My Brothers Band *5sos fanfic*

Grace Irwin is Ashton Irwin's little sister and when Ashton brings his band over to rehearse will Grace fall for Luke or will Ashton be the protective Brother?


3. Seriously?

Ashton's POV

"That's basically calling me hot."i laughed

"I heard that!" Grace said

"Seriously. Your sister is hot."Luke said

"But she was right about one thing."Michael said

"And what was that.?" i ask

"It does feet and rotten eggs." Calum said while pulling his shirt over his nose

"Dude, seriously clean your room." Luke said while fanning the air around him with his hand.

"And i think i found the reason for the eggs." Michael said while holding up a plate of moldy eggs

"Seriously CLEAN YOUR ROOM!" Calum said

Grace's POV

"And his friends are really hot!" i said on the phone to Sadie

"How hot like on a scale to Justin Bieber to Zac Efron?"

"Efron." isaid said while getting a can of Mountain Dew

"Damn!" she said

"Well i g2g tell Sawyer i have his $20"

"kk TTYL"

"Efron, ey?" Calum said

"Oh my god you guys heard all of that didn't you?" i asked

"Yup."Michael said while popping the 'p'

"well i g2g tell Ash i'm going to Macie's."

"Wait your friends with Macie Howard?" Luke asked

"Yeah we play volleyball together, why?" i said

"That's my ex-girlfriend" Calum said

"Oh awkward." i said while putting my wedges on

"How the hell can you walk in those?" Michael asked

"Years of practice." i said while walking out the door


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