The New School || AU , 1D FanFic . ||

I'm Jenna Plux . I'm from America . My father just got a job in England and My mother forced me to live with him . Since that my father was sooo .. busy , He made me go to boarding school like wha ? I am a grown up . Yet I have a heart of a kid . To be honest , I'm kinda not that popular in my last school , Besides , At least I never been bullied before but I'm not an antisocial . But then , Everything change when I went there .

The drama , the break -ups . The First kiss , The new roommate , new friends , new teachers , new enemies , new loves , new crushes and even built a new life . Just because of one thing ....

The New School .


1. 1st Day : A Blast

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* Jenna Plux POV *

Oh god . Why am I going to this school ? Why can't I just stop school ? Hah ! Simple as that but he wont let me ? You have to be kidding me . Now here I am , standing in front of the school that has letter in front of the gate saying , Brookwood Boarding School . Ugh , I just wish my best friend at home is very happy for me to be here since she loves ' british ' boys which I haven't met any yet . 


I start waking up to the steps to the school and open the door which revealed empty , That's when I saw a kid with blonde hair , with brown roots came out of nowhere walking to a locker which I assume his locker ? I walked towards him and cleared my throat . He turned to me and smiled . 

I spoke . 

" Uh . Can you help me go to the principle office ? I'm lost . " I asked him politely as I stared out at his blue ocean eyes which made him more attractive . He smiled and nodded . 

We started walking . Very slowly .

" Soo .. Your new ? I'm Niall " He said while looking at the ground . I haven't notice that he's Irish . The way he spoke in his irish accent made me blown aw- Wait ! What ? Plus , He's shy . 

" Yeah . Jenna . " I said and introduced myself . 

We stopped walking stood in front of the door that signed ' Principle Office ' 

I said Thanks and made my way to see the principle .


" I hope you have a great year in the school , Mrs. Plux . " 

I nodded and made my way to my dorm . I never been to a boarding school before and some which I watched the hallway which filled with girls . I guess this is the girls dorm . Another part of me wished to see Niall here and another part of me told myself to stopped thinking a lot . 

I started to search for my room . Where the heck is my room ? I slapped my palm against my forehead . I haven't even looked at my schedule for what my number to the room . " Idiot . " I muttered to myself . I looked at the schedule and it says my room was ' 234 '


231, 232 , and Ahah ! 234 ! I knocked and soon to meet with a girl who has white blonde hair and at the bottom of them were pink . She looked ... beautiful and she smiled at me . She told me to come in and I put my bags on my bed . She greeted me ,

" I'm Perrie . And I assume your my new roommate ! " She said while jumped and down . I laughed and nodded . 

" I'm Jenna . Nice to meet you . " I smiled . 

" Your new , right ? I can't wait to introduce you with my friends ! " She said while grinning . I noticed that she had a british accent . 

" So , Why were you sent to boarding school ? " She asked . 

" Well , My dad is busy and I have bad grades . " I mumbled . 

" Me too ! " She shows me her hand and told me to high five her and I did . 

" Hey ! How about I introduce you to my friends tonight ? We have a  last celebration for the last day of the break . " She shrugged and I nodded . She grinned . 

" Well .. " 

" Get ready ! " She shouted while laughing . 


Perrie took me to the back of the school and soon to see a beautiful park . It has everything there except for the playground . I saw 3 guys and 4 girls . Perrie waved at them and they waved back .I was clearly upset that Niall wasn't in the gang . I sighed quietly . A guy with blue light eyes walked to me and greeted , 


" Hi ! I'm Louis . Call me Louis . " He shrugged . He had brown-caramel colour hair an he was wearing suspenders . Oh fudge , he look sooo hot . Then , a guy appear next to him and greeted himself , 


" I'm Zayn . I'm Perrie's boyfriend . " He smiled . He has a  black quiff hair , tan skin and wearing a varsity jacket . Damn , british guys do looks hot . 


" And I'm Harry . " A guy appeared from nowhere introduced himself . I smiled , He has a brown curly hair and wearing a plain t-shirt . 


" I'm Jenna . Nice to meet you all . " 


I heard Perrie called me out and told me to come to her . I walked towards her group and she introduce me to everybody .


" Jenna , this is Eleanor , Danielle , Bethany , and Jacquie . . Guys , this is Jenna . " 

She introduce me . As for me , they all look beautiful .. 


Here we are . In the park having a picnic . I was talking to Danielle . She told me about the boys in school but she didn't mention about Niall . 

" What about Niall ? Blonde hair ? Irish ? " I asked and the interesting part was her eyes widen and soften . 

" Niall ... Oh .. uh , people don't like him much ? " It sounded like a question . I shot her a question look and told her to continue . 

" He gets bullied and if any of us helps him , We're dead . " She mumbled . Wait , Niall ? Bullied ? That doesn't fit in a sentences . Why would he get bullied . 

" But his roommate Liam is standing up for him . " She smiled while saying ' Liam ' .I smirked ..

" Liam ? Crush , aye ? " I teased . She blushed and hide her face with her hands . 

I laughed . 


All of us went back to our dorm . Perrie told me a lot about the school . Even Danielle . I got to know the boys . I even noticed that Perrie  is in 3 class with me . Danielle, 1 class . Eleanor , 1 and Beth and  Jacquie in gym class . At least I wasn't alone . 

I went to my bed and pulled the covers all around my body . 

I closed my eyes and let myself fall asleep . 



Maybe this won't be bad at all .



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