The New School || AU , 1D FanFic . ||

I'm Jenna Plux . I'm from America . My father just got a job in England and My mother forced me to live with him . Since that my father was sooo .. busy , He made me go to boarding school like wha ? I am a grown up . Yet I have a heart of a kid . To be honest , I'm kinda not that popular in my last school , Besides , At least I never been bullied before but I'm not an antisocial . But then , Everything change when I went there .

The drama , the break -ups . The First kiss , The new roommate , new friends , new teachers , new enemies , new loves , new crushes and even built a new life . Just because of one thing ....

The New School .


2. 2nd Day : English Period



* Jenna Plux *




I heard Perrie yelled . I groaned . That's it . I am officially hate being in this room with her but it doesn't mean I hate her . I just hate that I have to wake up in the morning because of yelling by her . It will driving me nuts and I am not even kidding . I stood up and took a shower while Perrie puts on her make up . Blueh . At least I didn't have make-up but when Perrie wears make-up , she looked extremely per-fect . After I took my shower , I wore my my sweatshirt with a pigeon picture on it and some skinny jeans . I was wearing converse . A black colour one . 


I saw Perrie waited for me and I said that I was ready  and she nodded . The first class , I pulled out my schedule from my pocket , first class will be ......


English . 


Good . 




I walked to the class and saw there was no teacher , I sighed in relief . You wanna know what ? Perrie and the other girls are not in this class . So . I am ALONE . 

I saw a group of friends were laughing in front of the teacher's desk . I shrugged it off and went to the back of the class . I went to the empty seat and sat on it .  I slumped in my sit . 


I turned to look who was beside me which I officially enjoy seeing who it was . 

It was Niall .


Sitting there , in his seat , looking at the window and didn't notice me . I smiled . He looked so peaceful like he was in his own world . You know what? I didn't really believe that Niall got bullied even thought he did , I didn't care . He still perfect to m- Wait ! Why am I thinking this ? I don't know him . I looked again at him . He was still looking outside the window . He snapped out of it and catches me staring at him before I even had a chance to look away . He smiled . 


" Hey . "

" Hey " 

" So .. Your new here , huh ? I even heard that you were Perrie's roommate and friends with the football players , aye ? " He asked while smirking . As long as I hated to admit it , but his smirk was so hot .


" Hot ? You think I'm hot when I smirked ? " He said while raising his eyebrows . I can see his cheeks heat up . I chuckled then realize that I spoke to loud . Wait ! Did I say that out loud ?

" Yeah you did . " Niall said while looking at his lap .

" I- " But I was cutted off my the school's bell and the teacher was entering the class . 


She turned her body to the board and wrote , 


|                    Mrs. Connor                   |



I guess that's her name . 


" Good morning , class and welcome back to school . " Mrs. Connor greeted everyone . 

Everyone mumbled ' yeah, yeah,yeah ' and even ' it is great to be back' which is sarcastically . 

" Okay . This is the 1st day of school so , PROJECT ! " 


People groaned . But Niall didn't . 

" In this project , you need to have partners but I'm picking ." 


She called out people names then I heard my name with someone .


" Jenna Plux and Niall Horan . "


Everyone turned to look at us . I shot them a confused look and saw Niall looked down . What the ?


" Okay . Please answer this questions and write it down . " She told us . 


I started to write it on my notebook with Niall . He was really focused . 


1. What's your favourite colour ? 

2. What's the colour of your eyes ?

3. What do you think of the bullied kids nowadays ?

4. What made you sent to this school ?

5. Abilities ? Good at ? 


As I've done writing , I saw Niall was waiting for me . I turned my body so I can faced him . 


" So .. You fav colour ? " Niall raised his eyebrows . 

" Let's say .. blue ocean kind of blue . Like you can describe it as a sad blue , a happy blue like .. you can use it whenever you want . Its not the blue of the sky . It's not the blue of the pacific ocean but the blue which gives you comfort everyday and everytime .. without .. or with someone . " I smiled as I said that .

" Wow . Well , I loves green and blue also . " he said grinning . I laughed . 

" What's the colour of your eyes ? Wait ... This is some stupid questions ! " He said and laughed .

" I'm caramel colour brown . It's looks like chocolate . " I chuckled . He nodded in agreement .

" Well , Mine's blue and it's very boring . " He looks at me in the eyes so I can see his 'boring' eyes . 

It wasn't boring at all . It was beautiful . It's like my favourite colour . It doesn't look like the colour of the sky or the pacific ocean . It was just perfect . It had green around the blue and the blue sparkling in them . Oh fudge , His eyes were ...


Irresistible . 


Niall's finger snapped in front of me and I turned back to reality . 


" You okay ? "

" Yeah .. Just zoned out . "


Then , The bell rang . Everyone went out of the class . 


" Hey , You wanna discuss the project evening friday ? " I asked 

" Sure . I 'll tell you where we meet . " He was about to walked away but I grab his wrist and took out my sharpie ad wrote my number on his wrist . I smiled and walked away .




I think I am going to fall in love . 

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