Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


12. Cicisbeo

"She's married," Mac said when the three of them were seated at the Japanese restaurant during lunch. Kate had sent him the pictures she captured with Braylee and his colleague Joseph.

"What?!" Jone asked surprised. "She's married?"

"She's married," Kate said.

"She's married," Mac said once more.

"And why the hell did you date her?" Jone was furious. "You can date any women you like, but I never expected this."

Mac shrugged. "Well it's there Jone. And I'm sorry to disappoint you, mom."

Jone rolled her eyes.

Kate was eating, looking from Jone to Mac.

"It's just unacceptable," Jone went on. "Right Kate?"

Kate nodded her head. "I told him that! But this guy is such a hard headed dude." 

"Well if you didn't ran away Jone you're my girlfriend now." Mac told her his voice hard.

"Oh so we go back to the past and all these is my fault?!" Jone asked angrily her voice rising. Her eyes shooting daggers at Mac. It was not her business if he dated a married woman, but accusing her for being the reason why he chose to date the married Braylee was just out of hand. "Did I tell you to date a married woman?"

"Well I didn't have another choice! She was the one there and all I needed was someone who was willing to give me sex!" Mac's voice leveled Jone's.

"I didn't have another choice my ass! You know better than that Mark Williamson!" Jone said angrily.

Mac sighed, he seemed to be off the edge now. "You know my relationship with Braylee wasn't as complicated as to you knowing now! You're making me feel like it's all my fault!"

"Isn't it?" Jone challenged.

"Hey hey," Kate raised her hands. "Will you two stop it?! Jone, we can't do anything about that, it's already there and all Mac has to do is break up with her. You can't go on over reacting like this happened recently. It's been almost two years remember." 

Jone looked away angrily.

"And you Mac," Kate said turning to her cousin. "You have no right to blame Jone. You know she was coping with a break up before. And you liked being Braylee's cicisbeo so quit putting the blame on someone else!"

Mac sighed and went silent.

"What's a sisibeo?" Jone asked.

"Cicisbeo or a fancy man, that's what you could possibly call a man who is in a relationship with a married woman." Kate answered.

"Oh," Jone said and finished up her sushi.

The three of them were silent until they finished meal. They went out to the parking lot, Kate said she was driving Jone's car so she took the car keys and went ahead inside. Mac pulled Jone and looked at her studying her face like it was the last time he was seeing her.

"I'm so sorry Jone," he apologize. 

"I'm sorry too. I think we both got carried away."

Mac nodded his head. "Please don't be mad at me? I couldn't possibly stand the thought of it."

"I am not mad at you Mac," she said squeezing both his hands in her own little palms. "I just couldn't believe that you'd go for a married woman. I know you too well, and it's not like you to go steady with  situations like that."

Mac took a deep breath and exhaled. "I know. I intend to do it because I know whom I really wanted to be with-"

Kate honked Jone's car before Mac could finish what he was saying.

"I should go," Jone said with a smile.

"You should," Mac agreed. He kissed her on the cheek and Jone went ride in her car. Mac waved at them as Kate slowly drove past him and waved goodbye.

An hour later in his office, Mac completely forgot that he was planning to talk to Joseph about Braylee. Joseph Todd is one of their company's best architects and Mac didn't have anything against him. He was glad that Jospeh was seeing Braylee, Mac just want to know how long their relationship had been going on so he have the grounds to stop seeing her. He decided to wrap up his work for that day before talking to Joseph which happened three hours before office hours was done.

"I know you might be wondering why I called you in my office," Mac said.

The dark haired guy was confused because Mac never calls in an employee directly. He always give a heads up to the head of a department.

"What could I possibly do to help sir?" Jospeh asked.

"This is not about work Joseph," Mac spoke but changed his mind. "Well it can actually affect your job if you don't cooperate."

Joseph fidgeted from his seat. "Have I done something wrong sir? Was there something in my floor plans you didn't like at all-"

Mac laughed. "I believe in your capacity and greatness as an architect Joseph. I just want you to tell me the truth about this," Mac handed Joseph printed pictures of him and Braylee which was taken early that day.

Jospeh flushed. "How did you get this?"

"I have my sources." Mac smiled.

"What is it you want to know?" Joseph asked gritting his teeth from privacy invasion his boss had done.

"Just tell me how long you have been seeing her?"

Joseph looked at Mac like he was nuts. "You called me to your office just to intervene in my personal life."

Mac leaned on his chair. He took his mobile phone and opened the photo albums of him and Braylee half naked in bed. There was more than a hundred pictures of them naked or with clothes on. He handed his phone to Joseph.

Jospeh scanned the pictures and blushed.

"I have no intention of breaking what you have with Braylee Joseph." Mac spoke as the guy went on scanning the pictures. "You see, I have been having an affair with her for almost two years. And by affair, because she is a married woman."

Joseph placed Mac's mobile on his desk and looked at him silently.

"I know you don't believe me," Mac said. "But I know his husband. His name's Gerald Saling, owns the Saling Cars. If you still doubt me, check their website, go to the photos you will see their family pictures."

"Alright let's say I believe you," Joseph spoke finally. "What is in for me now?"

"How long have the two of you been sleeping together?" Mac asked.

"Five months?"

"And you haven't wondered why she didn't want to go out in public with you?" Mac asked.

Joseph was silent realizing what he just said.

"I want to stop everything with her," Mac said. "I want to have your word, that you will the truth once I confront her. She will surely deny my accusations about seeing you."

"So you need my help to get away from her?" he asked, this time his voice was calm.

"Yes, are you willing to do that?" Mac asked.

"As long as you help me put an end to this relationship I have with her."

The two men agreed, and decided to see Braylee on Friday lunch. Mac told Joseph to leave the planning to him and he will let him know that week.







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