Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


11. 50/50

On Monday, Mac dropped Jone in her apartment while Mac went to the office, he told her he was picking her up for lunch and she accepted right away.

Jone dialed Henri's number.

"What's up Jone?" Henri asked in a sing song voice.

"Wow, you're unusually happy today, what's up?" she asked.

"Nothing much, I don't know why I'm so happy today. What about you? How are you?"

"He told me!" she announced.

"Who told you what?" Henri was confused.

"Mac told me that he loves me!"

"Hey! Congratulations! So the two of you are legit now?" Henri asked happily.

Jone sighed and sat on her sofa. "Of course not! He still is in a relationship with Braylee."

"Jone, Jone, Jone," Henri sighed. "Sometimes you have to think what is best for you and not put others first. That is the problem with you. The one thing you want all your life is right on the palm of your hand and you just blew it away because it still has things to do."

"It's being unfair with Braylee, Henri!"

"I know," Henri answered. "Do you think Mac would tell you he loves you if he was sure he's inlove with Braylee?"

Jone didn't answer.

"Hey, I can't read your thoughts! I'm still on ojt with Jean Grey at the X Mansion! Come on answer me."

Jone laughed at Henri. "Well he wouldn't tell me of course."

"There," Henri paused. "So there's nothing for you to worry about."

"Well she's huge and scary,"

Henri laughed. "I know, she looks like a guy with her height!" Henri asked her to tell him everything on how Mac told her his true feelings. And Jone did, not leaving out details. "And you never had sex or never even kissed?"


"Wow! The first time I saw Mac he looks like the kind of guy who gets what he wants," Henri observed.

"I'm worried too maybe he isn't attracted to me at all, physically I mean," Jone said. "All his girlfriends were gorgeous, glamourous models! And I am only Jone."

"Yeah you are only Jone," Henri agreed. "The cool, tattooed woman I've known in all my life, who loves to surf, read books, go outdoors, loves skateboarding and snowboarding, eat's like a man and drinks a lot. You are just Jone, who is so caring, so understanding and very down to earth. You are the Jone who's scared to be alone after watching horror movies, cries over a cartoon movie, bursts out laughing when you thought of something funny or read something funny on your mobile phone. You see Jone, you are a bunchfull and you don't know it. Lots of guys like you."

"And how do you know that?"

"They told me so,"

Jone paused. "Who told you so?"

"My colleagues. They had been asking for your number."


"Well you don't expect me to give them your number right?"

"Yes, and thanks for that." She said. "But why didn't you tell me anything at all?"

"Because I'm a jealous guy and they are assholes."

Jone burst out laughing. "Oh goodness Henri! They did asked for my number?"

"Yes they did," Henri answered. "They only stopped when I told them you were already my girlfriend."

She laughed more. "Anyway, when are you coming back?"

"Next week for sure. On a Monday. And I think I should get myself a hotel room this time. I don't think Mac would be comfortable with me staying at your place."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that Henri. I never thought of that at all."

Henri laughed. "Alright, you take care of yourself. Let me know if Braylee attacked you."

"I will," they hanged up and Jone went to take a shower.

Last night was one of the best night she ever had since she got there. She didn't expect Mac to confess, if it wasn't for that tattoo she would never find out. Good thing he never noticed her tattoo at all, it would really be very embarrassing if he finds out that she got his name tattooed for a very long time.

After shower, she put on a blue female cargo shorts, paired with a thin white shirt, she put on a blue cap took her keys, wallet and mobile phone, wearing her flip flops on the way out of her apartment she hurried to the parking lot. She was picking up Kate at their family mansion that morning for the food and cake tasting. Twenty minutes later she and Kate were at this fancy restaurant down town.

Jone's eyes widened when they were presented with three menu list, and each of them with fifteen different dishes. "Are you serious about this Kate?" she asked her friend.

"Yes I am," Kate said with a smile. "Don't worry Lester will be here. We aren't tasting all of these food at once. You me and Lester will take one menu each, then we choose which is better and which is not from all of them,"

"I'm having lunch later with Mac," she told her.

Kate grinned at her. "You are?! Are the two of you finally together?"

