh sorry," he said loosening his arms around her.

"Jone, who is it?!" Elizabeth called.

"It's Mac!," Jone called back.

"Her boyfriend!" Mac called too.

"Hey," Jone said and pinched his arm.

"What?" he asked. "I am your boyfriend right?"

They heard a pair of faint footsteps, minutes later Elizabeth and her fiance Evan came to the door.

"Is this serious?!" Elizabeth asked excitedly,

"He's-" Jone started but Mac interrupted her.

"Yes it is," Mac said and placed an arm around Jone who's eyes widened. "And will that be okay for you Elizabeth?"

"Of course it is okay with me!" she answered. "You don't know how long everyone waited for the day the two of you are finally together."

"Wait I didn't say it's official," Jone interrupted them.

"Congratualtions pal," Evan shook Mac's hand.

"I'm so happy for you sis!" Elizabeth exclaimed and embraced Jone tightly.

"Who want's to go for some drinks?" Mac asked.

Elizabeth and Evan both said they want to and went in to change their clothes. Finally alone outside Jone spoke.

"Mac, I haven't said it's official."

He looked at her. "You said it will only be official if I break up with Braylee, and I did. So why are saying we aren't official yet?"

She was silent for a moment.

Mac took her hands and said, "Listen Jone, if this is too much let me know. It's just that I have loved you all my life and I don't have plans at all to keep you away from me or me from you. If you don't want the relationship now, I can wait... I've waited for too long, a few months or years more won't do harm."

She smiled sweetly at him. "I want a relationship with you Mac, honestly. Let's just take it one step at a time. At the moment I feel like I'm walking on the clouds, I don't know if this is really happening or am I just dreaming. I want this to sink in first, but that doesn't mean that I don't want a relationship with you."

He kissed her on the forehead in relief. At least she told him what her thoughts was about their situation. This time, Mac is looking forward to spending the rest of vacation with her without thinking of other problems.







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