Candyfloss, Music and Rides

Dani meets a boy at the funfair, on one of her favourite rides. At first, she doesn't think much about him but over time she develops a slight crush on him. They become friends - but then the fair moves away...will it ever come back? Will Dani ever get to say hello again - and the goodbye she missed last time?


3. Luke

The next morning, I shot out of bed. I saw the time - 10:35. 

"Damn!" I muttered, and picked up my uniform. Then I remembered. It was Saturday.

"For God's sake." I mumbled, dropping the clothes back down and throwing myself back into bed. I slept again until about eleven - not much longer. I decided to get up, and eat something. My mother was downstairs, watching TV. The news. For breakfast, I made myself some toast and sat back on my bed, cross-legged, nibbling at it. I wasn't sure what to do. Hopefully I could find someone to go shopping or something. I texted Taylor. She was pretty much my best friend.


Me: U up?


Tay: Well, yeah


Me: ...Go shopping wi me plsss


Tay: Kk. When, where, how?


Me: About 12, town, train


Tay: 12???


Me: Problem?? ;)


Tay: No. Cya xD


I grinned to myself and got ready. Since we would be inside the shopping centre, which was warm, I wore a thinnish white top with the union jack printed onto it with a black leather jacket on top. I was going to wear a denim jacket, but I didn't want to wear too much denim since I also wore a pair of skinny jeans. I added a couple of bracelets for accessories and started on my hair. It was long and blonde, people say it looks nice 'cos I have blue eyes. I brushed it until it was silky soft, then took my fringe and braided it to the back of my head. (Example below) 


Then I cleaned my teeth, washed my face, every thing else that had to be done, and I was finally ready. I told Taylor to meet me at the train station, the train was due half past. I got there about five past, and joined Taylor on the wall by the steps that led down from the bridge. We discussed money. I brought about eighty with me, Taylor eighty-five. It wasn't much judging by what we both wanted, but it was more than sufficient. We weren't exactly rich. 

"I need some new shorts for the summer." I complained, my other pairs were a little too small.

"I need more cool tops, they're all pretty warm." Taylor added, standing up and walking right up to the edge. She stepped back as our train slowly  trailed in, and we waited for it to stop. We got on, paid for tickets, then talked all the way there. 

"Are you going to the fair again?" I asked, looking out of the windows. There was nothing 

"Yeah, probably tomorrow." she replied. "I saw you staring at that boy on the ride."

"What?" I asked. "I wasn't staring at anyone." I insisted.

"You were. To be honest, he is pretty cute." Taylor admitted, tapping away on her phone.

I shrugged my shoulders, as if I weren't really bothered. I was. I didn't even know him - yet I missed him already.


It was a lot of fun shopping in town, we spent hours looking through racks of clothes and trying them on. We went into the cafe and talked. A lot. Then we went into a beauty product shop full of soaps, bath bombs, shampoo, conditioner, makeup and so much more. On the train home, we counted nine bags altogether. Taylor had five, I had four. They were all heavy, but it was worth it. We had a lot of fun, and I couldn't wait for a pamper night with face masks and nail painting and things like that. After we got to Taylor's, we both sat in the livingroom with our things spread out on the floor. Wow, there was a lot. Outfits, accessories, makeup, bath stuff, food. Eventually, I returned home.


The next night, we went back to the fair. Me, Taylor, Jack and Brandon. Emma was out with her boyfriend, and Kira wasn't feeling well. I didn't mind, it was still fun. 


"Wristbands?" The boy came around again, and we all showed him our new wristbands. 

"Luke." His dad said, and the boy walked over to him. 'So he's called Luke, and he's fourteen' I thought to myself. They were talking, and then the ride started up. I didn't ask any more questions, unless I came across as creepy. There were so many things I wanted to ask, though. What's it like living with the fair? Does it ever get too much? How often does he visit? Is it fun being on the ride all day? Is it difficult? I concentrated on the rides, having fun. After a few rounds, I went to get something to eat from the food van. I got a hotdog. I had just turned around after handing over the money when I walked straight into someone - or they walked into me, I couldn't tell. The hotdog flew out of my hands and landed on the grass in the napkin. 

"Oh, I'm sorry." A boy apologised, and I looked up. It was Luke. He offered me a hand up.

"Thanks." I said, taking his hand and picking myself up. 

"Oh...let me buy you another hotdog." he said shyly, seeing mine had fallen untouched onto the floor.

"It's okay..." I began, but he cut me off.

"No, it's my fault. I'll pay for another one." he insisted, buying another and placing it into my hand.

"Thankyou." I said finally, giving him a smile. He smiled back, he hadn't talked much before but now he seemed much friendlier. 

"Anyway, I'd better get back to the Waltzers. You coming back on?" he asked. I nodded, taking a bite out of my hot dog quickly. 

"Cool. I'm Luke, by the way." he added, as we walked across the fair. 

"I'm Taylor." I replied. I got into one of the carts, and called the others over. I rode with Jack and Taylor, while Brandon went to talk to someone else he knew who had just arrived. Luke's dad came around this time, we showed the wristbands, and the ride started. Luke smiled whenever he went past, spinning the cart and jumping on and off. I was laughing all the way through, and felt dizzy when I got off. I nearly fell. I couldn't be sure, but Luke was in the corner of my eye, and I swear I saw him laughing.

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