5sos : zombie appocalyps

Adria and her closest friends + her ex (Luke Hemmings) experience the apocalypse together. Will Adria fall for one of her best friend, or fall back into the arms of Luke.


6. this means war!!!! part two

Dri's POV*

After the 'attack' we all got settled downstairs. Calum and Ash slept on the floor, me and Mikey on the couch, and Luke is on the chair. Me and Mikey were snuggled up on the couch.

Luke's POV*

While everyone was asleep but me, I looked around, I heard something loud hit the door, it made everyone jump, my eyes went wide when something hit it again. I stood up slowly, and walked towards the door. "Shh." I whispered referring to the boys and Dri.

I looked through the peep hole, it was a zombie so we had nothing to worry about (plz note the was sarcasm;) I walked back to the other boys and Dri. "Let's go upstairs, it's dangerous down here." I whispered to everybody and started to pack and head upstairs. They all nodded and got everything ready too.

I grabbed the bag of weapons and the cloths and stuff, and headed upstairs while everyone followed me.

We settled into the biggest bedroom that I've ever seen! We got everything set up. Me and Ash got the bed, Mikey and Dri got the bed by the window, and Calum got the couch.

We all slept with a weapon or two, just in case. I drifted off quickly.

Calum's POV*

Ugh, why do I always get the most uncomfortable bed or couch !!?? ;p

Mikey's POV*

Me and Dri were still awake cuddling each other. "Hey Dri?" I whispered into her ear, which made her shiver, "Mikey stop whispering in my ear you know I hate that." She whispered back turning to face me.

"Sorry babe." I said innocently, then she punched my arm playfully. I smiled and brushed a small strand of her hair behind her ear. She smiled back. "Dri?" I whispered again. "Yeah?" She said back scooting closer to me. "I love you." I said kissing her soft lips. "I love you more." She said kissing me back. I smiled, "I love you most." I whispered into her ear, she shivered. "Mikey, stop, please?" I silently chuckled. "No, I love the way only I could make you shiver. It seems like when ever anyone else whispers into you ear, you don't shiver like you do when I whisper into your ear."

I whispered back into her ear. She grabbed my face and started to kiss me roughly. We got interrupted by Calum. "Sorry to disturb you 'love birds' but me, Ash, and Luke don't like seeing you guys kiss, I think it makes Lukey jealous." He said smiling. We rolled our eyes. I nodded and kissed Dri's cheek "good night love." I said and started to cuddle her, we drifted off.

Luke's POV*

I suddenly woke up when I heard something drop. I looked around and saw Calum standing up and looking at something. A picture. "Cal? What are you doing up this late?" I said walking over to him, "I'm just looking at this picture that fell out of Dri's bag. She looked so happy with you that day."

"I need to ask you a question." He whispered and I nodded "who broke up with who, and why?" He said in a much louder tone. "Me and Dri just got tired of each other." I lied. He nodded and put the picture back on the desk.

"Let's go to bed now." I said plopping down on the bed. Almost waking up Ash.

Flash back**

Me and Dri were the best couple at our school, until one day I was walking home when the Bitch of the school freaking kisses me, that's when Dri was walking towards me. "Why?" She said then walked away. I tried to explain everything to her but her brother wouldn't let me.

End of flash back***


A/N; hey hey, sorry for all the drama and the short chapter ;) love you all. Oh and this is a message to Megan_tomlinson14 I will add you in the next chapter :)

Xx Michaels lovely angel

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