"No, not yet." She answered.

"How did that happen? You two shared the same bed last night, and Lester told me that Mac told you that he's in love with you. I thought you told him you felt the same."

"I just told him I like him Kate,"

"Let's talk about Mac later. Come one let's start tasting this food so we can leave early."

Sighing Jone went to the Mexican menu table took a saucer and a spoon then started with something that looked like spiced vegetable. Kate did the same with the Asian menu, Lester was to take the Mediterranean.

Five minutes later Lester arrived and began his duty tasting the menu waiting for him. They all decided to take five from each menu, they were done at around ten. Lester was in a hurry because he needed to get to the fit his suit and told Kate that he will call her later.

"Where to now?" Jone asked.

"I think that's all this morning," Kate answered. "We're tasting the cake at two in the afternoon."

"Aren't you glad you have a wedding planner?" Jone asked her as they walked towards the parking lot.

"I know,"

"So why didn't you ask your sister to be your maid of honor?" Jone asked as they were inside her car.

"I did, but she knew that I really wanted you to be maid of honor. And she said she wanted to be brides maid. Maid of honor got a lot of job to do." Kate answered.

Jone agreed to this. She asked Kate where she wanted to go and Kate said she wanted to have coffee. So the two of them drove off to a coffee shop. The weather was warm, and there was an outdoor tables so they decided to take the ones outside. Jone ordered capuccino and so did Kate.

Her phone rang, she smiled widely when she saw that it was Mac calling.

"Mac?" Kate asked already grinning.

Jone nodded her head and answered the phone. "Hey,"

"Hey you," Mac said. "How's the food tasting?"

"The food were all delicious," she answered. "And we've already got the menu for the wedding."

"Good to hear that, Kate's with you now right?"

"Yeah she is, you wanna talk to her?"

"I'll talk to her when I see you guys for lunch," Mac said.

"Okay then."

"And Jone,"

"Yes Mac,"

"I missed you today eversince I dropped you at your place."

Jone blushed. "I missed you too Mac."

"I'll see you guys eleven thirty at the Japanese restaurant okay?"

"Which Japanese restaurant are you talking about."

"I know where that is," Kate told her.

"Kate knows where, it's the only Japanese restaurant out of town."

"Oh okay,"

"Alright, see you later Jonesie. I love you."

"I know."

When they hanged up Kate squeezed Jone's hand. "I am so happy for the two of you Jone!"

"Thank you Kate," Jone said truthfully. But it does not feel right at all because she was coming between Braylee and Mac.

"You worry about Braylee?" Kate asked.

"You know I never steal boyfriends Kate, but look what I'm doing."

Her best friend sighed. "You didn't steal Mac from that witch. You had his heart ever since high school, and this time he decided to finally let you know."

"But it would hurt Braylee," Jone complained.

Kate was about to answer when she froze and looked like she'd just seen a ghost. Jone turned her head to where her friend was looking and she herself froze. Just outside the premises of the coffee shop was Braylee pasionately kissing with a guy! The guy was taller than Braylee and Jone knew why because she wasn't wearing a two inches heels this time.

"How could she?" Jone asked in a whisper as the guy whispered something in her ear and she laughed flirtatiously.

Kate quickly took pictures of Braylee and the guy from her phone, around ten photos max then she told Jone that they were leaving. Taking their coffee cups with them, Jone and Kate exited the coffee shop and jumped into Jone's car.

"What the hell was that?!" Jone asked her friend confused.

"I don't have the rights to explain to you. Mac has to," Kate answered sending the pictures to Mac.

"This is crazy," Jone thought aloud.

"No it's not. At least we have proof for Mac to break up with her right away so the two of you would finally make it official."

"You aren't kidding right?"

Kate shook her head.

Jone sipped her coffee and asked. "Where do you want to go?"

"Anywhere you want," Kate answered.

"I don't know where I want to go Kate."

Kate glanced at her and smiled. "Calm down okay. This isn't about you. I've been telling Mac to break up with that woman before but he won't listen. No one in the family likes her."

"Why? What did she do that no one likes her?"








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