My Brothers Band *5sos fanfic*

Grace Irwin is Ashton Irwin's little sister and when Ashton brings his band over to rehearse will Grace fall for Luke or will Ashton be the protective Brother?


1. Meeting the guys

Grace's POV

"Ashton! turn it down and i  have to come in here one mo-"I got cut off by 3 extremely hot guys in Ashton's room 

"Hey Grace, this is Michael,Calum and Luke."

"Hi."They said in unison

"Hey anyways if i have to come in here more time i'll make you wish you were never born." I threatened him

"But i'm older then you." He laughed

"Yeah only by three minutes" i said

"Wait, so are you guys twins or something?"Michael asked

"Sadly, Yes" I sighed

"Can you hand me that blue cord?" Ashton asked me

"Sure." I handed him the cord

"Thanks, now get out." He said while pointing to the door

"Gladly besides it smells like feet and rotten eggs in here.Seriously CLEAN YOUR ROOM!" I said while closing the door

"Dude, your sisters hot!"Calum said

"That's basically calling me hot." Ashton laughed 

"I HEARD THAT!" I shouted while walking to my room

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