My Brothers Band *5sos fanfic*

Grace Irwin is Ashton Irwin's little sister and when Ashton brings his band over to rehearse will Grace fall for Luke or will Ashton be the protective Brother?


6. Dude seriously!

" so what your telling me is that your brother is in a band with Calum?" Macie asked me 

"Pretty much." i replied 

"i'm never coming to your house again." she said

'Just because ashton is in a band with Calum your punishing me for it?" i asked

"yeah, pretty much." she said

"You can still come over when ashton and the guys aren't there." i said

"That is true." Hanna said

"Shut up."Macie told Hanna

"Sorry but is true." She replied

"I know i hate it when your right." she pouted

"you know you love me." Hanna said

"Anywhore's i gotta get out (see what i did there? no? okay)" i said

"BYE LOSER!!" Macie and Hanna said at the same time


"YOU KNOW YOU LOVE US." they replied


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