Candyfloss, Music and Rides

Dani meets a boy at the funfair, on one of her favourite rides. At first, she doesn't think much about him but over time she develops a slight crush on him. They become friends - but then the fair moves away...will it ever come back? Will Dani ever get to say hello again - and the goodbye she missed last time?


2. Candyfloss & Laughter

The ride was conveniently just stopping. The carts all spun around once more, and stopped. The ride owners lifted the safety bars and allowed the people to get out. There could be up to four in a cart. I went into one with Emma and Brandon, then Kira, Taylor and Jack were together. Taylor got out her phone, to record and take pictures during the ride. On the Waltzers, there were helpers that ran around on the spinning platform, spinning the carts as well. They came around for money or to see wristbands, and push down the bars. There were two men, around their thirties or late twenties and a younger boy. He looked about twelve at first, but then I realised he was about my age. He came to our cart.

"Wristbands?" he asked, pulling up his sleeve to show what he meant.

We copied, displaying our wristbands. He nodded and pushed down the bar carefully. Then walked away to help others. I couldn't wait for it to start. Although I loved fast rides and the Waltzers weren't that fast, it was still my favorite. I wasn't sure why, I just enjoyed it a lot.


Eventually, the carts started slowly moving before picking up speed. I laughed and screamed along with the others for the fun of it. The helpers came along and pushed the carts around, making them spin. The lights flashed before my eyes, and the music boomed across the fairground. I recognised the song, but couldn't sing along as it was pretty much all dubstep. Plus, I couldn't even hear my own voice. We were all laughing until the ride slowed down and stopped. One of the men let us out, and we all stepped onto the grass.

"Dad, can I go get a burger?" I heard the boy ask the man who let us out. 

"Yeah, sure. Eat it quick." His dad replied, and the boy ran off to the food van. I watched after him. It must be exhausting, pushing carts around all afternoon. Still, it would be fun. Spinning around all day, listening to the loud music and having fun. They all moved so smoothly on the ride, whereas I'm sure I would topple over as soon as it started spinning around. I caught myself watching the boy, and he glanced at me. He might have given me a small smile, but I couldn't be sure. Brandon knocked me out of it.


"Dani! We're going on Xtreme!" he said, pulling my arm. I looked at the ride, I wasn't sure what it did. We showed our wristbands, and got on the ride. There were eight sets of two seats back to back. I sat with Jack, Brandon sat with Emma and Kira sat with Taylor. It took a while to start, we had to wait for more people. Eventually, the bars came down and locked us in. I wasn't expecting it to - I nearly got my arm stuck. At first, it just spun around and I thought that was it, but then it held us higher and higher, tipping sideways and forwards and backwards. I loved it. Mostly, it held you upside down while spinning, making you fall against the safety bar. If it wasn't'd be screwed. Dizziness enveloped Kira when we got off, she nearly fell over. She was always a bit worried about big, fast rides. Sometimes it was annoying enjoying everything - if I was only with a few other people who disliked big rides then I would never get to ride it. Everyone was holding in so far. I was glad.


Disappointingly, there wasn't much of a variety this time. Only really three rides - the rest were for small children. (Flying elephants, cars, trampolines). There was one more ride to check out. There was a large circle in the middle, and extending off were lots of seats that could hold two. At first, it just flew around in a circle like the rest of the rides until it got higher...then dropped. Then bounced back up. Then dropped. It basically bounced up and down, making us come out of our seats. It was quite fun, but I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the other two rides. After it had finished, we went back on the Waltzers a couple of times. Well, me, Taylor and Jack did. The rest were either too dizzy or went to get something to eat/drink. Again, we showed the wristbands. During the ride, the boy came up to our cart to push it. 

"How old are you?" I shouted to him, even though he was right behind me. It was hard to hear over the music. I didn't know why I asked - I guess I was just feeling a little silly and energetic. I always did when I went on a ride or roller coaster or something similar. Hyper. He didn't answer, and started walking along the spinning platform - pushing carts as he passed them. Eventually, he reached us again. I watched him. He glanced at me, then tried to focus his mind on the ride.


"Fourteen." the boy answered finally, and carried on along the platform. He was one year younger than me. The more I looked at him, the more attractive he got. His hair was light brown, almost dark blonde. It flopped to the side just above his eyes, and looked silky. I urged to touch it. His eyes were a soft brown, as innocent as a puppy. His lips were a light red, and he had a few freckles scattered around the top of his cheeks. He was pretty cute, I had to admit. I was scared that I was looking too much. After that, the only reason I went on that ride was to see him, and hopefully learn more about him. I went on the others too, so it didn't seem obvious. It was soon five to nine and nearly time to go. We all met up at the food van and I quickly bought a bag of fluffy pink candyfloss. All six of us walked home in a group along the streetlight lit path, laughing and scooping candyfloss out of the bag, letting the sweet taste melt over our tongues.

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