Candyfloss, Music and Rides

Dani meets a boy at the funfair, on one of her favourite rides. At first, she doesn't think much about him but over time she develops a slight crush on him. They become friends - but then the fair moves away...will it ever come back? Will Dani ever get to say hello again - and the goodbye she missed last time?


1. The Waltzers

"Are you coming to the fair tonight?" Emma asked, addressing the whole group of us stood outside the canteen.

"Definitely!" I replied, glancing round. The others agreed too.

I loved fairs. I loved the sweet taste of candyfloss, the pounding music and most of all, the dizzying rides. I can't walk by a single roller coaster in a theme park without trying it out. The travelling fair came occasionally to our area - about once every four months or something. It settled itself in a large flat area next to the park. We always went, every time it came around. Right now, it was the end of school. We had gathered for a small chat after the last bell to discuss things. Finally, we all departed and made our way home. Walking home, I saw it. The fair. It was already set up - probably arrived yesterday. A few people were already hanging around, waiting for it to open.


You could either go in for free, and pay for all the rides you go on...or pay an entry fee of £6 and go on all rides free. Of course, I was to pay the entry fee. The amount of times I was to go on the rides would probably add up to hundreds if I didn't. Honestly, it was a good deal. My mother was still at work, so I unlocked the door and went straight in. I got changed out of my uniform and into some fairly warm clothes. It was the start of Spring, and the temperature and weather varied. Some days it could be boiling hot and you wish you could jump into a pool of ice cubes. Others, it's like being in the middle of the North Pole.


Today was quite cloudy, with a timid little sun sometimes becoming uncovered from the clouds. It was quite cool as well, so I put on a soft grey top which was fairly thick and warm with light blue skinny jeans. I left the makeup I already had on since it didn't really matter. My slightly messy hair didn't matter either - it would be getting blown about on the rides anyway. No point spending ages on an elaborate hairstyle for the fair like some people did. For shoes, I would wear my black and white Converse high tops. Since we would be going for the five 'till nine session, I had time to have a snack and relax for a while, watching TV. I texted my mother to ask her, though I was already planning to go. She said yes anyway, and at about ten to five I left the house.


I took a small shoulder bag to keep my money and phone in. Ten minutes walking and I was there in time to get in the line with Emma, Taylor, Brandon, Kira and Jack. The woman at the booth gave me a wristband - the kind that are made out of really strong paper and you basically have to cut them to get them off easily. All we had to do is show the bands to the people who worked on each ride - and we could get straight on. I looked around, contemplating which one to go on first. I chose the Waltzers.

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